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I grew up in and era when one of the world’s greatest show on earth was staged Woodstock. Mahatma Nelson Mandela’s journey to freedom commences from Robben Island. America lands a man on the moon steady progression of science in the evolution of creation. Bill Gates Outlook Express and “DOTCOM” have seen our thought’s patterns being flaunted around the globe in 60 seconds.

Teleportation of a book placed on Bhagwans feet at the Sai Mandir Lenasia South Africa. Transcendence of Space and Time the affirmation of BHRAMAN.
( omnipotent omnipresence omniscience )

Could this be possible, what would be the views of the academy of Sciences?

I have scribed about this Mandir on this blog in the month of August 2008.

My discovery of this Sai Mandir in the autumn of 1990 was through my colleague Bubbles Reddy of Auckland Park - South Africa.
September 2007 was my second trip to Puttarpati the first being 1985.

My first trip to Puttarpati was on Shivratri day unknowingly.
My second trip was on Ganesh Chaturdi unknowingly.

My third visit to Puttarpati February 2008 because of my mediocre science and spiritual rationale, which could not comprehend what Bhagwan Baba displayed OMNI PRESENTLY in my colleague’s room to me in September 2007.

My curious little intellect seen me travel with three people to Prashanti to examine Fact from Fable and Hallucination from Reality. I want to assure you Bhagwan did not disappoint the events were mind-boggling.

The darshan was nutritious the food in the canteens was yummy and citizens of the village Puttarpati were sociable.

The Indian summer was torturous discharge its responsibility with luster.

The miracle book:

I shared a luxurious room in the Ashram by Bhagwans grace Prashanti. My colleague Shan who traveled with me purchased a book titled Sri Sathya Sai Baba a Yuga-Avatara from the Prashanti bookstore.He must have read about five pages of the book and I read probably fifteen.

I have to confess candidly I don’t have the discipline of my colleague Shan. One day He exclaimed that we bringing the Sai Organization in disrepute, Excuse me Sir Shan.!

We return home after a glorious pilgrimage to Puttarpati. I visit Shan after a month at the Mandir to chat about our trip and memorable moments. He inquired am I enjoying the book, I replied what book, He purchased in Prashanti,I told Him I don’t have your book.

I was dissapointed when discovering His invaluable material possession disappeared in the House of God. We were the only two in the room when we left the ashram. After having and exciting conversation regarding our trip and sudden uncovering of the book mislaid, subdued both of us.

We were standing next to Bhagwans chair in the Mandir Lenz South. Raising my voice staring at Bhagwans photo, Shan paid 170.00 rupees for the book. I know you have it we want it.

Ten days later Shan calls me at 4.45am on a Sunday morning the day He does Aum Kar and Suprabhatam with much excitement. The book was found on Bhagwans feet showered with Kumkum Vibuti more amazing Bhagwan inscribe the following in the book.

Prema Shakti---Love Baba--Bhakti.

This is the third teleportation of Bhagwan Baba that I am aware of.

Shan has been the recipient of incredible leelas from Bhagwan. I don’t have the permission to write about them the above story comes after much persuasion.

To compose Bhagwans LUV in words is and overwhelming task. I try in my ignorance Baba. If I scribe untruths they are mine -- If one individual may be inspired that’s your unconditional Luv.

Thought of the day !

Love yourself and you would Love the world, free your self from the parasites of hate, greed, fear, jealousy and anger they are not your companions, they are their to induce fear and harm you.!

Aum Sai Ram Bhagwan Baba Ki Jai.

Photograph Insert:

The book.
Bhagwans Message.
The Universal message - Bhagwans Business Card :-) found in the book.

The mandirs details “ The House of GOD”

Tel No. South Africa

Land Line 011-855-8950 ---- 011-855-8958
Mobile No. 084-286-9680

4845 Tygerberg Street
Ext.4 Lenasia South
South Africa


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Datta Avatara Akkalkot Maharaj

My telephonic conversation with Nana Paranjape the Blessed One of Lonavala Maharashtra India, affirms to me Swami Samartha's astral body dwells in the mighty Himalayas, and in the sacred Heart of His devotees !!

I asked Nana during my conversation are their Gurus the stature of Akkalkot Maharaj in India. He said spontaneously Avatar Sathya Sai Baba and observed silence, instantly I savored amazing peace in the inner core of my being.

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Whenever Dharma has decline in Bharatvarsha, god has come in the form of an Avataar, every time to save devotees and protect them. It is for this purpose that Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot manifested Himself. He is the most famous Datta Avataar in the Sri Datta Sampradaya,

Who can adequately describe the glorious appearance of Sri Swami Samarth ? All human faculties fail in this attempt, at best one may give a superficial account. Our mortal eyes can seldom hope to even see his glory -- swami appears like a glorious sun.

Sri Swami Samarth’s Appearance: - Sri Swami Samarth is the extension of the fifteenth century incarnation of Lord Dattatraya, namely Sri Narasimha Saraswati. It is mentioned in the holy book “Gurucharitra” that Sri Narasimha Saraswati entered mahasamadhi in Kardalivana (near Shri Shailya) in 1458.

After remaining in mahasamadhi for over 300 years there was a complete transformation in the personality of Sri Narasimha Saraswati. That divinely transformed personality is Sri Swami Samarth. He emerged from an encircling anti-hill because a woodcutter accidentally cut through a tree and hit Sri Swami Samarth. This awakened Him from the prolonged samadhi.

Sri Swami Samarth looked like a Purana Purush -- A Rishi from ancient times.

There was always a “Tilak” on His forehead and his Body would be smeared with sandal paste. He used to wear only a Kaupin (cod piece). He had a fine set of teeth and He wore “Tulsi Mala”necklace and earrings inset with gems.

Sri Swami Samarth was an Avadhoot - A maha Yogi possessing great spiritual powers. He was always muttering mystic ‘Mantras’ or something few could understand. He was an Jnana - Murthi exemplar of wisdom and knowledge. He expressed oneness and kinship with all creations. His merge glance could bless His presence sanctify and His silence a sermon. His touch could trigger spiritual change and transformation would begin.

After emerging of Sri Swami Samarth from the anthill, He traveled all over the country known to people however there are no record to these events
(His active manifestation was for 400 years)

Maharaj had stayed in Mangalwedha (a town near Pandharpur in Sholapur district). He decided to leave for Mahol via Pandharpur. After staying in Mahol for 5 years, Maharaj went to Sholapur and stayed in a corner of Datta mandir (temple). It is said that when Maharaj first came to the Datta Mandir, it was the time for the Maha prasad and the seats were laid. Maharaj went straight in and occupies a front seat.

The person in charge asked Swamiji to get up and sit at the back. Swami Samarth left the temple immediately and went to the adjoining “Muth” where He sat playing like a child near a pillar, A lady was wonder-struck, as she saw Lord Dattatraya in all His divine splendor, where Swamiji was sitting. She prostrated at His feet.

The pillar of Swami appeared as Lord Dattatraya is still venerated. She went and told the priest on the Datta Mandir about her vision .The people in charge of the Datta Mandir subsequently begged to be forgiven

The splendor of Sri Swami Samarth and his glorious mission became more fully manifest, after His arrival in Akkalkot. Sri Swami stay there, for 22 years from 1856 onwards till his Mahasamadhi, Teaching the common man spiritual precepts, Taking them to “POORNATVA” i.e. God. Akkalkot, formerly known as Prajna Puri (town of wisdom), The town gains special significance because of Sri Swami Samarth’s stay.

People of all religions - Muslims, Parsees, Christians and Jews used to come for his darshan. He used to visit mosques and dargas, just as he visits temples and “Muths” (place of spiritual authority). Devotees often found him in various postures and poses; at time sitting under a tree, lying by the riverbank, yet His appearance always commanded respect.

Even those who saw Him for the first time, could recognize His towering spiritual stature. While His face was full of compassion, love and kindness, occasionally He also looked like a fierce lion; the Narasimha Avatar of lord Vishnu.

On the 3rd April 1878, He completed His mission on earth and took Mahasamadhi. His spiritual magnetism has not waned even now, as indicated by the constant flow of thousands of pilligrims to Akkalkot. Those who go there for a Darshan of the samadhi, still feel the subtle power of swamiji.

They feel a definite response to their prayers; Some are cured of their suffering; other find their desire fulfilled. More than that they fill guided onto the right spiritual path. Even though Sri Swami Samarth is no longer in bodily manifestation, He still guides His true devotees and manifest Himself even now !!!!.

Thought of the day !!

Nana Paranjape words telephonically were textured in PREMA that was immersed in AMRIT, I would cherish for the remainder of my being. !

Photograph Insert :

Dattatreya Bhagwan
Narasimha Sarasvati
Shripad Vallabh
Akkalkot Maharaj
Shirdi Baba
Gajanan Maharaj
Nana Paranjape

Aum Sri Sai Ram Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Deva Datta.