Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sai Omnipresence - the message !

Thought of the day !

It’s a gloomy Tuesday morning, the winter season fulfils its attributes with cold fronts gracing South Africa from the west coast.

Temperatures have plummeted and the soccer world cup of 2018 has glued people to their TV screens.

Bhagwan you have said on occasions that time as we understand does not exist in the rest of the universe. Yet time defines man’s legacy on this planet. Dr. Carl Sagan describes the planet as a pale blue dot in the universe.

Sathya SAI Baba
31-5-2018 South Africa

Those who are losing touch with their own creator are prone to suffer in life, because they have lost their anchor which is their life line to me. You are like ships drifting out of control in the ocean. In this case the ocean of life’s problems.

Taking on a different dimensions and they can appear to be insurmountable, but if you are anchored to me the creator, you can surrender all your problems to me, and also leave the outcome to me.

Do not worry or concern yourself with the outcome accept it as my will. Meditation should draw you all closer to me and help you to concentrate, helps your mind on the positive of life rather than the negative, live your life in partnership within me and don’t waste your life.

My omnipresence is full of love and light take the bliss.

I remain the eternal observer watching you all the time. I leave the choice to you to see who is your creator and light.

Swami Swami

Photograph Insert :

Mother Easwarama
Shirdiwale and Bhagwan