Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sathya SAI miracles 2018

Thought of the day !

Sathya SAI the inexplicable laws of nature and so held to be the supernatural in origin and act of G+d 2018

Sai messages miraculous appearance at a SAI mandir South Africa.

We don’t know when the body will cease to function, in childhood, boyhood, youth or old age, death is certain. Though the body is like a refuse inventory full of fecal matter. We have to maintain it in good condition, because it's also the temple of G+d who reside there in.

The body itself cannot help you cross the ocean of life you have to surrender to me from dawn to dusk. One is engaged only in the pursuit and means to fill the belly. People waste life in this way without making an effort to have a vision of the divine.

They stand to queue for a long time to buy a ticket for the movie, shows, party but they do not stand in the queue for darshan of the divine. Who can confer such great bliss on them as nothing else can ?

One can take an example of trees which bear sweet fruit for others, but do not eat them. Similarly cows give milk to others but they themselves do not even taste a drop. Rivers provide copious supply of water for people, animals and birds too, but they do not drink even a sip of it themselves.

Man enjoys everything and preserve nothing. Dharma protects those that defend it but will liquidate those that attempt to terminate it.

Swami Swami Swami
South Africa May 2018

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Srila Praphupada