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A January 2007 mail to Kryz from Poland

Kryz, this maybe an appropriate paradigm to answer your recent correspondence and concludes my synopsis on the subject :-)

This essay / letter maybe contentious academic (to understand) it should be easy, as having popcorn :-)

I try and pen so that a class one child grasps the message, however this may not be possible on some subjects.

This letter is related to eastern spiritual sciences mysticism and comment on Satya Sai Baba.The paragraphs on Baba are not intended to promote clandestinely to non Sai Devotees the Sai movement.

My mailing list consist predominantly non-Sai Devotees.

“As human’s we invented unique worshiping style’s may our God’s delight in our creativity”.

Dearest Kryz,

Providence is associated with astrology, when the celestial mechanics of the universe are in conflict or harmony with the governing energies of the body. This subject is dear to my heart and may need several days and few pages to detail.

One of North India’s great Saint cuddled a devotee’s breast, she happens to be American. Touching the anatomy of an individual by a saint, does not suggest any promiscuous progress to gratification of the senses.

“The explanation in Puranic text, depending on whose version you read, lucidly affirms individuals experiencing the Honour of having their anatomy embraced by a Saint, command benefits in their karmic destiny”.

The Saint discourses on the misinterpreted subject sexual characteristics and the body. The significance of fondling the breast of His female devotee. The sacred touch to her breast cast her free from a cancerous condition. Recently in Pune a leading Physician had a brain tumour a Nath Mahatma waved a coconut around his head, the x-ray reveal the following day no tumour.

I know this Mahatama had the privilege of having and audience with him. Mahatmas stature of this order are a scarce commodity real Gurus are difficult to discover in the Indian subcontinent. The physician is alive and testimony to his encounter so are His colleague’s from the medical fraternity in Pune.

The same application is permissible to the touch of male genitalia this maybe to “downgrade” the hyper activity of this organ. Most men have demonstrated throughout time the overwhelming exploitation of the organ of copulation.

(My Contention)

The Agori Pant (sect) in my opinion a primitive and perhaps an inferior approach to the awakening of the dormant energy field in man. They participate assertively in unconventional methods to attain Brahman.

The integration of ritual sexual participation appears to be a cardinal ingredient for enlightenment. This may sound bizarre, my colleague a PHD grad. Student in Physics from a remote village in Calcutta. demonstrated in 1995 and progressed in unlocking the phenomenal jurisdiction of the occult sciences.

The Agori Mahatmas confirm through their procurement of worship, arrive at the same plateau in Atma Gyan. Plane of primal vibration “Om Kara Aum”. This concludes the misguided sentiment on sensual rehearsal and confirms the principal of non- duality.( Shiva - Shakti in assimilation )

Bhagwan Satya Sai, modus operandi is twofold in this physical world primarily the illusory platform that our life span function and would conclude. We are governed by intellect ego and emotion. Bhagwan Satya Sai and few Nath -- Avduta Mahatma’s function in the void a rationale we would never be able to comprehend and we may well conclude their activities non-kosher.

The subject -- void has been of vast interest to me. The void authorizes the Avatar’s and Siddha Mahatma’s to manage their affairs outside the periphery of the brain. The realm of no affection and application of free will.

Avduta Guru’s are eighteen at any given period on this planet personifying the eighteen chapters of the Shrimad Bhagvatam.Nath Gurus are nine symbolizing Nav Nath tradition and the embodiment of the astral system.

The Avaduta and Nav Nath Mahatmas are the manifestation of the Dattatreya Sampradaya. They relish the state of Omnipresence accompanied by eight of the major Siddi’s. Therefore spiritual ecstasy and progression to Avatarichood during their earthly enterprise.

These are your Real Master’s and on most occasion not accessible to us during our brief hitch -- hiking adventure on earth.

Real Master’s and its definition is subject for scrutiny and debate there is variation of interpretation. Bhagwan Rajneesh amongst others, no uncertainty in my mind their followers would view them as noted individuals that took a stroll on earth. Why not? I caution myself not be personal in the essay for promotion of exuberant propaganda. That would defeat the purpose of my morality and clarity for my prosperity.

You make reference to Iraq and other global events that’s a political question:

The significant proceedings of anarchy that plague Iraq and other parts of the world, those individuals integrate the occasion to participate in the evolving Mahabharat of today. Their souls depart in spectacular fashion from the plane of mrityu-loka (plane of death), the same when Arjuna enlightened by Lord Krishna to engage in contest without emotion at Kurukshetra, accordingly the birth of the glorious Gita.

We are currently animated on the planet of casualty; through evolution man has discovered many techniques to relinquish his soul from the body!

This article could have been concluded in two words in the Advaita Vedanta school of reflection “Aham Bhramasi”

Comment: on Satya Sai Baba

Kryz in my layman opinion we live amidst an Avatar undeniably the world would find that amusing. Would that make me rush to the corner cafe and drink a coca -- cola, I don’t think so!! History has a natural fashion of repeating itself.

During the Krishna Avatar His uncle Kuns fail to recognize His divinity. Folks of the era informed Him Krishna is and Avatar, “An Inconvenient Truth” cheerfully He chose to dispute their declaration, instead contested there view in archery with Krishna. Fortunately, the Avatar vanquished His body. (Well there we are) ref fn..1

When the great one transits this planet it is and amazing phenomenon, but what is more amazing many of us never recognize him is that amazing or what ? Perhaps that’s how life creation and its design should be functioning.

Kryz my intuition advises me most of mankind would worship Satya Sai Baba thousand’s years from today in sculpture. That is not extraordinary; Vedanta reveals itself gradually and graciously, solidifying the theme of the yugas meaningfully and measurably.

The history of Avatars is amazing, legends of yester-year Shri Ram; Shri Krishna, their lucrative employment obligation, confines them during their era to the terrain of North India. The energies of these Avatar’s are infectious, luminates the Indian diaspora serenely with the passage of time from Ayodhya to Actonville and Vrindaban to Vancouver.

The present Avatar Satya-Sai garnishes gratifies and glitter’s the landscape of the planet with Satyam Shivam Sundaram, rekindling the ancient flame of Bharat - Mata.

Bhagwan Sai is decorated with non-duality from birth, including the sixteen Avataric attributes encompassing the garnished shakti inherent through His previous incarnation. Born a Purna Avatara, Baba does not have to perform penance or pursue academic excellence. Bhagwan Sai is the nuclei of wisdom, the soul of creation, the quintessence of liberation, dispensing unceasing love, serenading mankind to freedom of the mind.

Sage Shukla narrates with eloquence in the Bhavishya Purana’s about the present Avatar, his life’s commission, to renovate reverberates and usher in the renaissance of Sanathan Dharma, for mankind to bask in Bhagwan Sai’s light and love.

One of India’s greatest sage Paramhans Avduta Devaraha Baba commented when asked for and opinion on Satya Sai Baba -- He is Parabrahma incarnate. Similar questions were posed to Shri Avdutji. ( Kaka Bhushundi Range Himalayas ) he recited the following verse “ Aham adirhi devanam mahashinam parantap.Na me viduh prabhavan devah na maharshi”.

Lord Krishna said to Arjuna : “O Arjuna ! No one, not even the gods or the rishis can know about Me -- the incarnate one. How can the ordinary people know about me? I am the Adikarta -- the prime creator of all the gods and maharishis.

Mahavatar Babaji -- when materializing his body at discretion to selected devotees confirmed this, so have several great sages whom I converse with, on this field of study.

I hope this gives clarity to your mail, hence the embodiment of the Avatars brilliance and extraordinary life’s accomplishment for mankind to treasure to dooms day !

I would often ask myself when writing on Baba, could I possibly author without emotion that rational reasoning would prevail when my pen waltzes through my pages.

I have come to the conclusion that I can write with transcendent clarity, galvanizing my thought process without consternation or prejudice on Bhagwan Sai.

Baba is my Love, Baba is my Light, Baba is my Leela

Bhagwan Satya Sai is the Pantheon, in the evolutionary science of Vedanta

Fn.1 (Lord Krishna’s uncle name was Kuns he disputed Krishna’s claim being and Avatar so He challenged Krishna in warfare.

Baba being and Avatar presides at the helm of the trinity model belief system, available to Hindus or those that identify with the Indus valley civilization.( trinity worship model Brahma Vishnu Maheswara )

My recent article on Rebecca Marsh confirms to me when you pray sincerely to God. (Governing order of divinity) Bhagwan Sai reveals Himself to you. Similar encounters were reported from a mosque in Hyderabad Andra Pradesh.

Four years ago Mohammedan’s during Friday prayers claimed Baba was seen walking around in the mosque these were psychic encounters by some individuals. These claims were reported in local newspaper in India.Parallel encounters have been reported from around the globe for the past eight decades.

hey Kryz, have a pleasant day -- warm regards to your mum

luv max

To my online friends -- Kryz my colleague from Poland, He is a specialist, student of Hatha Yoga, Vedanta Philosopher has vast knowledge on spiritual sciences and related disciplines, spanning 35 years or more.( a product of Benares and Rajastan University PHD)

Kryz presently lives in India with his daughter who was accepted to a PhD program in cognitive linguistics at Oregon University. She is practising meditation for scientific research.

Kryz's daughter Kashmiri will partipate in pancha agni this summer it will take place Jangli Maharaj's ashram