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Devraha Baba


From the Avduta Tradition

Bhrama-Rishi Devraha Baba the ageless Sadu

Baba is reputed to have lived in His body for three centuries.

He believed Punctuality is important and the advance technique of pranayama for longevity.
When I am India I spend many hours discussing His life with my Guru-Maharaj.

Devaraha BABA an incarnation of Avaduta Prema. His penance decorated Him with the Avataric Shakti.

When asked for an opinion on Sathya Sai Baba this is what He had to say.

His final resting abode Vrindaban - the Invaluable Real Estate and former playground of legendary Avatar Shri Krishna.

Vrindaban is home to the famous Pagal Baba and Neem Karoli Baba Samadhi.

I would recommend this place for pilgrimage.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rebecca MARSH



Story of a Jewish SAI devotee South AFRICA a compelling Read !

Spring of 1985 the streets of downtown Johannesburg South Africa were quiet clean and racist.

Bree Street – the Home of John Craig, Riggs and Dexsters were cool stores to shop American gear. Eloff Street -- haven to Look and Listen for heavy metal music and O.K. Bazaar for marie biscuits and pilchards.
Minority citizens of this beautiful country were privileged of their basic human rights. Few white folks determined the future of the black populace by the ballot. Apartheid South Africa and its liquidation - we begin to embrace fellow humans as our equal.

The early eighties Hillbrow was sanctuary to Aquarian Age’s most ostentatious bookstore for esoteric literature. The ambience to frequent for divine leisure as novels were reasonably priced.

The Aquarian bookstore some of you may remember had a captivating photograph of Christ. I grew up a Gujarati speaking Hindu, was attracted to the photographs of Christ extraordinarily from my childhood days. My fairest memory of Christ attending service at a church in Goa India.

One afternoon about 3.45 p.m. my appointment in Harrison Street JHB was cancelled; I decided to pop into Aquarian, greeted Michelle who was employed at the shop. Stood in front of the shelf where SAI literature was displayed, even though most of the books were in my collection.

Suddenly Michelle shout’s max have you heard of Rebecca Marsh. I turn around questioned who she was ? Michelle replied Sai a devotee phenomenal miracles happening at her home. She is a clairvoyant does mystical paintings.

Captivated by her words walked to the counter where she normally sits. Inquired where the lady resided somewhere in the city of Johannesburg I was told. Michelle promises to get her details for me, 18 months past reminded her every time I went to Aquarian.

The curiosity was intense to meet Rebecca matters of spirituality had no boundaries for me. Roaming the apartheid streets of Johannesburg for twenty-three months, seeking for that which is sacred, it constantly reveals itself to me.

Wednesday morning September 1985 had an appointment with the late Mrs.Breslowsky from Berea the former owners of Bress design furniture. Phoned Mrs.Breslowsky the morning to cancel the appointment due to an unexpected engagement.

Reschedule for Thursday morning, Baba’s day 10 a.m. I walked in to Mrs.Breslowky’s flat.

The illumined and captivating face of an elderly white gentleman immediately charms my attention. The man with his long white beard reminds me of Indian holy man. My meeting commences in about five minutes arriving at her home; throughout the meeting I am spellbound by the saintly appearance of the elderly white gentleman. The meeting concludes 45 minutes later.

Mrs.Breslowsky introduces me to the Gentleman who happens to be her caretaker. She demands in her gruff voice to drive the caretaker to claim street Hillbrow. I reluctantly agreed somewhat annoyed as I was on route to Pretoria that morning. Stepped out of the flat the rear balcony approaching the lift the elderly man walks behind me. He asks somewhat loudly what is your name. I turn around look into His protruding eyes and crowded eyebrow's voice in a whisper max. We enter the lift he stands behind me once more asks loudly what’s your name. I mumble in annoyance max.

The 1905 lift finally reaches the ground floor. We exit, stroll towards my mazda open the door for Him. He asks me again what’s your real name I don‘t reply; suddenly he states loudly he is a satsangi for 35 years. Immediately has my attention then utters He would like me to meet a lady call Rebecca Marsh.

Immediately stopped my car in Able road Berea, on route to Hillbrow in disbelief what I heard. Did you say Rebecca Marsh the Sai Devotee. I am searching for her for two years. The holy man says you must meet her she is very evolved spiritually indeed was a rare breed. I asked Him do you know where she lives; he replied spontaneously I will show you. For the moment I forget about work, drive to Bree Street corner Rissik, the saintly man displays the building where Rebecca resided.

My heart is filled with joy staring at the building searching for two years. We had a brief conversation in my car. Drove hurriedly to his destination chatting we part company where he lived. Over the months we had a few telephonic conversations never met again. Rushed off to the building where Rebecca lived; perhaps should say where the Avataric Purusha rented omnipresently downtown the city of gold.

Entering the foyer of the building I look for the caretaker’s information on the display board. The ninth floor where the caretaker lived, knocked on the door a middle-aged white gentleman opens, asked him politely where Rebecca lives. He escorts me to her flat mentioning she has just returned from India. She is very tired. I stand in front of Rebecca’s doorway hesitant to knock instead write her telephone number on paper and leave the premises.

The evening I called her the telephone is answered with the expression of Sai Ram Sai Ram. Those words reverberate in the inner core of my being to this day and would for the remainder of my earthly vacation. Reciprocate with the greeting explaining to her I have been searching for her for two years. I ask Her would like to get together with her, she refuses politely in her tired voice, that was encompassed by pristine energies of the universe.

My psychic mind instructs me to be persuasive in my telephonic conversation. She eventually agrees and grants me an audience the following day. It was overwhelming peace when stepping in Rebecca’s rent control flat. The famous psychic painting of Christ in her home was a work art on par with Vincent van Gogh.

My meeting with Rebecca in Bree Street this is what she had to say.

Sequence of events:
I began by asking her how she came to know about Baba.

