Saturday, August 16, 2008

max Parshotam - My Curriculum


A pen to my friends !

To my Dot-Com friends since 1997 many of you have been inquiring about my background. I was flattered when Nita L. Belouef (PHD) U.S. Inquired in a telephonic conversation where did I graduate. Well the truth Nita, I am a drop out from school, hope this information kinda make you eat a veg- burger. Maybe I should rephrase that perhaps an ostrich burger :-)

This essay emits some light on my interest in yoga philosophy spirituality, disciplines of astrology, palmistry, numerology, science of breathing and reiki. Have a keen interest on the works of the Great Prophet Mohammed (pbh) Sufiasm, Mansoor Al Hajaj (Iran) Hazarat Rabia,Rebbe Schneerson - Kabbala Christian Science’s and African spirituality etc...

Spirituality was infused in me during my mother’s period of Gestation. My philosophical intellect, global interest was developed and nurtured by my late dad.
Growing up African Indian made me realize the similarities between these two color full cultures during my journeys through the Indian subcontinent.

How it all began for me. My karmic revelation some historical events that precipitated my search. Hope this information suffices the many questions posed to me !!!!!!

Meditation, Yoga, Kundalani Dhyan the buzzword’s for the past four decades relaunched assertively in the sixties. The world’s famous musicians from Liverpool England. Beatles burst on to world stage glorifying the names of Hare Rama Hare Krishna..

The Beatles subsequently inaugurates the illustrious career of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the foremost disciple of the Sat Guru Brahmananda Sarasvati.The culmination of heavy metal music the hippy age, witness a new era dawn approaching the understanding of GOD (governing order of divinity)

The life of Swami Bramananda Sarasvati attracted me immensely.Guruji’s facial features resemble a Rishi from ancient times, resonating a timeless science in a modern era. Real Guru’s are rare,Bramanada Sarasvati hails from that heritage, was a gem and scarce commodity.Swamiji excelled at the worship of Sri Yantra, channeled his mental spiritual resources to the ultimate goal. Guru Maharaj radiated brilliance lived in surroundings unaffected by worldly seductions

Across the Atlantic arrives from the City of Calcutta Srila Prabupada to the shores of Manhattan. New Yorkers, besides eating the famous Nathan family hot-dogs from Broadway, discover a new leisure pursuit chanting the glorious name of Shri Krishna.

The unprecedented talents, arduous penance of Srila Prabupada brings revival to the great works of Avatar Shri Krishna. The awareness of the soul, science of breath and eloquent "donation" of Shrimad Bhagwatam. The famous legend Shri Krishna glazes five thousand years later, from Marine Parade Durban to Fifth Avenue New York, yet again.

My fascination with the West begins, their unique ability to launch ancient India in a modern age with theatrical excellence.

Indian philosophy, spiritual sciences are persuaded out of its closet by the "white man" for mankind to enjoy.

Long hair, bell-bottoms, and marijuana, yoga finds a new method discovering oneself. Men’s fascination with creation began in earnest; searching and assembling the perfect puzzle of the universe.

Between United States and Great Britain the race commenced sourcing the worst to the best Guru’s. Many books were published on God man of India for the past four decades. No uncertainty, Autobiography of a Yogi remains strawberry-and-cream in my memory from 1970.

Aquarian age of the seventies seen bogus Gurus mushroom, advance a new blend of inferior spirituality. The burgeoning growth industry of self-improvement within the World continues to include exotic spiritual mentors There were many end users of their commodity. Guess the Spiriutal Bazaar were never short of consumers. The media houses were guilty of elevating mediocracy. Publishing houses seized the opportunity exploiting the benefits of capitalism.

The charismatic Bhagwan Rajneesh enjoyed his share of the spiritual market place, never failed his audience and publishers.Osho’s therapeutic merchandise sold very well.Rajneesh and many a modern day Guru’s determined to feed their devotees "useful lies" and fairy tales, to give them faith of the unknown. They excelled at their creativity

Bhagwan Satya Sai’s advent to our humble home 1975 solidify the worship of the Avaduta tradition to our family, a natural affinity with His previous incarnation.My late mum introduced our family to Shirdi Sai worship initially the rest is history.

Baba and the Guru’s of our home you give us so much, but if you intend bestowing more that's cool with us. :-)

The seventies was a memorable moment for me to explore uncharted territory.
The processes of internal distillation commence in my life in the heat of the enthusiasm. Realigning million’s of cells in my molecular structure that I incidentally sustained by pizza and toffee apple.

My search continues will I ever stop. That’s a cloudless question for me to ask at 7 38 p.m. front of my 486 p.c.. (-:

Hope this may give my colleagues virtual insight in to my small wicked brain . (-:
I wish you luv serenity and cheerfulness !!!


The season for bad crop, eyewitness the Indian Subcontinent mass-produced Mahatma’s for decades. Numerous Gurus were not indifferent from their Bollyhood counterparts. They love the dollar fame glory offered nothing to their followers

The jovial reality they awarded nothing to themselves in admiration to there personal devolopment.

My suspicious mind informs me, most of them never evolved spiritually, exclusively secured their patent in the hearts of their devotees.

The old consumer adage "buyer beware" seems to be equally appropriate advice within the spiritual marketplace.

One Indian activist intent upon exposing "god-men" as simply con-men said, "It's easy money -- without any investment. As long as fear exists among people such god-men will thrive."

A crowd of scholar’s once said that life is a show. Many Gurus from India never failed to perform there best to demonstrate there worst !!!!

Amidst the doom and gloom shines a light of hope.Saints, the stature of Akkalkot Maharaj,Shirdi Sai,Manik Prabu,Devra Baba, Swami Sivananda, Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi,and many more from there samadi radiate light, love, diluting the negative energy fields of bogus guru’s.

May mother India caress her present Karmic evolution graciously, rise to her former glory, the Guru of the world. Indian diaspora, philosophical and spiritual reflection make gigantic leaps on the world terrain.

Thought of the day !

Mankind should be held in contempt for their performance on this planet though humans have generously shared their extravagance when the occasion demanded.

luv max

Aum Sri Sai Ram Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta