Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sathya SAI 92

Thought of the day !

One f the worlds most progressive organisation SAI, the emblem is a testimony - emulating the word SATHYA would prove to be ambitious !

Baba writing about you on your 92 anniversary is about a cosmic treasure. The aura with a global resonance propelling the genesis of Sathyam Shivam Sundaram.

Your miracles are your paranormal fragrances a remarkable resemblance of the omnipresence.

In my humble opinion 2017 has been a very challenging year for humanity.

We have been guest of hurricanes violent thunderstorms volcanic eruptions earthquakes and a obscurity of political morals.

Bhagwan your samadhi was premature it has to be accompanied by a universal sign to humanity. I have penned this line on many occasions, I find it liberating. It feels like I have woken up from a dream trying to "protect" your legacy. I don’t want to be like a man of faith indulging in the luxury of scepticism and neither an advocate for propagating insanity on your behalf !

The SAI legacy is not like a conspiracy wrapped in a plot rather a constellation of illumination. That’s who you were in a physical form the embryo of light !

Bhagwan you painted a stunningly beautiful picture whilst you were alive. Your devotees are influenced by it and will be influencing it leaving a fresh mark on your heritage. Bhakti is the perimeter that will measure the quality of our shades. I suppose some of us could also distort the picture unknowingly.

The picture that devotees should paint is composed in your buffet of literature. Your writings is the compass for mankind to navigate his journey to the source of - Love all serve all !

This year marks the sixth year of your Samadhi.The SAI organisation is known to be renown in celebrating your tradition.

Not a moment passes by without the devotees cherishing your magnificent life

That’s how SAI devotees are even in the midst of perceived confusion.

A date to remember in the SAI organisation June 16 2018. This date has been inscribed in vibuti in a devotee’s home in Puttarpati.

May Bhagwan decorate you with Atma-Vidya
Happy birthday !

Sathya SAI is omnipresent !


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Roses from me !