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South Africa’s fragmented political ideology motivated the majority to embark on a reconciliation program and triumphed. The greatest success story Man has told and written in world history.

The period of political circumspection, through the ballot box and example for humanity. Peace is possible if we gave it a chance.

Sathya Sai South Africa a gaze through my lens !

Bhagwans work profiles my ideals and carves my destiny. My journey began capturing the perennial beauty of His lotus feet in my heart and halts at the hills and slopes of Puttarpati.

It is probably five decades ago since Shri Sathya SAI Baba launched His inspiring work on our Continent. His omnipresence advent in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng and perhaps other provinces begins an illustrious journey on African soil.

The stage was fertile for the Avatar to establish His mission of Prema and DHARANA. He would become the epitome of Truth, fortuitously His name SATHYA.

If my memory serves me correct a local Indian newspaper in Durban in the seventies reported the following of Bhagwan:

This may have occurred on Christmas or Deepavali celebrations, when Indians and perhaps other race groups, witness unusual phenomena on the beach. A man with an AFRO dressed in an orange robe standing in the distant sea waving his hand.

This event sparked phenomenal interest at the time. Subsequently through hearsay stories His photographs were discovered for sale in local Indian religious stores.

Sai becomes known in the Indian community through the traditional story telling of a supernatural being. Most of us want to identify with a STAR of a greater magnitude than ourselves that is our inherent nature.

In Sai’s dictionary my will never fails and so commences the decoration of fact and fable amongst the believers. We endorse the towering presence of SAI, opening the rose of the Universal Consciousness that we emerge from HIM and merge in Him !

Miraculous events would begin to unfold in our county and the world. A new revolution in the study of Sathya SAI and his work - we had not witness from the time of JESUS !

The Man of Miracles through Sathyam Shivam Sundaram becomes the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist for his sterling devotees and their transformation !

Mammoth growth dawns in Durban in the spiritual fever. The enthusiasm congregates devotees glorifying the advent of Sai. Similarly this infectious glory dawns in Johannesburg.

Sai’s generosity of wonders is complimented globally. HE was never modest in demonstrating miracles. He was swift when opening a seasoned tuck shop in a devotee’s home. He introduces the full range of products for the opening SALE vibuti, kumkum, water hurdee and honey for collecting customers.

He always chose the homes of the average for miracles amusing them and assisting them to raise their consciousness. The common promptly becomes the saviours of humanity. Their creative intellect and the presence of ignorance of the miracles, often license them to exaggerate their own greatness, in the midst of the sensation. Celebrating miracles with common people has always been enchanting. These exercises attracts the wealthy and educated - to be inspired by the ordinary and uneducated is very seducing indeed.

It is like celebrating Halloween’s day.

This has always overwhelmed me !

Here one has to recognise the Divine’s theatrics in these amazing circumstances. Bhagwan’s discharging of SHAKTI at ordinary homes has its own Unique significance. The evidence and providence in the language of God, life is a game !

I can testify I witness miraculous marvels beyond the present rationale of Science and so have millions.

I am compelled to ask Baba why you never materialise your products at the home of the very wealthy and knowledgeable ? I would assume the answer from SAI to this question ? I am GOD I know better:-)

The ordinary often misconstrued the significance of the magic.

It was His miracles that attracted me and the question was how does HE do it ! I would like to do the same Bhagwan, will you teach me I just Love’ em ! More than all the other stuff like chanting, singing bhajans, speaking the truth, awaiting the process for darshan, can we slice all that out Baba:-)

Let’s get to the real stuff - The fun and good things I know you like !

Miracles are very important a testimony of the omnipresence.
Miracles are unconditional love.
Miracles confirm SAI transcends the laws of space and time.
Miracles challenge our rational and scientific mind.
Miracles is the Divine energy which is all pervasive as stated in the GITA !

Every miracle has a special story to tell either in the way it materialised or graced to the devotee.

In the works of Saadia the Jewish Philosopher and Aristotle miracles are G-DLINESS.
Sathya SAI is the originator of this discipline.

The Sai Organisation in S. A is the paradigm for illumination. Though devotees occasionally engage in personality contest that is secondary for this foundation. When I look at their magnanimity and remarkable work in progress, this defines for me selflessness. !

One hundred and twenty centre’s around the country without an office and organisation that functions flawlessly is by no means generic, rather organic and extraordinary...

An institution that is operational from devotee’s laptops mobiles and cars - built schools, actively a participant in free medical care - one of the biggest donors of Liquid Gold, amazing or what ?

Exemplary work, I may not have contributed to any of this but I honour the ingenuity of those that have !

The SAI-LENT revolution of SEVA in South Africa is the blue print of Bhagwans majestic philanthropy. This attribute of the devotees is propagated without fanfare and stands tall in an emerging Sai legacy and world history.

This is made possible by dedication devotion and discipline by those that have recognised in the language of the Hindu, God and his army !

The SAI marshals that sojourn on Dharti-MATA to make our home a better Home for humanity.

My pranams at your Divine Lotus Feet !

I feel it in my soul generations to come will be frequenting Puttarpati. The nucleus for unconditional PREMA and Bhagwans short visit on this planet for the enterprise of righteousness !

The ONE that develops our Buddhi or Vivek to traverse the lane of Sai-Shivahom.I have witness in my layman’s wisdom a fascinating and sometime an uncharacteristic journey but you must travel to your destination.

Though Sathya SAI Baba is GOD, for a few people in the world, should He be held accountable occasionaly for the acrimonious deliberations amongst devotees? I discovered devotees pursuing their vested interest in God - through the local courts to secure His favour and flavor of enlightenment.

No doubt only God can model his devotees so ambitious !

Sathya SAI is Omnipresent !

Shri SATHYA Sai Organisation of South Africa Sparkles in world history !

Aum SAI Ram
With Love,


Thought of the day !

Acting like G-d or wanting to be G?D must be our source of inspiration to execute life triumphantly !


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Aum SAI Ram

Devotees around the world celebrated eighty-five glorious years of SAI, who was the Incarnation of Stain-LESS love. This incredible anniversary extents into the future - is now being honoured in its True form, the Formless, Permanent and Eternal.

May you become the guiding Angel for humanity and the source for outpouring His divinity !

On this auspicious day I wish you Peace Light and a magical Birthday celebration.

With Love !

Please listen to this magic ballad Ojays !

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