Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SAI Shivratri Miracle 2014

Thought of the day !

Our earliest glimpse of the cosmos is a creative God at work. The original idea of Heaven and Hell is the Lords employees work in progress.

In this infinite universal beauty men and a variety of species share this extraordinary planet earth, we call home. The law of gravity animates us to Gods majestic beauty and the world becomes a theater to talent our play.

The kind of play we write will define our legacy. We can choose to follow somebody like Sathya SAI Baba. He embodied one incredible quality for me that was SATHYA. We will be challenged to emulate this ideal; however we must pursue it relentlessly. His teachings must be a paradigm not to hoodwink anybody in His place of worship.

Should you be in a position to organize disciples for your legacy, Sathya SAI and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, must feature prominently in influencing and shaping that ideal.

May Sathya grace your immaculate Heart with Atma-DARSHAN.
May SAI’S Bhajan, Bhakti and Bhavana be your life’s destiny !


Sathya SAI after SAMADHI miracles.
Extension 4 Sai Centre 
Lenasia South -- South Africa.

Kindly note the miracles of this mandir are reported to me telephonically. I try and pen them to the best of my ability in a layman’s grammar. Bhagwan if I report one Truth that is yours, if I scribe a hundred untruths they are mine.

The question to ask?

Do I trust the validity of the information?
I introspect all the time when posting miracle stories.
We live in an era of knowledge and examination.
Faith and Doubt coexist.
Fact or Fiction.

You be the Judge, discriminate the paragraphs, introspect other wonder’s reported on this blog. Suspicion will feature prominently when trying to conceive anything that is unscientific.

The Mandir is the home for Cosmic MAYA !
Through this journey we will begin to understand the Universal CONSCIOUSNESS.
Creation is pervaded by one Supreme SAI Shakti it manifests in a variety.
The attribute of this Shakti is Construction and Destruction as long as the galaxy is in existence.

The Story:
Shivratri Miracle 2014

Performing the 3 a.m. abhishekam pouring milk on the Lingam the devotee noticed something rattling in the bottle. The item was large and could not pop through the mouth of the bottle. They eventually cut the bottle a stunningly beautiful Lingam was found inside. Rudrakshas materialized when bathing the Lingum and popped in the devotee’s palm. Many disciples were recipients of the Shiva-MALAS.

A week later Bhagwan was standing in the Mandir and commented on a successful Shivratri celebration. He waved his hand materializes a coconut gave it to the Seva-DAL of the mandir for prasad.

Breaking the coconut and removing the shell the devotee discovered the skin on the rear normally brown was pure white. The flavor of the water was amritam for the Gods and the fragrance was jasmine.

Amazing !

Bhagwan does not go anywhere He is the indweller.
Sathya SAI -- Miracles after Death are Vishva-Swarupa Darshan.

Sathya SAI is Omnipresent.

Thought of the day !

In the gift of human life the possibilities to take a slip road on the journey is highly likely. Bhagwans teachings should reinstate one on course. Our minds may never confluence but TRUTH is sacrosanct.


Photograph Insert:

Lingam found in the milk bottle larger than the average egg.
Coconut BABA materializes.