Friday, January 19, 2018

Sathya SAI 2018

Thought of the day !

Life is like a football ground each one you is like a ball. You goal must be of good qualities. Truth, righteousness, peace and love are on one side and unpleasant attributes are on the other side. Both sides kicks the ball and try to score a goal the poor ball must suffer. The kicks continue as long as the ball is bloated. Once the air has left with Truth than the kick also stops.

A life without character is as barren as a temple without a lamp or a coin that is counterfeit.

Peoples life’s are unsteady forgetting the primary goal is to unlock their inherent divinity.

Don’t let your roads turns into a morass and darken your life with delusion

Truth will set you free.

Baba South Africa 11-10-2016

Photograph Insert :

Param Yogeshwar Sarveshnandaji Maharaj