Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sai-MA 2018

Thought of the day !

I am gazing west seated in my dining room this morning. My lawn remains green as winter disembarks and the days are getting colder. The universal sky sparkles flawlessly over my hometown Actonville. In the words of Dr. Carl Sagan our planet, we are on a particle of dust suspended in a sunbeam

The air that I inhale remains fresh as ever. As a Hindu I was thought, the secret and mystery of creation, is to be explored in its breath, named Soham.

I ponder what to pen, SAI in my tenth year of developing the blog, my creative mind is challenged. I try and defy the odds with an uneasy intellect Bhagwan. Life’s miracles are in one’s ability to endure patiently without yielding !

I am at that combination in my script !

My insignificant Karma in motion and curiosity in the esoteric science has be a humbling adventure. Sai’s literature has been the building block for the examination.

The ensuing years until 2022 will be defining and man’s annuity on prayer will be realigned.
The future of mankind Through my eyes looks Truly terrific.

Hope one article in Sai-Luv or one sentence would have given you some joy.

My SAI ornament your journey with golden stars.

Sathya SAI is omnipresent !
Hai Mere Nath Mein Aapko Bhuloon Nahi !


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The greatness of BharatMata coexistence - the doctrines of Sai’s teachings