Saturday, May 23, 2009

Barbara J Mullen


Barbara Joy Mullen chance encounter with my blog, HER mail to me.

 Om Sai Ram Dear Max,

Thank you so much for letting me know where to look - I found it! Apparently I had not scrolled down far enough last time.

So, you HAVE been to Puttaparthi! In fact, it seems to me that I have read your story before, it seemed so familiar.

You know, I am a musician and I love to sing old Motown songs and I sing all those LOVE songs to My BEAUTIFUL, COMPASSIONATE, SAI, too! (And I also love jazz, too.)

You have been so blessed to have Darshan of so many great saints. All of mankind at this time is so blessed to be alive when God Him/Herself walks the earth! How blessed are we that our Loving Sathya Sai has called us to His fold! He says none can come to Him except for those whom He calls. Swami has also said that only those who have mastered the Vedas can come to Him. (Not necessarily in this lifetime.)

I was born into a Jewish family, but they were not religious; I was taught the Golden Rule -- to “do unto others as you would have others to do unto you.” I was taught that God is Good, and never to hate. I have had mystical experiences that I remember from the crib on up…

I even remember being brought home from the hospital shortly after I was born in this life. I had an Atmic experience at age 16, though I didn’t know what the term Atma was then, nor the Tao; but both were revealed to me at that time. When I was five, I dreamed I walked up crystal stairs in the sky and reached

God on His throne. And it happened on the physical plane when I ascended the steps of the verandah of Sai Kulwant Hall when my Dear Beloved Sai beckoned me up to Him to give me a special sari.

Previously that afternoon, after our group of almost 500 performed a medley of 22 songs from different spiritual traditions praising God (I played the keyboards for this), my Beautiful Sai Ma rushed down to me in His wheelchair, He spoke to me and allowed me to take Padnamaskar.
I knew He was coming to me (I was 5 rows back). He stared at me the whole time He was on His way to me, His students pushing His wheelchair.

He motioned for His students to “Come0 on, come on!” and rushed right to me, even getting His chair stuck on the red carpet in haste). And before our musical program started, when our Beloved Sathya Sai first came out, I said to Him in my mind, “Yes, Swami, it’s me again!” (though that was my first time to India, it is what I always say when I write to Him). Swami then looked directly at me and gave me a nod, like saying, “Yes, I see you”.

Sooo familiar!!! So on that blessed day that will live on in my memory forever in golden letters, He allowed me to have His Darshan, Sparshan and Sambasham!
He spoke to me in Telugu (which I don’t understand), and He pointed at my keyboard. I stupidly said, “Yes, Baba, that is my keyboard” - as if He didn’t already know…

It was easy to feel “brain-dead” when God “stops” to talk to you, and very softly and in another language, yet. My friend, Ki, said later, “He’s playing you, because He speaks English and he talks loud!” I had to get soooo close to Him to hear Him, I was almost touching His nose!

I just wanted to reach out to Him and give my Beautiful Sai Ma a BIG Hug and a kiss! But I didn’t because I could feel His students getting nervous about that.

The Indian lady behind me told me that Baba said to me, “Where did you get your sari?”, as only a mother would, but also He was confirming that He saved my body (the “sari” - the body - that one casts off at the end of each life) in the car crash I previously mentioned to you.

He was also setting the stage for calling me up to Him to get the special sari a short while later. It was HEAVEN!!! Baba IS my closest relative - my Dear, Sweet Mother AND my Loving Father.

Well, again I went on and on (I really didn’t mean to -it just happened!). It is now 12:15 a.m. here and I am getting sleepy. So I will sign off for now. I was so happy to read your blog.

May You Always Be Blessed,
Barbara Joy Mullen

Palm Coast, Florida, U.S.A.

Thought of the day !!

Failure is accomplished with affluence by those who desire not to triumph !


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adhikari Maharaj


My Darshan of MAHATMA Adhikari Maharaj.

The name Ayodya is synonymous with the families Maharaj Janak parent of Divine Mother Sita and Maharaj Dashrath, Father of Avatar Ram

Ayodya is home to the tapasya of Adhikari Maharaj this humble splendid soul, Karma Yogi and Atma Gyani.

This article courtesy of devotee.(I have toned the original script)

Maharaja one of India’s great contemporary yogis. His mother died when he was 3 and his father when he was 5 years old. He was a wondering child.

He went to Ayodya as a child obtains Guru mantra in the Ramanandacharya Lineage, at a tender age. He went on to the Himalayas as a child attains enlightenment in His youth.

His favorite deity Lord Rama.When He was submerged in enlightenment He discovered no distinction between Him and Rama and Ant or a blade of grass. When in the Himalayas He spends a year with Bhrama Rishi Devara Baba and finally was appointed Head of the Nirmohi Akhanda,one of the seven of India’s oldest spiritual tradition. This was about 50 years ago.

In the beginning Maharaja was alone in the ashram always God intoxicated unable to control the tears of love. Gradually word spread around of the great PremaYogi and the villages gathered around Him. Soon people were guided from near and far in dreams and were directed to Maharaja for Darshan.The ashram has since grown however Maharaji has never lost touch with reality to speak to devotees individually. Maharaj remains available to all.

“ His motto feed the hungry and help the poor”

Maharaji like some of the Mahatmas I have met delivers and overwhelming presence of peace, many wild animals would come and sit next to Him. Miraculous healing is a regular affair in Maharajis presence and many of his devotees have become self-realized.

When devotees sing His praises He exclaims it is the work of Rama.

Maharajis sadhana is watery so He sits next to a dhuni one of the few that could be burning for several centuries.

Thought of the day !

Seek God and perhaps with some difficulty you may find Him.Seek the DEVIL and He appears instantly !

May your day sparkle with Luv.