Tuesday, May 31, 2011



A Tribute to the OMNIPRESENCE
September of 2008 I was in Durban on business it also happens to be my birthday on the 22.
lived at City Lodge for the night in room 103.

My appointment the following morning was at 8.00 a.m. so I set the alarm for 5 a.m.

Heard a noise in my room turn the light on and LO ! I be-hold the Divine form of the LORD in an unannounced visit.

I was literally frozen in my bed could this be possible or was I hallucinating. I stare at the Lord, He gazes at me with placid loving eyes.

To my astonishment He says Happy BIRTHDAY. I shed a few tears in my moment of excitement. YOU never let me down !                                                                                                                 
Bhagwan walks gently towards the table and lift the note pad removes a page from it.
Bhagwan places the page on the dressing table.
Bhagwan waves His hand and materialises vibuti and gently drops it on the paper.
Bhagwan moves His hand in a semi-circle gracefully there appears a necklace in His palm. He places it on the paper.

Bhagwan says Happy BIRTHDAY and walks smoothly to the door.

“I ask the LORD of the Universe should I order some breakfast. He request for Masala-Dosa.I reminded the AVATAR this aint the SAI Surya Restaurant. I told Him I could organise a Bunny-Chow.” -:)

I get out from my bed following Him to my surprise the door was open.
What is more Bizarre I notice two Seva-DALS standing at the door, I ask them what are they doing here. They mention they were standing here all night !
As Baba walks out from the room you have to turn left to the reception and the Seva-Dals follow. I stand at the door and suddenly my attention is distracted with a noise on the right when I turn left the LORD and the seva- dals had vanished.

I lock the door stand at a distance staring at the vibuti an necklace on the dressing table. I stroll closer noticed red writing on the paper.

I remove the vibuti and necklace the following was inscribed on the paper in red.

HAPPY Birthday
THE AVATAR COMES to Awaken and guide you.
Shri Sathya Sai Avatar

The AVATAR did not write the above message IT appeared by His DIVINE will ! !

I concluded my business the morning and decided to proceed to the Silver GLEN Sathya SAI ashram Durban - South AFRICA.
On my arrival met a woman cleaning the shrine. I told Her I am from JO-burg my first visit to Her Sanctuary. She offers me prasad and insists she would like to give me a present to my Surprise, which is Her personal locket of Shri Krishna.

She then leads me to the ashram at the rear of the house and asks me to do some meditation. I bow down in the mandir there is a large photograph of Bhagwan on the right. I notice a piece of paper, on top of the frame sloping on the right corner of the photograph that read Happy Birthday. This was the Climax of the DARSHAN for me.

Sathya SAI Baba the AVATAR I did not meet personally amongst the few GURU 'S that I know. My relationship has been one of Omnipresence.

It is an exquisite journey. I grieve in my moment of sorrow when He chose to dispose the present body. His consciousness remains the same so does my relationship with Bhagwan.
Mystical moments in the passage of time and the gift of Human Life.

Jai SAI Ram

Photograph Insert:

Bhagwan – Vishwa Namaskaram
Birthday Card of Bhagwan
Necklace of Bhagwan

Thought of the day !

Don’t be a victim to temptation and seek in the Bazaar for a surrogate GURU and neither be tempted to Trade in your GURU !

Sathya SAI Baba is the Universal Conciousness that traverses the planet once every three to four thousand years in Human Form.

We must become the micro baton of HIS Dharma and sprinkle HIS boundless LUV to thirsty Souls !

HE gracefully impregnates man’s basket with Bhakti and Gyan Yog the crescendo of the Shri Sathya SAI Yuga.




Tuesday, May 17, 2011



This article courtesy of Tina SANDHWANI

It is said at every turning point of history, a great epoch of the earth’s existence there is One extraordinary Being, that stands at the leading edge of Light. Unravelling the consciousness in which the Transcendent descends into the physical. The point where the cosmic pulse of the Universe converges in to Human with manifest boundaries, and Supra-Human attributes displaying infinite faculties.

Heaven and Earth collaborate in the sacred alchemy of such a creation. The divine birth of an extraordinary BEING. In the language of the Hindus, such a sacred being is referred to as the Avatar.

He is the Cosmic-Consciousness descent that shapes the universe and renders its harmonies and balance. He symbolises unity of all existence the pinnacle of divine intelligence that is diffused in all matter.

To many around the world who have experienced Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is the living embodiment of such a force and spiritual descent that unifies the planes of existence. The cosmic to the planetary and finally to the individual guiding humankind to the next stage of evolution.
Signifying the ultimate transformation and alchemy of Spirit, opening us to the latent power, a principle by which we accomplish our own supreme potential. He leads us to our own hidden depths of divinity for which he is an extension is immanent in every one of us.

Bhagwan says all are integral parts of the omnipresent reality in which we are inseparably connected, from which all emanate and we return to the same source. To recognize we are vibrations of this sacred essence demands a sense of freedom from the narrow precepts of our own mind.

The work of Sathya Sai Baba on this planet aims at sustaining harmony and balance that transforms the earth-consciousness in more life-affirming ways. He has declared that HE is here to restore India to her former spiritual glory spreading the message and light of spirituality to the whole world. His work spans both the spiritual and physical realms providing the vehicle and means by which Sathya (the truth of being) and Dharma (the universal balance and cosmic order) are re-established.

The evolutionary task that Sai Baba is confronted with plummets his active energies right into the global eye of the storm, into the universal nexus that perpetually grinds the forces of light against the forces of darkness.

Howard Murphet, an author who had deeply studied and personally witnessed the spiritual phenomenon of Sai Baba said in his book ‘Walking the path with Sai Baba that “there is no doubt, of course, that Sathya Sai Baba is very active and extremely dynamic in the world of men. He is not the withdrawn yogi, spending his time in meditation. He is essentially the doer, the one who joins battle with the dark forces that rise sharply against the power of light he brings”.

