Sunday, August 17, 2008

House of GOD 1985


Thought of the day !

Every SAI devotee has an exclusive story to disclose of His acquaintance with Bhagwan BABA, is that amazing or what ?

This is my paragraph and inadvertent acquaintance with the Atma -Lingam - the Avatar.

1975 South Africa though racially segregated the city of Johannesburg was a cool place to hang out. The night life was great. Blue Venus the club in Marshall Street and club Tomorrow with its revolving floor towards the east end of the city, just under the North - South bound fly over.

The west end of the city club New York City opens its doors to a multiracial crowd. The music was great then, so was the toast cheese and tomato. Beautiful people partied to the early hours of the morning at these magical clubs.

My favourite tunes for the dance floor -- fly robin fly by Silver Convention, the Chi-Lites - tell me have you seen her, and many from the label Tamala Motown, the U.S. of the seventies.

1975 my late Mum purchased the L.P of Satya Sai Baba from Moosie’s cycle store in thirteen street Actonville South AFRICA.

My first encounter with the Avatar’s photograph on the L.P.I recollect how I laughed when noting the Afro of Satya Sai Baba.I found the L.P.cover humorous and contended with my mum that ain’t Sai Baba knowing we had a photograph of Shirdi Sai.

As I began enjoying Baba’s L.P, I was not modest in emulating the Avatar. I decided to grow an Afro. Nonetheless, must concede had no knowledge about Sathya SAI Baba. I was a kid of seventies the greatest era in world history, life was a song and dance for me.

Be as it may the L.P. is in my possession and I listen to it as loudly as I can.

June of 1976 two extraordinary events remain fresh in my memory Hector Petersen awards His great life for our emancipation.

1976 a few devotees congregate for Sai service in the shabby little Maha - Sabha in Actonville down the road from where I reside. Rajesh, Dan a few Durban-Nites, myself sang the Lords glory loudly, for what it was worth, in the make shift mandir that boasted broken windows.

Puttarpati being the host village to the Present Avatar - Prashanti Nilayam being the nucleus for Prema, enveloping our universe.

This tiny hamlet once barren land eighty years ago and probably 60 inhabitants becomes the epicentre for Sai - Peace and Light.

Sai’s energy fields begin to congregate a few devotees from the southern state of Andra Pradesh in India to the southern tip of Africa. The magnetic aura of Bhagwan spreads from His nuclei Prashanti around the globe promoting Earth Peace through Self-Peace.

The word SEVA is synonymous with this institution the foundation of this Avatar life’s message and teachings are shaped upon.

In the Sai Organisation it’s common knowledge devotees would write letters to Bhagwan. I want to assure you Baba reads every letter.

My letter of 1980.

Dearest Bhagwan,

My humble Koti Koti Na Pranams. I read the book Auto Biography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1970 fascinated by the content in my miniature intelligence. The pages on the life of Maha-Avatar Babaji are captivating though He lives in an Astral body. Babaji grants darshan at will to selected devotees materialising His body. Bhagwan could you please materialise a photograph of Maha-Avatar Babaji and post it to me.

Sadly I never heard from the Avatar though I never lost faith in Baba. 1985 I went for a holiday to India. Sunday afternoon in Bombay, I casually uttered to my cousin would like travel to Bangalore and Mysore gardens. Bupendra said you would not get a flight and should wait until Monday.

I tested my fortunes went to Indian airlines the Sunday morning flew the evening to Banglore. A friendly elderly Goanese lady on flight befriended me, we chatted until the plane landed. Her wonderful family drove me to my hotel. I inquired about Baba in the Hotel the evening, promptly a Mohammedan taxi driver was arranged to journey me to Prashanti. He was a smooth soul.

I often wonder where you are may Baba be your guiding light.
I arrived on Shivratri day in Prashanti I had no clue it was Shivratri.

I was scared, never seen so many people in my life. My first thoughts where would I sleep and keep my luggage.

Indeed you should be concerned about your material possession and comforts. I asked the taxi driver if He knew of a Hotel he showed me Sathya Sai Towers. I went in the hotel, was told a room would be available in 15 minutes, probably the only accommodation in Puttarpati that day, I was comforted.

Checked in had a bath walked in to Prashanti the house of GOD, amongst the hundreds of thousands of undisciplined Indians that arrived from far a wide for the celebrations. Shivratri that year was celebrated in the Poorna Chandra hall. I stood in the queue with westerners mainly white folk.

We were packed like tin sardines in the hall from 3 p.m. I was surrounded by many eastern Europeans, English and American devotees. In front of me a German devotee turned around speaking to the gentleman on my right about Maha - Avatar Babaji and Paramhansa Yogananda.My ears could not contain my intrusion on the conversation. This gentleman lived 10 days in the northern Himalayas the home of the great masters.

The gentleman from Germany had the fortune of encountering Maha Avatar Babaji when He materialised His physical form. He was given the opportunity of photographing the deathless SAGE, developed the film before arriving to Prashanti.

As He continued the conversation mentioned to the gentleman I would show you Maha - Avatar Babaji’s photograph.

I was literally frozen, was given the photograph to view, black and white reminded me of the traditional concept of Jesus. Instantly recollect my 1980 letter could this be the possible Sai Ma answering my letter in this unique way. Darshan of deathless Babaji in the house of God - Maha - Shivratri day.

Over the years I stare at Baba’s photograph gaze into His sparkling eyes in a crowd of 100,000.000 Bhagwan arranged my seating next to this individual.I was startle and reflected on this amazing encounter in my hotel room for a long time !

Baba displayed similar miraculous events to me in Sept 2007 and March 2008 how do you do it Bhagwan this is amazing. My recent miraculous encounters in Puttarpati were mind-boggling.

Maha – Avatar Babaji has confirmed the Avatars presence on the planet for the resurrection of Sanathan Dharma.

Maha-Avatar Babaji has refused to reveal to his disciples any limiting facts about his birthplace and date. He has lived for many centuries amid the Himalayan snows. Babaji gave birth to science of Kriya Yoga. Paramhansa Yogananda popularised the science in the west.

Man’s essential nature is formless omnipresent. Karmic embodiment is a result of avidya ignorance. The Hindu scriptures teach that birth and death are the manifestation of Maya, cosmic delusion. Birth and death have meaning only in the world of relativity. The present Avatar Satya Sai, Babaji,Akkolkat Maharaj, Venka-Avaduta are not subjected to this body or this planet.

Venka Avduta the eminent Sage prayed for Bhagwan’s arrival on to this planet because of the present condition of the world and the culmination of man’s decline. Venka-Avaduta’s sanjeevan samadi is in a village named Hussainpura some 60 k. M from Parti.

The Avatar and Sages fulfil and a special errand on earth.

The birth of Avatar Sathya Sai and ascended masters are not exposed to the rigid rules of karma. Their voluntary return to the physical body is called vyutthana or reversion to earthly life after Maya has ceased. Avatars and Siddha Purusha’s defy the computation of the solar system. They resurrect their bodies at will in front of earthly inhabitants.

Thought of the day !

Baba is pure Love - Swami is pure Light.
Bhagwan Sai is Consciousness in its purest pattern.
Avatar Sai is Consciousness in its highest configuration.
Sai Ma is Sai Karuna - Sai Prema is Sai Satyam
Sai Satya is Sai Shivoham.