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Hari OM.

The Miracle Photograph.

I travel to India in 1992, for a vacation my preferred leisure in India to visit Temples Ashrams and pilgrimage surroundings.

This occasion confine to the State of Gujarat. Journeyed for a week made prior arrangements of the destinations I was going to tour.

Visited a few Gurus the Shirdi Sai Mandir in Chauta Bazaar Surat.

On my way to Bombay popped in to Kishorebhai’s home Kacholi about 20 km from the station Bilimora. Kishore lived his life by the noble ethics of Satyagraha. Dedicated his life establishing and teaching at a deaf school to his retirement.

I enjoy Kishore’s relationship on the occasions visiting him; we spend our moment’s speaking about the history of India and Saint and Sages.During our conversation spoke about numerous Gurus and He listens with much interest.

He remarks you should visit Pujya Shri Mota’s ashram. His utterance of the name Shri MOTA instantly I experienced and incredible aura of peace. Asked him where is His ashram replied Surat. Incidentally I arrived from Surat to his home.

We converse about Mota as the conversation progressed discover Shri MOTA had taken Samadi. However, enquired if he had a photograph of MOTA. Kishore had a book in Gujarati but no photograph.

Returning home after a week, sharing stories of the Guru’s with my late Mum and mention Mota’s name if she heard of Him, nope was the answer.

For the next year I constantly repeated Shri MOTA’S name to my Mums laughter. I wonder what He may look like ? When travelling to India I will have darshan of his samadi.

Spring of 1993 a Saturday afternoon my Mum decides to visit her friend Hansaben and Navin down the road from where we lived. I decided to clean my bookcase my bedroom; recollect taking out 79 books many photographs either to throw away or for distribution.

One photograph in particular, placing with those to be thrown away, decided to have a close view as I don’t recollect its presence in our home. The photograph had and inscription of Shri MOTA in Gujarati, I was literally frozen how is this possible.

I waited for Mum to arrive from her friend shared the story with Her queried if she had seen this photograph. She was astounded, recollect Mum sat down on the Lazy-Boy and stared the photograph for a long period.
The next few months we glimpsed the photograph regularly. The question why a towering SAGE became a guest in our modest home remains a mystery ?

1994 I travel to India to visit a few Gurus and in particular Motas Ashram in Surat.Arrived to a serene and deserted Hari OM Ashram. Walked to the little office stood at the door noticed a middle aged gentleman perusing the newspaper.

Standing at the door for five minutes hoping my towering presence would captivate His attention. However, he picked up His head looked at me and then continued reading the paper for another 5 minutes.

I was getting annoyed but decided to endure His painless hospitality and display my African humility !

Lo !
He finally gets up from His chair and asks me what do I want explained to Him came for darshan. He says loudly nobody comes to this ashram the last time somebody was here it must have been six months ago to my surprise.

You only come to this Ashram by MOTA’S grace because He is omnipresent. He eventually asks me from where I arrived; His was amazed when stating South AFRICA.

I share my story with Him being captivated decides to give me a tour of the ashram.

The Seva-DAL gave me prasad MOTA’S photographs and a book. Mota was great thinker humanitarian advised his devotees not to construct any MURTIS of Him after samadi, instead build schools.

Mota demonstrated the separation of the soul from body by His free will and illustrious TAPASYA.

Rang AVADUT BAPJI of Nareshwar and Shri MOTA were intimate friends.

1998 I came across and on-line article -- Sathya SAI Baba’s Sanathan Sarati of 1976 reports great Sage of Gujarat takes Samadi Shri MOTA.
(this concludes the mystery for me).

Hari OM -- Pujya Shri MOTA KI JAI, may your ideals be cherished by mankind to eternity.

Thought of the day !

The power of the subconscious mind we think innumerable thoughts during our life cycle. These thought patterns pulsate in our universe and ultimately returns to its nucleus hence that which you think good or bad would be fulfilled.

So choose your thinking moderate your thoughts identify toxic thinking and discard for a Peaceful and Blissful inner you !


Photograph Insert:

Pujya Pad Keshvanandaji DADAJI

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