Rebecca Marsh was born Jewish deeply religious practised Christianity immortal love for Christ, qualified a nursing sister. Employed in a government hospital never married.
Rebecca was on her deathbed succumbing to cancer. Prayed with devotion to our Lord Christ during her most turbulent moments. The Lord answered her prayers. One morning she found a pamphlet inserted underneath her door. The pamphlet was a photocopy black and white print.

The pamphlet read Aquarian Book Store book for sale Man of Miracle’s. A photograph of Baba on the leaflet that was unassuming according to Rebecca. His appearance was of Black or Indian man that was awful to stare. Rebecca dumps the advert in the magazine rack. Day two she finds the same pamphlet underneath her door. She dumps it in to the magazine rack. Day three the same encounter now she visits the caretaker in protest for junk mail.

The caretaker stares at the pamphlet and promptly replies that He did not receive one will check with the tenants. No other tenant received this advert. Rebecca decided to call the Aquarian Book store concerning the advert they had no knowledge of the flyer.

However, she decided to purchase the book Man of Miracles as advertised on the flyer. The lady checked for her found one copy in stock. She told Michelle the employee of Aquarian to keep the book until the following day. Rebecca was terminally ill with cancer at the time and in acute pain, she made and effort to get to Aquarian that morning. Departing from her building pleasantly surprise a bus waiting for her on route to Hill brow.

She gets off in Hillbrow walks 10 meters to the shop purchases the book Man Of Miracles. Strolls out another bus waiting for her returns to the flat. She was exhausted of this ordeal took a nap preceding the evening. At about 7.30 p.m. decided to read the book.

When you began reading Man of Miracle’s there is no pause, for a moment she wondered could it be possible a man on this planet performs such miracles. Decided to have a closer view at the Man with the afro on the cover. Baba begins to wave his hand. Rebecca is awe-struck by this experience. She continues to read fifteen minutes later glances at the picture again.

Baba continues to wave his hand this is mind boggling. 11.30 p.m. feeling tired lying on her back reading. Stares at the picture and tells Baba need to turn on my side and sleep I am very tired, turning around noticed Baba standing at the end of bed waving and smiling at her. Rebecca tells Baba don’t know who you are but don’t go away you must look after me.

She falls of to sleep and gets up at 6.15 a.m. The morning Baba was standing at the bedside for ten minutes thereafter. Later that morning and Indian friend a nurse by profession normally visits to bathe and change her clothes. Rebecca reveals the story to her. The lady immediately recognises the book introduce Rebecca to Sai devotees.

She begins to have clarity who Baba is from her new found Indian friends. Her daily routine when cleaning her flat she found money in the most unusual places the teapot in the morning. She accumulates the money towards the end of the year saved enough cash to visit Prashanti. She shared personal encounters with me of her life unable to disclose this information my promise to her.

I got up to leave wishing her good bye I prayed she gave me something. She voices sit-down gifted me a locket of Baba. Weeks later gave me the miraculous Christ photograph with the white light protruding from the Lords mouth.

She had the vision of Lord Ganesha walking in her house. The sound of the melodious flute heard in her apartment presence of Shri Krishna. She began healing from her cancerous condition slowly when on two live seven years after I met her. Passed on in her eighties at the hospice in Houghton.

My last visit at the Hospice stood at her bed side thought she had died suddenly she moved her finger pointing at the water. I recollect placing three drops in her mouth she closed her eyes. I prayed to Baba for her well-being and bid her farewell that was my last darshan of Rebecca.

Rebecca contemplated publishing a book on her miraculous memoirs. She asked Baba in an interview HE declined the lucrative opportunity instead told Miss R.Marsh to discard the literature. Baba knows why He often says in His discourses I can see what you can’t.

Thought of the day !

As devotees we are often motivated by our tiny ego, frequently harmful to ourselves and render a non-complementary purpose in the Avatars cosmic agenda.
I attended service for two years at her home met Andy and Jay of Lenz South and a few white devotees. I often wonder where you are. May Baba be your guiding light?

Jai Sai Ram

Sunday, August 17, 2008

House of GOD 1985


Thought of the day !

Every SAI devotee has an exclusive story to disclose of His acquaintance with Bhagwan BABA, is that amazing or what ?

This is my paragraph and inadvertent acquaintance with the Atma -Lingam - the Avatar.

1975 South Africa though racially segregated the city of Johannesburg was a cool place to hang out. The night life was great. Blue Venus the club in Marshall Street and club Tomorrow with its revolving floor towards the east end of the city, just under the North - South bound fly over.

The west end of the city club New York City opens its doors to a multiracial crowd. The music was great then, so was the toast cheese and tomato. Beautiful people partied to the early hours of the morning at these magical clubs.

My favourite tunes for the dance floor -- fly robin fly by Silver Convention, the Chi-Lites - tell me have you seen her, and many from the label Tamala Motown, the U.S. of the seventies.

1975 my late Mum purchased the L.P of Satya Sai Baba from Moosie’s cycle store in thirteen street Actonville South AFRICA.

My first encounter with the Avatar’s photograph on the L.P.I recollect how I laughed when noting the Afro of Satya Sai Baba.I found the L.P.cover humorous and contended with my mum that ain’t Sai Baba knowing we had a photograph of Shirdi Sai.

As I began enjoying Baba’s L.P, I was not modest in emulating the Avatar. I decided to grow an Afro. Nonetheless, must concede had no knowledge about Sathya SAI Baba. I was a kid of seventies the greatest era in world history, life was a song and dance for me.

Be as it may the L.P. is in my possession and I listen to it as loudly as I can.

June of 1976 two extraordinary events remain fresh in my memory Hector Petersen awards His great life for our emancipation.

1976 a few devotees congregate for Sai service in the shabby little Maha - Sabha in Actonville down the road from where I reside. Rajesh, Dan a few Durban-Nites, myself sang the Lords glory loudly, for what it was worth, in the make shift mandir that boasted broken windows.

Puttarpati being the host village to the Present Avatar - Prashanti Nilayam being the nucleus for Prema, enveloping our universe.

This tiny hamlet once barren land eighty years ago and probably 60 inhabitants becomes the epicentre for Sai - Peace and Light.

Sai’s energy fields begin to congregate a few devotees from the southern state of Andra Pradesh in India to the southern tip of Africa. The magnetic aura of Bhagwan spreads from His nuclei Prashanti around the globe promoting Earth Peace through Self-Peace.

The word SEVA is synonymous with this institution the foundation of this Avatar life’s message and teachings are shaped upon.

In the Sai Organisation it’s common knowledge devotees would write letters to Bhagwan. I want to assure you Baba reads every letter.

My letter of 1980.

Dearest Bhagwan,

My humble Koti Koti Na Pranams. I read the book Auto Biography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1970 fascinated by the content in my miniature intelligence. The pages on the life of Maha-Avatar Babaji are captivating though He lives in an Astral body. Babaji grants darshan at will to selected devotees materialising His body. Bhagwan could you please materialise a photograph of Maha-Avatar Babaji and post it to me.

Sadly I never heard from the Avatar though I never lost faith in Baba. 1985 I went for a holiday to India. Sunday afternoon in Bombay, I casually uttered to my cousin would like travel to Bangalore and Mysore gardens. Bupendra said you would not get a flight and should wait until Monday.

I tested my fortunes went to Indian airlines the Sunday morning flew the evening to Banglore. A friendly elderly Goanese lady on flight befriended me, we chatted until the plane landed. Her wonderful family drove me to my hotel. I inquired about Baba in the Hotel the evening, promptly a Mohammedan taxi driver was arranged to journey me to Prashanti. He was a smooth soul.

I often wonder where you are may Baba be your guiding light.
I arrived on Shivratri day in Prashanti I had no clue it was Shivratri.

I was scared, never seen so many people in my life. My first thoughts where would I sleep and keep my luggage.

Indeed you should be concerned about your material possession and comforts. I asked the taxi driver if He knew of a Hotel he showed me Sathya Sai Towers. I went in the hotel, was told a room would be available in 15 minutes, probably the only accommodation in Puttarpati that day, I was comforted.

Checked in had a bath walked in to Prashanti the house of GOD, amongst the hundreds of thousands of undisciplined Indians that arrived from far a wide for the celebrations. Shivratri that year was celebrated in the Poorna Chandra hall. I stood in the queue with westerners mainly white folk.

We were packed like tin sardines in the hall from 3 p.m. I was surrounded by many eastern Europeans, English and American devotees. In front of me a German devotee turned around speaking to the gentleman on my right about Maha - Avatar Babaji and Paramhansa Yogananda.My ears could not contain my intrusion on the conversation. This gentleman lived 10 days in the northern Himalayas the home of the great masters.

The gentleman from Germany had the fortune of encountering Maha Avatar Babaji when He materialised His physical form. He was given the opportunity of photographing the deathless SAGE, developed the film before arriving to Prashanti.

As He continued the conversation mentioned to the gentleman I would show you Maha - Avatar Babaji’s photograph.

I was literally frozen, was given the photograph to view, black and white reminded me of the traditional concept of Jesus. Instantly recollect my 1980 letter could this be the possible Sai Ma answering my letter in this unique way. Darshan of deathless Babaji in the house of God - Maha - Shivratri day.

Over the years I stare at Baba’s photograph gaze into His sparkling eyes in a crowd of 100,000.000 Bhagwan arranged my seating next to this individual.I was startle and reflected on this amazing encounter in my hotel room for a long time !

Baba displayed similar miraculous events to me in Sept 2007 and March 2008 how do you do it Bhagwan this is amazing. My recent miraculous encounters in Puttarpati were mind-boggling.

Maha – Avatar Babaji has confirmed the Avatars presence on the planet for the resurrection of Sanathan Dharma.

Maha-Avatar Babaji has refused to reveal to his disciples any limiting facts about his birthplace and date. He has lived for many centuries amid the Himalayan snows. Babaji gave birth to science of Kriya Yoga. Paramhansa Yogananda popularised the science in the west.

Man’s essential nature is formless omnipresent. Karmic embodiment is a result of avidya ignorance. The Hindu scriptures teach that birth and death are the manifestation of Maya, cosmic delusion. Birth and death have meaning only in the world of relativity. The present Avatar Satya Sai, Babaji,Akkolkat Maharaj, Venka-Avaduta are not subjected to this body or this planet.

Venka Avduta the eminent Sage prayed for Bhagwan’s arrival on to this planet because of the present condition of the world and the culmination of man’s decline. Venka-Avaduta’s sanjeevan samadi is in a village named Hussainpura some 60 k. M from Parti.

The Avatar and Sages fulfil and a special errand on earth.

The birth of Avatar Sathya Sai and ascended masters are not exposed to the rigid rules of karma. Their voluntary return to the physical body is called vyutthana or reversion to earthly life after Maya has ceased. Avatars and Siddha Purusha’s defy the computation of the solar system. They resurrect their bodies at will in front of earthly inhabitants.

Thought of the day !

Baba is pure Love - Swami is pure Light.
Bhagwan Sai is Consciousness in its purest pattern.
Avatar Sai is Consciousness in its highest configuration.
Sai Ma is Sai Karuna - Sai Prema is Sai Satyam
Sai Satya is Sai Shivoham.


Gujarat Earth Quake


Thought of the day !

Earth Quake  Gujarat India.

I am deeply saddened, by the uncompassionate and dangerous prank mother nature unveil, on the state of Gujarat on Independence Day. In an instant in her anger she demolishes parts of Saurashtra and wounds many parts of Gujarat. Is this a coincidence the founder of Independence Day hails from the state of Gujarat?

Surely this is an unkind way of rewarding the Great Mahatma by the “Gods”. Could this be a bad omen for this great nation or is this the beginning of a daunting challenge for the enterprising and dynamic Gujaratis.The road ahead looks turbulent. Gujarat the “golden state” of Bharat Mata will rise from her current predicament. She has to be patient and bear with hostile and often vociferous criticism from those that will be monitoring her progress with a hawk’s eye, from the comfort of there lounge suite.

The PARSHOTAM FAMILY  convey their hearfelt condolences to those who were victims of this tragedy. We have you in our thoughts and prayer.

max Parshotam OF
Actonville South Africa



Something to Read.

A January 2007 mail to Kryz from Poland

Kryz, this maybe an appropriate paradigm to answer your recent correspondence and concludes my synopsis on the subject :-)

This essay / letter maybe contentious academic (to understand) it should be easy, as having popcorn :-)

I try and pen so that a class one child grasps the message, however this may not be possible on some subjects.

This letter is related to eastern spiritual sciences mysticism and comment on Satya Sai Baba.The paragraphs on Baba are not intended to promote clandestinely to non Sai Devotees the Sai movement.

My mailing list consist predominantly non-Sai Devotees.

“As human’s we invented unique worshiping style’s may our God’s delight in our creativity”.

Dearest Kryz,

Providence is associated with astrology, when the celestial mechanics of the universe are in conflict or harmony with the governing energies of the body. This subject is dear to my heart and may need several days and few pages to detail.

One of North India’s great Saint cuddled a devotee’s breast, she happens to be American. Touching the anatomy of an individual by a saint, does not suggest any promiscuous progress to gratification of the senses.

“The explanation in Puranic text, depending on whose version you read, lucidly affirms individuals experiencing the Honour of having their anatomy embraced by a Saint, command benefits in their karmic destiny”.

The Saint discourses on the misinterpreted subject sexual characteristics and the body. The significance of fondling the breast of His female devotee. The sacred touch to her breast cast her free from a cancerous condition. Recently in Pune a leading Physician had a brain tumour a Nath Mahatma waved a coconut around his head, the x-ray reveal the following day no tumour.

I know this Mahatama had the privilege of having and audience with him. Mahatmas stature of this order are a scarce commodity real Gurus are difficult to discover in the Indian subcontinent. The physician is alive and testimony to his encounter so are His colleague’s from the medical fraternity in Pune.

The same application is permissible to the touch of male genitalia this maybe to “downgrade” the hyper activity of this organ. Most men have demonstrated throughout time the overwhelming exploitation of the organ of copulation.

(My Contention)

The Agori Pant (sect) in my opinion a primitive and perhaps an inferior approach to the awakening of the dormant energy field in man. They participate assertively in unconventional methods to attain Brahman.

The integration of ritual sexual participation appears to be a cardinal ingredient for enlightenment. This may sound bizarre, my colleague a PHD grad. Student in Physics from a remote village in Calcutta. demonstrated in 1995 and progressed in unlocking the phenomenal jurisdiction of the occult sciences.

The Agori Mahatmas confirm through their procurement of worship, arrive at the same plateau in Atma Gyan. Plane of primal vibration “Om Kara Aum”. This concludes the misguided sentiment on sensual rehearsal and confirms the principal of non- duality.( Shiva - Shakti in assimilation )

Bhagwan Satya Sai, modus operandi is twofold in this physical world primarily the illusory platform that our life span function and would conclude. We are governed by intellect ego and emotion. Bhagwan Satya Sai and few Nath -- Avduta Mahatma’s function in the void a rationale we would never be able to comprehend and we may well conclude their activities non-kosher.

The subject -- void has been of vast interest to me. The void authorizes the Avatar’s and Siddha Mahatma’s to manage their affairs outside the periphery of the brain. The realm of no affection and application of free will.

Avduta Guru’s are eighteen at any given period on this planet personifying the eighteen chapters of the Shrimad Bhagvatam.Nath Gurus are nine symbolizing Nav Nath tradition and the embodiment of the astral system.

The Avaduta and Nav Nath Mahatmas are the manifestation of the Dattatreya Sampradaya. They relish the state of Omnipresence accompanied by eight of the major Siddi’s. Therefore spiritual ecstasy and progression to Avatarichood during their earthly enterprise.

These are your Real Master’s and on most occasion not accessible to us during our brief hitch -- hiking adventure on earth.

Real Master’s and its definition is subject for scrutiny and debate there is variation of interpretation. Bhagwan Rajneesh amongst others, no uncertainty in my mind their followers would view them as noted individuals that took a stroll on earth. Why not? I caution myself not be personal in the essay for promotion of exuberant propaganda. That would defeat the purpose of my morality and clarity for my prosperity.

You make reference to Iraq and other global events that’s a political question:

The significant proceedings of anarchy that plague Iraq and other parts of the world, those individuals integrate the occasion to participate in the evolving Mahabharat of today. Their souls depart in spectacular fashion from the plane of mrityu-loka (plane of death), the same when Arjuna enlightened by Lord Krishna to engage in contest without emotion at Kurukshetra, accordingly the birth of the glorious Gita.

We are currently animated on the planet of casualty; through evolution man has discovered many techniques to relinquish his soul from the body!

This article could have been concluded in two words in the Advaita Vedanta school of reflection “Aham Bhramasi”

Comment: on Satya Sai Baba

Kryz in my layman opinion we live amidst an Avatar undeniably the world would find that amusing. Would that make me rush to the corner cafe and drink a coca -- cola, I don’t think so!! History has a natural fashion of repeating itself.

During the Krishna Avatar His uncle Kuns fail to recognize His divinity. Folks of the era informed Him Krishna is and Avatar, “An Inconvenient Truth” cheerfully He chose to dispute their declaration, instead contested there view in archery with Krishna. Fortunately, the Avatar vanquished His body. (Well there we are) ref fn..1

When the great one transits this planet it is and amazing phenomenon, but what is more amazing many of us never recognize him is that amazing or what ? Perhaps that’s how life creation and its design should be functioning.

Kryz my intuition advises me most of mankind would worship Satya Sai Baba thousand’s years from today in sculpture. That is not extraordinary; Vedanta reveals itself gradually and graciously, solidifying the theme of the yugas meaningfully and measurably.

The history of Avatars is amazing, legends of yester-year Shri Ram; Shri Krishna, their lucrative employment obligation, confines them during their era to the terrain of North India. The energies of these Avatar’s are infectious, luminates the Indian diaspora serenely with the passage of time from Ayodhya to Actonville and Vrindaban to Vancouver.

The present Avatar Satya-Sai garnishes gratifies and glitter’s the landscape of the planet with Satyam Shivam Sundaram, rekindling the ancient flame of Bharat - Mata.

Bhagwan Sai is decorated with non-duality from birth, including the sixteen Avataric attributes encompassing the garnished shakti inherent through His previous incarnation. Born a Purna Avatara, Baba does not have to perform penance or pursue academic excellence. Bhagwan Sai is the nuclei of wisdom, the soul of creation, the quintessence of liberation, dispensing unceasing love, serenading mankind to freedom of the mind.

Sage Shukla narrates with eloquence in the Bhavishya Purana’s about the present Avatar, his life’s commission, to renovate reverberates and usher in the renaissance of Sanathan Dharma, for mankind to bask in Bhagwan Sai’s light and love.

One of India’s greatest sage Paramhans Avduta Devaraha Baba commented when asked for and opinion on Satya Sai Baba -- He is Parabrahma incarnate. Similar questions were posed to Shri Avdutji. ( Kaka Bhushundi Range Himalayas ) he recited the following verse “ Aham adirhi devanam mahashinam parantap.Na me viduh prabhavan devah na maharshi”.

Lord Krishna said to Arjuna : “O Arjuna ! No one, not even the gods or the rishis can know about Me -- the incarnate one. How can the ordinary people know about me? I am the Adikarta -- the prime creator of all the gods and maharishis.

Mahavatar Babaji -- when materializing his body at discretion to selected devotees confirmed this, so have several great sages whom I converse with, on this field of study.

I hope this gives clarity to your mail, hence the embodiment of the Avatars brilliance and extraordinary life’s accomplishment for mankind to treasure to dooms day !

I would often ask myself when writing on Baba, could I possibly author without emotion that rational reasoning would prevail when my pen waltzes through my pages.

I have come to the conclusion that I can write with transcendent clarity, galvanizing my thought process without consternation or prejudice on Bhagwan Sai.

Baba is my Love, Baba is my Light, Baba is my Leela

Bhagwan Satya Sai is the Pantheon, in the evolutionary science of Vedanta

Fn.1 (Lord Krishna’s uncle name was Kuns he disputed Krishna’s claim being and Avatar so He challenged Krishna in warfare.

Baba being and Avatar presides at the helm of the trinity model belief system, available to Hindus or those that identify with the Indus valley civilization.( trinity worship model Brahma Vishnu Maheswara )

My recent article on Rebecca Marsh confirms to me when you pray sincerely to God. (Governing order of divinity) Bhagwan Sai reveals Himself to you. Similar encounters were reported from a mosque in Hyderabad Andra Pradesh.

Four years ago Mohammedan’s during Friday prayers claimed Baba was seen walking around in the mosque these were psychic encounters by some individuals. These claims were reported in local newspaper in India.Parallel encounters have been reported from around the globe for the past eight decades.

hey Kryz, have a pleasant day -- warm regards to your mum

luv max

To my online friends -- Kryz my colleague from Poland, He is a specialist, student of Hatha Yoga, Vedanta Philosopher has vast knowledge on spiritual sciences and related disciplines, spanning 35 years or more.( a product of Benares and Rajastan University PHD)

Kryz presently lives in India with his daughter who was accepted to a PhD program in cognitive linguistics at Oregon University. She is practising meditation for scientific research.

Kryz's daughter Kashmiri will partipate in pancha agni this summer it will take place Jangli Maharaj's ashram


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Montreal Canada



I received this NEW YEAR's message yesterday and feel compelled to share it with you. It gave me a lot of joy as I read it. I hope it gives you joy as well.

From my Colleague  Kumar MALDE.

Turn the Page

Each day you wake up to a new beginning. Each day you turn the page of your life story and can begin to write whatever you want. Stories change and what makes any book interesting is reading how the hero makes a transition, has an epiphany, or saves the day. What’s the story of your life? Would you want to read about you? What would you want to read?

What would you like to write if you could be the screenwriter of your life story? What kind of hero would you be? This year marks a new chapter in your life. With the New Year comes the opportunity to re-create yourself and the best way to do that is to find yourself.

As you look within and get more connected with who you are, you will naturally begin to discover why you were born. The more you connect with your purpose, the clearer it will be to fulfill your life purpose. As you begin fulfilling your life purpose you begin to feel more fulfilled, happy and peaceful.

As you dial in on that inner connection through meditation the cloud of unknowing is lifted, like the fog evaporating on a sunny day. As you let more light in, everything becomes clear. Innately you already know; you have only to seek to find.

Come with me to a place where the sun always shines and Paramatma's love is felt so deep you lose your mind. All the things your mind thinks won’t matter after you’re dead. What matters is love, and I am inviting you to make this next chapter of your life about love. About receiving love and sharing it. Not just personal love for people you love, that’s a given.

I am inviting you to really love yourself. I am inviting you to stretch your capacity to love others. I invite you to forgive everyone, to drop all judgments of yourself and others. To surrender any and all negativity, and surrender to the presence of God that prodded you to read this.

As hard at it might be for your mind to believe, you are in the midst of an awakening. Something is changing in you. Like a sprout that has popped up through the soil after years of germinating, your spirit is free and seeks the light. Leave your “you” behind and come with me to a place where the Angels dance with you.

Where everyone you see is your brother or sister and the Divine is right here beside us guiding us each step of the way. Are you living with the spirit of a child? Does life fascinate you? Does God inspire you? Do you love for no reason at all? There is so much love being offered to you. There is so much joy awaiting you. Come play in the garden with me. Don’t let your mind resist it. Turn the page, a new chapter of your life is being written.