Sathya Sai Baba’s illuminating light and selfless service has indeed reached out and uplifted millions of people in the world. His devotees around the world, in turn have zealously dedicated to voluntary service towards uplifting humanity. His charitable organizations and networks have established super-specialty hospitals with state-of-the-art technology that provide all services, including open-heart surgeries for free.

These hospitals have been a boon and refuge to lakhs of people from over 500 villages and poverty stricken areas in India. Baba’s social welfare programs have constantly worked at providing free quality medical care to all. He has established schools providing comprehensive education from kindergarten to post-graduate level, with all tuition made available for free.

Every year these schools yield the finest graduates of India who excel not only in superior academic intelligence but are grounded in strong values of self-discipline, integrity and spiritual wisdom. There are many Sathya Sai Baba schools operating in other countries and over five hundred schools in the world utilizing Baba’s ‘Education in Human Values’ curriculum.

In addition to this Sathya Sai Baba has created vast water supply systems and canals for draught-stricken areas in South India that now provides water to millions of people. These are standing testimonies to the power of Sathya Sai Baba’s love, reinforcing his benevolent vision of making healthcare, education and water available for free to all.

Bhagwan has brought back the ancient illuminating wisdom of  Vedic-Sciences into our lives as he reminds us in his words “My love towards the Veda is equal by my love towards Humanity… Every human being must revere the Vedas. It is the very foundation of life. The welfare of the nation and the prosperity of the world are dependent on the Vedas… The Vedas are a means of establishing a link with the Divine”.

Sai Baba has essentially been a constant source of love, wisdom and inspiration to millions of people in the world, guiding them consciously as well as subconsciously through troubled times. Yet these are only some of the visible and tangible aspects of his selfless work, while the vast range of his divine activities operate in transmuting the deeper regions of the world-soul.

Despite his far reaching positive influences, Sathya Sai Baba has often been criticized by rationalist organizations, cynics and others as a spurious and bogus miracle worker who capitalizes on the superstitions and blind ignorance of the masses.

The blind masses that absurdly range from the common man to world famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, to eminent award winning doctors like Devi Prasad Shetty and Dr. N. Rangabashyam to superlative business entrepreneurs like Noah Samara (CEO Worldspace) and Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Telecom) to former presidents like Francisco Flores (of El Salvadore) and A.P.J Abdul Kalam (of India) to top echelons from the world of finance like Duvvuri Subbarao (RBI Governor) and K.R. Ramamoorthy (ING VYSYA Bank Chairman) to Royal Families like that of the King and Queen of Nepal, Princess Astrid of Belgium and Raja of Venkatagiri to Former Chief Justice of India- Justice Ranganath Mishra to Civil Aviation Minister- Praful Patel to Hard Rock Cafe founder- Isaac Tigrett and many more, to name only a few, who have all (for over sixty years) been drawn from various parts of the world and from diverse backgrounds to this controversial so-called magician.

Eminent personalities journeying across continents to merely witness a man perform magic tricks would seem rather irrational.Most of the people who are Baba’s devotees experienced his miracles and transformative blessings long before they even heard his name.

Sathya Sai Baba’s power is indeed the command of divinity in innocent words the magic of love that binds and unifies.The alchemical processes that Baba engages in, be it spellbinding powers of materialization, or selfless service, can only be fathomed by the intellect, that has raised itself high enough to apprehend the mysterious workings of the Cosmic Mind.

Mystic-sage Sri Aurobindo, in his understanding of the operations of a higher supreme reality affirms that “what is magic to our finite reason is the logic of the Infinite. It is a greater reason, a greater logic because it is more vast, subtle, complex in its operations: it comprehends all the data which our observation fails to seize, it deduces from them results which neither our deduction nor induction can anticipate because our conclusions and inferences have a meager foundation…

If we observe an event, we judge and explain the result from a glimpse of its most external constituents, circumstances or causes; but each development is the outcome of a complex nexus of energies that we cannot eye, these forces are Visible to spiritual vision of the Infinite”.

The divided mind that subsequently divides life and the world into natural and supernatural, into reason and faith, into God and creation, or spiritual and material therein takes the limits of its perception and dichotomies of its thought for the limits of life.

The sharp opposition made by rationality and reason against which it cannot accommodate into its finite vision dismisses other mind's as delusory. However, “the most glaring shortcoming of rationalists,” says author Bill Aitken, “is their habit of leaving love out of the equation. Their approach is cerebral and misses out on ordinary human emotions. The rationalists use Sai Baba to attack what is in fact their main enemy – the freedom to cherish the world of Spirit”.

This universe of space, time, galaxies, stars, life, mind, material objects and myriad beings can indeed be conceived as a well contrived mathematical formula, a mechanical operation of mere physical forces and equations that can be rationally defined.

But it can equally be conceived as a divine symphony, a single magnanimous living entity, a magical phenomenon and synergy of cosmic proportions that can only be known as intimately and as inexplicably as a lover knows the rapture of love, a dancer knows the ecstasy of dance, a musician knows the power of universal harmonies or a mother knows the joy of creation, for such is the mystical nature of the power and love of Sathya Sai Baba, in the grasp of which we are indelibly and forever transformed.

“I have come to reconstruct the ancient highway to God; to instruct all in the essence of Vedas, to shower on all this precious gift; to protect Sanathana Dharma, the Ancient Wisdom and to preserve it.

My Mission is to serve happiness so I am always happy to come amongst you, not once but twice, thrice as often as you want me. To set right those who have taken the wrong path and protect the good.

I will be born again and again. I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added lustre.” ~Sathya Sai Baba