Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Card FROM South AFRICA


Thought of the day !

May you have a peaceful 2012

After a much deserved Sabbatical for five thousand years the Avatar makes a surprise visit to our planet. This unique system of God descending into Man is patent exclusively to the Indian Subcontinent. The primary purpose of an Avatars birth is to rejuvenate the fountain head of righteousness in men. Empowering mankind to explore His sacred attributes and the boundaries of His inherent divinity.

Bhagwans miracles were the climax of His advent for me; however throughout His life He discounted the value of this creativity.

The Avataric brainchild of India gives it an important opportunity to expand the Science of the SOUL. Yoga initially being a marginal culture, has rapidly become mainstream and citizens of the world yielding inspiration from this discipline.It is becoming a chic statement and ready to be hosted on the catwalks of Milan, Cape Town and New York

The Avatars exhaustive itinerary of events during His life is best displayed in Education Selfless Service and Infinite Love. Sathya Sai consolidates the view India being a religiously wealthy country. He elevates the spiritual prosperity of the continent.The Sai ORGANISATION becomes the home for Introspection and Divine Intoxication.

Vintage INDIA has been awaken by Sathya-SAI-Dharma it must be animated by the devotees in the world !

Bhagwans forte of poetry scripture and literature - by using these crafts and designs His upholstery covers a renaissance for social cohesion. His passion for teaching is best embroidered in Education a system He moulded in star studded diamonds.

Bhagwan’s Samadhi invoked a wilderness within me briefly. Covered by gloom, suddenly their appears the stunning pictures of His Life’s journey - and - Thought of the day !

They brighten my darkness. Heaven and earth begins to stare at me, a deeper significance of the gift of life and the offering of death unveils itself. I began to experience a transparent picture of the body and the temporary drama it enjoys in life’s adventures.

The Avatars panorama of Dharma begins to deepen the loyalties between mind body and soul and the common frontier of peace. This unique charge of personal growth, may not display immediate cherries in my garden, but centuries from today the world would be a cool place hang out !

The extra ordinary journey with SAI has been magic. It has been hassle-free and affordable experience to embed in my soul. I often wonder what may lie beyond all this and will the remainder of my destination be comfortable. It is not every day you stumble across a cool Soul like Sai-PREMA.

This particular journey and exhibition of my life was occasionally mundane and extraordinary. So are the days of our Lives - Bold and Beautiful

The exquisite work of Prashanti and the World Council begins to inspire devotees of its ability to function with clarity and richness in the absence of the form. This depicts to me who the GURU was in our world of mystery and timeless threads.

The world would be watching the Sai ORGANISATION with myriad’s of eyes. As His devotees we begin to Sketch the AVATARS love in the world. There may be challenges and in SAI’S dictionary we will engulf the turbulence with affection.



Hai Mere Nath ! Mein Aapko Bhuloon Nahi.

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