A mail to Kumar

Dear Kumar,

I must laud you for your noble endeavor. May Shri Guru Shivkrupanandji Maharaj bathe you in the showers of ceaseless bliss for your Guru seva.

Scarcely have I been touched by e-mail, from and individual like yourself inaugurating the occasion in this life to merge from the atmic principle to parmatma.

These ideals manifest in the intellect of few men during numerous life cycles.

Personally I am delighted the love and light Guru Maharaj showers on you, and the many thousands that may had the opportunity, to have darshan of His illumination.

From the southern tip of Africa, to Montreal in Eastern Canada, the nuclei Navsari, Shivkrupanandji Maharaj’s magnetic aura will amplify to a Global institution promoting Earth Peace through Self-Peace.

I wish you peace and serenity. Convey my luv to Guru Maharaj

Warm Regards


Sai Mandir South Africa


Extension 4 Lenasia Sai Centre South AFRICA should be referred to as "Shakti Nilayam"

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A special phenomenon is developing at the Sai Mandir since September 2007.

Extraordinary SHAKTI being displayed through Mumsie.

The emergence of dual level of consciousness that begins to manifest through Mumsie. She materialises vibuti and deliverance of deities through her mouth, including the Shiva- Lingum, the attribute-less trophy personifying Shiva-Shakti.

The above  is performed in an intense meditative state; her normal consciousness is unaware of the universal radiance of  Sai’s omnipresent leela on display. Bhagwans affirmation He is Para-Brahma Incarnate.

During her altered state of consciousness there is inconceivable presence of clairvoyance  power to heal and materialisation of religious paraphernalia.

The sudden explosion of divinity has been overwhelming for Mumsie and devotees. There are two distinct red dots that manifested under her feet signifying in my humble opinion very auspicious "autographs" from the Avatar.

(The red dots could suggest the Avatar awarding the devotee a "gold medal" for years of illustrious seva and bhakti. In my reasonable opinion it’s and appropriate dividend may the devotee cherish the gift promoting Bhagwan Sai’s message man is God.)

During Mumsie’s changed state of consciousness "TRANCE" she has revealed -- the manifestation of  Divine Mother -- Amma Naag Nageshwari’s darshan on display.

One can view this lucidly in her eyes and those with clairvoyant ability the NAAG encircling her shoulders.

I have to caution those that may develop curiosity from this article and contemplate visiting HER may be pleasantly surprise that nothing occurs during your visit. However, the mandir’s ambience and divinity is prasadam for the soul. The intensity of Bhagwan darshan is overwhelming. Baba takes care of your worldly and spiritual growth according to your requirements.

Mumsie expressed publicly that the work in the mandir is about Bhagwan only she is not indifferent from the million’s of devotees on this planet. Her life’s work is to serve Sai in some small way during her lifetime and encourages all other devotees to do the same.

Her views on miracles in the Mandir and the sudden burst of spirituality in her own life, the Glories of Bhagwan Sai we would not be able to comprehend. Individuals that become recipients of Bhagwans Sai’s love must be cautioned not to exaggerate their own greatness. They must serve Baba as every other devotee and refrain from entertaining the notion as world saviours.

Comment :

Bhagwan Sai has express concern,  people proclaiming the Avatar manifesting His shakti through devotees. There are many individuals that have the gift to retail in the spiritual bazaar half-truths and whole lies be careful, think before you buy.

Advaita Vendata speaks of " Aham Bhramasi" expressing everything is God. The Bhagvad Gita discourses among the Sages I am Bhrigu amidst the mountains Meru validating Avataric Purusha Sathya Sai is the principal stimulator of universal phenomena. Conforming to Vedantic view"Neti Neti" the events in Ext.4 Mandir the primal motivator of Shakti unleashing is Bhagwan.

There in only one Avatar on the planet Sathya Sai Baba. Many have claim Avatarwood in the Indian Subcontinent but have failed to exhibit credible evidence.

The above school of reflection is applicable to Hindus or those who acknowledge SAI. The present Avatar Sathya-Sai garnishes gratifies and glitter’s the landscape of the planet with Satyam Shivam Sundaram, rekindling the ancient flame of Bharat - Mata.

Aum Sai Ram

Earlier ARTICLE of the Mandir

Blessed are those that are pure in heart.

Bhagwan Sai’s advent with majestic splendour some seventeen years ago induced Divine Light and Love to this humble haven.

Every life has an individual pattern. Some lives are full of incident and some are quiet, while others seem graced by good fortune or confounded by inauspicious circumstances. Why is this? And what, many ask, is it that predetermines the flow of events and precipitates the cries that occur in our path of life?

Numerous individuals in South Africa and devotees globally are fortunate to receive the Avatar’s leela.The operation of cosmic influence within the psyche and how we are turned as individuals, to move in resonance with planetary interplay through a particular pattern called anatomy of fate. This in turn is partial of a weave of other lives and incarnations that form the fabric of an unfolding creation.

The Mandir’s karmic drama develops most spectacularly and exquisitely for the past seventeen years. Time has unveil, the President an devotees of the centre discharge their duties responsibly at the sanctuary. Expanding the Avatar’s cosmic energy from the nuclei Prashanti Nilayam. This is made possible by Bhagwan’s Sai’s celestial grace for mankind to participate in distant lands in the drama of creation and retrace their roots to their patented identity Bhraman.

The Divine presents formidable challenges to people that are recipient’s of His leela as misfortune ultimately comes from God. It is therefore concerned with the development of the individuals.The greater the trial more notable the reward.

It emancipates them from trivial material pursuits and mundane activities of the world so the extraordinary explodes in their life.

I want to remind myself and Devotees (SAI-Mandir) in which these miraculous events occur we should not focus on the individuals instead the grand works of the Avataric Purusha.

