Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sathya SAI Legacy 2018

Thought of the day !

Time is the manifestation of life but time is also timeless. You measure time by the clock and relate it today, and night on your planet which itself turn continuous on its own axis. Elsewhere in the universe there is a constant movement, but time as you understand does not exist.

Take this confusion in minds of man because time on your planet has become so important that you cannot conceive the timeless state. But it is there always has been and will be, time is now and now is the time for action. I speak like this in the hope that man can be awakened in this life time.

You can remember me saying in the interview when I pointed at my wrist watch. Watch has no value but time has much value. Do not waste that time. Time is passing time is precious, the time of present moment. As you understand it can never come back, once it has passed.

Fill the story of your life year by year, from this day onwards you will come very low on priorities that is wrong. Put me first in your priorities, than you will all find peace. Peace can only be found through Truth Love and Service.

Now is the time for people to change their vibrations, change of thought, change value of ideals, levels of consciousness, that is communication with God within you.

Bhagwan Baba September 2017
South Africa.

Photograph Insert :

RamKrishna Gurudev