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I grew up in and era when one of the world’s greatest show on earth was staged Woodstock. Mahatma Nelson Mandela’s journey to freedom commences from Robben Island. America lands a man on the moon steady progression of science in the evolution of creation. Bill Gates Outlook Express and “DOTCOM” have seen our thought’s patterns being flaunted around the globe in 60 seconds.

Teleportation of a book placed on Bhagwans feet at the Sai Mandir Lenasia South Africa. Transcendence of Space and Time the affirmation of BHRAMAN.
( omnipotent omnipresence omniscience )

Could this be possible, what would be the views of the academy of Sciences?

I have scribed about this Mandir on this blog in the month of August 2008.

My discovery of this Sai Mandir in the autumn of 1990 was through my colleague Bubbles Reddy of Auckland Park - South Africa.
September 2007 was my second trip to Puttarpati the first being 1985.

My first trip to Puttarpati was on Shivratri day unknowingly.
My second trip was on Ganesh Chaturdi unknowingly.

My third visit to Puttarpati February 2008 because of my mediocre science and spiritual rationale, which could not comprehend what Bhagwan Baba displayed OMNI PRESENTLY in my colleague’s room to me in September 2007.

My curious little intellect seen me travel with three people to Prashanti to examine Fact from Fable and Hallucination from Reality. I want to assure you Bhagwan did not disappoint the events were mind-boggling.

The darshan was nutritious the food in the canteens was yummy and citizens of the village Puttarpati were sociable.

The Indian summer was torturous discharge its responsibility with luster.

The miracle book:

I shared a luxurious room in the Ashram by Bhagwans grace Prashanti. My colleague Shan who traveled with me purchased a book titled Sri Sathya Sai Baba a Yuga-Avatara from the Prashanti bookstore.He must have read about five pages of the book and I read probably fifteen.

I have to confess candidly I don’t have the discipline of my colleague Shan. One day He exclaimed that we bringing the Sai Organization in disrepute, Excuse me Sir Shan.!

We return home after a glorious pilgrimage to Puttarpati. I visit Shan after a month at the Mandir to chat about our trip and memorable moments. He inquired am I enjoying the book, I replied what book, He purchased in Prashanti,I told Him I don’t have your book.

I was dissapointed when discovering His invaluable material possession disappeared in the House of God. We were the only two in the room when we left the ashram. After having and exciting conversation regarding our trip and sudden uncovering of the book mislaid, subdued both of us.

We were standing next to Bhagwans chair in the Mandir Lenz South. Raising my voice staring at Bhagwans photo, Shan paid 170.00 rupees for the book. I know you have it we want it.

Ten days later Shan calls me at 4.45am on a Sunday morning the day He does Aum Kar and Suprabhatam with much excitement. The book was found on Bhagwans feet showered with Kumkum Vibuti more amazing Bhagwan inscribe the following in the book.

Prema Shakti---Love Baba--Bhakti.

This is the third teleportation of Bhagwan Baba that I am aware of.

Shan has been the recipient of incredible leelas from Bhagwan. I don’t have the permission to write about them the above story comes after much persuasion.

To compose Bhagwans LUV in words is and overwhelming task. I try in my ignorance Baba. If I scribe untruths they are mine -- If one individual may be inspired that’s your unconditional Luv.

Thought of the day !

Love yourself and you would Love the world, free your self from the parasites of hate, greed, fear, jealousy and anger they are not your companions, they are their to induce fear and harm you.!

Aum Sai Ram Bhagwan Baba Ki Jai.

Photograph Insert:

The book.
Bhagwans Message.
The Universal message - Bhagwans Business Card :-) found in the book.

The mandirs details “ The House of GOD”

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