Bhagwan Sai said on many occasions in this Avataric Life He is seeking for one devotee like Hanuman was to Shree Ram. Well, that’s sound like a cool idea to me Bhagwan. My answer to my loving Baba with humility, you asking your devotees to perform miracles, Swami if you visioning that you may find Hanuman in Actonville, Chatsworth or in the hustle bustle polluted street’s of light’s, camels and donkeys in Bombay I have my suspicion. Then again I remind myself in essence I write with my towering little ego, my narrow sinful heart, trying to figure out the charming cosmic joke.

I have to acknowledge a soul like Kasturi, Sai Geeta, my friends Peggy Mason an Ron Laing of England, were role models for me they have served Baba without any favour.                                                   
(To me they were your Hanuman’s)


Thursday service approximately 110 people that evening. A devotee opens a prasad box of sweet meats to offer Baba. A mouse jumps out of the box giving the individual a fright. The devotee falls back from the scare and mouse lands in a devotee’s palm. It was transformed in to Hanuman murti.( is this awesome or what).

I have observed with interest the history of this Mandir for seventeen years. Baba materialised a Lingum maybe 15 centimetres in diameter at the time I have seen this Lingum grow to 100 centimetres maybe more.

The lingam continues to ooze out water miraculously which has the fragrance of a coconut as if this water is teleported from the snow clad Himalayas the abode of Shiva.
The Shivalingam play a fundamental role in the structure and working of the universe and personifies the current Avataric Form, Shiva-Shakti.

2007 Shivratri Celebration’s. I was present when this occurred.

The usual fanfare globally for Shivaratri celebrations is not uncommon.

The midnight abhishekam commences with the customary ritual bathing the Lingum. The devotee pouring the milk on Lingum unexpectedly begins to feel the two-litre bottle becoming very heavy. A devotee notices a blue light flashing from the bottle whilst doing the Abhishekam.

The milk suddenly begins to pour out as a gel then commenced to swirl in the devotee’s palm and solidify in to lingum, a whitish crystal blue colour. The Avatars unceasing love towards His devotees. Baba never fails us for our meagre devotion. This experience was electrifying one has to witness the expansion of the Avatars majesty.

It is a cool idea to brag being a Sai devotee, it’s super cool to practice Sai Baba’s teachings.

The Avatar is not subjected to tapasya to attain Shakti. He is born with these attributes.In His Vishnu Swarup, He is the divine magician and physician of the soul. Sathya Sai transcends all laws of nature and conducts His affairs in the cosmos at free will.

Bhagwan's materialisation of lingums - deities His shakti is unfathomable.
The full potential of  mind body and soul is realised. Peace and harmony is attained ultimately the sublime truth of unity in diversity is experienced that all life is one seamless fabric.

This exercise fulfils SAI'S Leela, Love and Light universal teaching Man is God. (GOD -- governing order of divinity) Sai Baba is rekindling the ancient light of Sanathan Dharma.

Avatars and Siddha Purushas that attained spiritual supremacy perform materialisation of objects. Avaduths and few Nath masters accomplish these rare siddhis. Parkaya Pravesh the siddhi when one has the capacity to enter another soul. Surya Vigyan when a substance can be transformed into another through the medium of sun rays.Isitva possessing absolute Lordship.

This phenomenon is rare, prevailing sciences at our disposal Einstein and Darwin theories, incapable of illuminating this rationale.

I wish you Luv Peace Cheerfulness for the remainder of your earthly vacation -:) don’t 4 get 2 renew your visa if U contemplating hanging around !

I often ask myself would mankind ever comprehend who Bhagwan Sai is and was five thousand years from 2020.

When consciousness reaches a state in which it becomes uniform (non dual) it is samadi. (Amritanadopinashad )

Jai Sai Ram






The sage’s of Shangrila - the Tibten Plateau home to eternal masters

Dada journeys on to his 179 year on the material plane.

Longevity is achieved through a rare breathing technique in culmination with Dhyan on the Soma Chakra.The soma chakra is located above the Ajana Chakra in the forehead also known as the Amrita Chakra.The Principle deities Kameshvara - Kameshvari and Kamadenu the wish -- fulfilling cow.

Prolonged periods of meditation on this chakra termini the nectar released by Kamadenu therefore one can halt the process of aging and enjoy vitality of body for many centuries.

KAMEDENU the cow releases amrit promoting the aging process in man.The Amrit is burned out in the solar plexus by manipur chakra. In yoga this approach is reversed by Kechari Mudra.
(Kechari Mudra reversal of the tongue or swallowing it)

Dadaji has been through a rejuvenation program called Kaya-Kalpa and meditates on the Soma Chakra reducing the process of aging.

Two Siddha Purushas known to me who are the authorities on the science of breathing, Aum Shri Chaitanya Digambar Gagangiri Maharaj and Bhram Rishi Barfani Dada.

Gagangiri Maharaj progressed on to extracting his intestines from the body once a year in the disciplines of Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Dhyan.He bathed the intestines outside the body and reinserted.

The above masters are Datta Swarup seers of Omnipresence whose capacity extends to extracting faithful devotee’s misfortune.
They are instrumental participating in a true devotee’s Karmic development.

Siddha Vigyan Ashram is a scientific research center of advanced yoga. In this center, sixteen kinds of sciences are taught; the most important being solar sciences, universal planetary sciences, sciences related to time, the science of air, the science related to sun and moon, the science related to space, the science related to gravitational forces etc. All the sciences involve very high understanding of Energy.

The level of courses is very advanced and still unknown to our modern day world. Each scientific system has many departments and each department has separate teachers. Most of the teachers are hundreds of years old, though some of them are thousands of years old also.

They are able to stay in their spiritual bodies that appear like a mass of bright light ; while their physical and subtle bodies remain separate. The main deity worshipped in Siddha Vigyan Ashram is the great “Parashakti” also known as “Maha Tripur Sundari” or “Maha Vidya Shodashi”, the third great knowledge of Hindu Pantheon

Aum Shri Sai Ram Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta.

Photograph Insert:

Dhuniwale DADA
Gagangiri MAHARAJ
Barfani DADA


max Parshotam - My Curriculum


A pen to my friends !

To my Dot-Com friends since 1997 many of you have been inquiring about my background. I was flattered when Nita L. Belouef (PHD) U.S. Inquired in a telephonic conversation where did I graduate. Well the truth Nita, I am a drop out from school, hope this information kinda make you eat a veg- burger. Maybe I should rephrase that perhaps an ostrich burger :-)

This essay emits some light on my interest in yoga philosophy spirituality, disciplines of astrology, palmistry, numerology, science of breathing and reiki. Have a keen interest on the works of the Great Prophet Mohammed (pbh) Sufiasm, Mansoor Al Hajaj (Iran) Hazarat Rabia,Rebbe Schneerson - Kabbala Christian Science’s and African spirituality etc...

Spirituality was infused in me during my mother’s period of Gestation. My philosophical intellect, global interest was developed and nurtured by my late dad.
Growing up African Indian made me realize the similarities between these two color full cultures during my journeys through the Indian subcontinent.

How it all began for me. My karmic revelation some historical events that precipitated my search. Hope this information suffices the many questions posed to me !!!!!!

Meditation, Yoga, Kundalani Dhyan the buzzword’s for the past four decades relaunched assertively in the sixties. The world’s famous musicians from Liverpool England. Beatles burst on to world stage glorifying the names of Hare Rama Hare Krishna..

The Beatles subsequently inaugurates the illustrious career of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the foremost disciple of the Sat Guru Brahmananda Sarasvati.The culmination of heavy metal music the hippy age, witness a new era dawn approaching the understanding of GOD (governing order of divinity)

The life of Swami Bramananda Sarasvati attracted me immensely.Guruji’s facial features resemble a Rishi from ancient times, resonating a timeless science in a modern era. Real Guru’s are rare,Bramanada Sarasvati hails from that heritage, was a gem and scarce commodity.Swamiji excelled at the worship of Sri Yantra, channeled his mental spiritual resources to the ultimate goal. Guru Maharaj radiated brilliance lived in surroundings unaffected by worldly seductions

Across the Atlantic arrives from the City of Calcutta Srila Prabupada to the shores of Manhattan. New Yorkers, besides eating the famous Nathan family hot-dogs from Broadway, discover a new leisure pursuit chanting the glorious name of Shri Krishna.

The unprecedented talents, arduous penance of Srila Prabupada brings revival to the great works of Avatar Shri Krishna. The awareness of the soul, science of breath and eloquent "donation" of Shrimad Bhagwatam. The famous legend Shri Krishna glazes five thousand years later, from Marine Parade Durban to Fifth Avenue New York, yet again.

My fascination with the West begins, their unique ability to launch ancient India in a modern age with theatrical excellence.

Indian philosophy, spiritual sciences are persuaded out of its closet by the "white man" for mankind to enjoy.

Long hair, bell-bottoms, and marijuana, yoga finds a new method discovering oneself. Men’s fascination with creation began in earnest; searching and assembling the perfect puzzle of the universe.

Between United States and Great Britain the race commenced sourcing the worst to the best Guru’s. Many books were published on God man of India for the past four decades. No uncertainty, Autobiography of a Yogi remains strawberry-and-cream in my memory from 1970.

Aquarian age of the seventies seen bogus Gurus mushroom, advance a new blend of inferior spirituality. The burgeoning growth industry of self-improvement within the World continues to include exotic spiritual mentors There were many end users of their commodity. Guess the Spiriutal Bazaar were never short of consumers. The media houses were guilty of elevating mediocracy. Publishing houses seized the opportunity exploiting the benefits of capitalism.

The charismatic Bhagwan Rajneesh enjoyed his share of the spiritual market place, never failed his audience and publishers.Osho’s therapeutic merchandise sold very well.Rajneesh and many a modern day Guru’s determined to feed their devotees "useful lies" and fairy tales, to give them faith of the unknown. They excelled at their creativity

Bhagwan Satya Sai’s advent to our humble home 1975 solidify the worship of the Avaduta tradition to our family, a natural affinity with His previous incarnation.My late mum introduced our family to Shirdi Sai worship initially the rest is history.

Baba and the Guru’s of our home you give us so much, but if you intend bestowing more that's cool with us. :-)

The seventies was a memorable moment for me to explore uncharted territory.
The processes of internal distillation commence in my life in the heat of the enthusiasm. Realigning million’s of cells in my molecular structure that I incidentally sustained by pizza and toffee apple.

My search continues will I ever stop. That’s a cloudless question for me to ask at 7 38 p.m. front of my 486 p.c.. (-:

Hope this may give my colleagues virtual insight in to my small wicked brain . (-:
I wish you luv serenity and cheerfulness !!!


The season for bad crop, eyewitness the Indian Subcontinent mass-produced Mahatma’s for decades. Numerous Gurus were not indifferent from their Bollyhood counterparts. They love the dollar fame glory offered nothing to their followers

The jovial reality they awarded nothing to themselves in admiration to there personal devolopment.

My suspicious mind informs me, most of them never evolved spiritually, exclusively secured their patent in the hearts of their devotees.

The old consumer adage "buyer beware" seems to be equally appropriate advice within the spiritual marketplace.

One Indian activist intent upon exposing "god-men" as simply con-men said, "It's easy money -- without any investment. As long as fear exists among people such god-men will thrive."

A crowd of scholar’s once said that life is a show. Many Gurus from India never failed to perform there best to demonstrate there worst !!!!

Amidst the doom and gloom shines a light of hope.Saints, the stature of Akkalkot Maharaj,Shirdi Sai,Manik Prabu,Devra Baba, Swami Sivananda, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi,and many more from there samadi radiate light, love, diluting the negative energy fields of bogus guru’s.

May mother India caress her present Karmic evolution graciously, rise to her former glory, the Guru of the world. Indian diaspora, philosophical and spiritual reflection make gigantic leaps on the world terrain.

Thought of the day !

Mankind should be held in contempt for their performance on this planet though humans have generously shared their extravagance when the occasion demanded.

luv max

Aum Sri Sai Ram Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta