Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sathya SAI Miracles after death !


Sathya SAI miracles after Samadhi.

Thought of the day !

The SHADOW of my life Bhagwan !

September 2013 few of my friends from South Africa journey to the house of GOD Prashanthi NILAYAM.

It is customary for them to make a shrine in their room. Tradition is the Lord of the Universe would shower them with religious paraphernalia.

This year was not indifferent three days after their arrival Bhagwan materialised a Lingum for them in the shrine. He also garnished it vibuti and kumkum.

Unbelievably they experience a rude awakening two days later the Lingum disappears from their sanctuary.

They were left in distress for  five days and constantly in prayer asking Bhagwan forgiveness.

Sathya SAI answers their prayers with a note, He writes:
How do you feel when I give you something and take it back?

The lingum picture above photographed before it disappeared.
The morning they were leaving Bhagwan materialised this stunning Lingum for them.
The Avatar parades extra ordinary affection towards the devotee and bestows them a bonanza miracle. They meet some friends at the ashram who ask them if they could baggage some of their luggage.

The devotee agrees only to discover he is 4 kg over weight at the airport. The custom official displayed enormous hostility and demanded that he opens the bag. After a loud debate between them the official agrees he may place the bag on the conveyer belt for scanning.

The devotee noticed something unusual a hand on the luggage as it moves through the scan and notes once the bag is out Vibuti flakes on the bag.

The bag Picture.
This is an amazing lesson for mankind. In my self-contain intellect I often forget a higher power rules over the Universe. Hinduism emphasises Aham Brahmasi the entirety of creation is GOD. Everything comes from Him and ultimately merges in HIM.

Once we realise even the righteous are not free of sin, and there is no wicked man who has not done some good, what is the line of division between the righteous and wicked?

Babas education advantages us to experience the division and pure consciousness. Will it ever happen? We are solely responsible for that, we are the guiding masters of our destiny compounded by His grace! We pursue guidance and education with a VEIL contrary to His teachings and campaigning of awakening.

We have to remove the veil so HE may flood it with His Love!
Our mind occasionally becomes the barrier for His work we have to remedy that :-)
Hopefully we will arrive at our destination enlighten..

I contemplate while writing; being a devotee if that’s what I may call myself. I am duty bound to review Bhagwan and SAI the Men for his towering works, amusing Himself and decorating His devotees with wonders.

In the works of historians like Saadia the Jewish philosopher and Aristotle miracles are affirmation of G-dliness. The two ultimate principles in the world are the active divine cause and matter, which is the object of Divine casualty.

No doubt for the Sai devotee - Sathya SAI is GOD and for Humanity the Pervading ENERGY !

Hope you celebrating Life in the midst of Bhagwans Shadow :-)
If you live in South Africa have a awesome Spring and Summer.

With Love !


Photograph Insert:

The first Lingum that disappears.( The magic of the LORD)
The second Lingum
The Bag