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Sai Mandir South Africa


Extension 4 Lenasia Sai Centre South AFRICA should be referred to as "Shakti Nilayam"

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A special phenomenon is developing at the Sai Mandir since September 2007.

Extraordinary SHAKTI being displayed through Mumsie.

The emergence of dual level of consciousness that begins to manifest through Mumsie. She materialises vibuti and deliverance of deities through her mouth, including the Shiva- Lingum, the attribute-less trophy personifying Shiva-Shakti.

The above  is performed in an intense meditative state; her normal consciousness is unaware of the universal radiance of  Sai’s omnipresent leela on display. Bhagwans affirmation He is Para-Brahma Incarnate.

During her altered state of consciousness there is inconceivable presence of clairvoyance  power to heal and materialisation of religious paraphernalia.

The sudden explosion of divinity has been overwhelming for Mumsie and devotees. There are two distinct red dots that manifested under her feet signifying in my humble opinion very auspicious "autographs" from the Avatar.

(The red dots could suggest the Avatar awarding the devotee a "gold medal" for years of illustrious seva and bhakti. In my reasonable opinion it’s and appropriate dividend may the devotee cherish the gift promoting Bhagwan Sai’s message man is God.)

During Mumsie’s changed state of consciousness "TRANCE" she has revealed -- the manifestation of  Divine Mother -- Amma Naag Nageshwari’s darshan on display.

One can view this lucidly in her eyes and those with clairvoyant ability the NAAG encircling her shoulders.

I have to caution those that may develop curiosity from this article and contemplate visiting HER may be pleasantly surprise that nothing occurs during your visit. However, the mandir’s ambience and divinity is prasadam for the soul. The intensity of Bhagwan darshan is overwhelming. Baba takes care of your worldly and spiritual growth according to your requirements.

Mumsie expressed publicly that the work in the mandir is about Bhagwan only she is not indifferent from the million’s of devotees on this planet. Her life’s work is to serve Sai in some small way during her lifetime and encourages all other devotees to do the same.

Her views on miracles in the Mandir and the sudden burst of spirituality in her own life, the Glories of Bhagwan Sai we would not be able to comprehend. Individuals that become recipients of Bhagwans Sai’s love must be cautioned not to exaggerate their own greatness. They must serve Baba as every other devotee and refrain from entertaining the notion as world saviours.

Comment :

Bhagwan Sai has express concern,  people proclaiming the Avatar manifesting His shakti through devotees. There are many individuals that have the gift to retail in the spiritual bazaar half-truths and whole lies be careful, think before you buy.

Advaita Vendata speaks of " Aham Bhramasi" expressing everything is God. The Bhagvad Gita discourses among the Sages I am Bhrigu amidst the mountains Meru validating Avataric Purusha Sathya Sai is the principal stimulator of universal phenomena. Conforming to Vedantic view"Neti Neti" the events in Ext.4 Mandir the primal motivator of Shakti unleashing is Bhagwan.

There in only one Avatar on the planet Sathya Sai Baba. Many have claim Avatarwood in the Indian Subcontinent but have failed to exhibit credible evidence.

The above school of reflection is applicable to Hindus or those who acknowledge SAI. The present Avatar Sathya-Sai garnishes gratifies and glitter’s the landscape of the planet with Satyam Shivam Sundaram, rekindling the ancient flame of Bharat - Mata.

Aum Sai Ram

Earlier ARTICLE of the Mandir

Blessed are those that are pure in heart.

Bhagwan Sai’s advent with majestic splendour some seventeen years ago induced Divine Light and Love to this humble haven.

Every life has an individual pattern. Some lives are full of incident and some are quiet, while others seem graced by good fortune or confounded by inauspicious circumstances. Why is this? And what, many ask, is it that predetermines the flow of events and precipitates the cries that occur in our path of life?

Numerous individuals in South Africa and devotees globally are fortunate to receive the Avatar’s leela.The operation of cosmic influence within the psyche and how we are turned as individuals, to move in resonance with planetary interplay through a particular pattern called anatomy of fate. This in turn is partial of a weave of other lives and incarnations that form the fabric of an unfolding creation.

The Mandir’s karmic drama develops most spectacularly and exquisitely for the past seventeen years. Time has unveil, the President an devotees of the centre discharge their duties responsibly at the sanctuary. Expanding the Avatar’s cosmic energy from the nuclei Prashanti Nilayam. This is made possible by Bhagwan’s Sai’s celestial grace for mankind to participate in distant lands in the drama of creation and retrace their roots to their patented identity Bhraman.

The Divine presents formidable challenges to people that are recipient’s of His leela as misfortune ultimately comes from God. It is therefore concerned with the development of the individuals.The greater the trial more notable the reward.

It emancipates them from trivial material pursuits and mundane activities of the world so the extraordinary explodes in their life.

I want to remind myself and Devotees (SAI-Mandir) in which these miraculous events occur we should not focus on the individuals instead the grand works of the Avataric Purusha.

Bhagwan Sai said on many occasions in this Avataric Life He is seeking for one devotee like Hanuman was to Shree Ram. Well, that’s sound like a cool idea to me Bhagwan. My answer to my loving Baba with humility, you asking your devotees to perform miracles, Swami if you visioning that you may find Hanuman in Actonville, Chatsworth or in the hustle bustle polluted street’s of light’s, camels and donkeys in Bombay I have my suspicion. Then again I remind myself in essence I write with my towering little ego, my narrow sinful heart, trying to figure out the charming cosmic joke.

I have to acknowledge a soul like Kasturi, Sai Geeta, my friends Peggy Mason an Ron Laing of England, were role models for me they have served Baba without any favour.                                                   
(To me they were your Hanuman’s)


Thursday service approximately 110 people that evening. A devotee opens a prasad box of sweet meats to offer Baba. A mouse jumps out of the box giving the individual a fright. The devotee falls back from the scare and mouse lands in a devotee’s palm. It was transformed in to Hanuman murti.( is this awesome or what).

I have observed with interest the history of this Mandir for seventeen years. Baba materialised a Lingum maybe 15 centimetres in diameter at the time I have seen this Lingum grow to 100 centimetres maybe more.

The lingam continues to ooze out water miraculously which has the fragrance of a coconut as if this water is teleported from the snow clad Himalayas the abode of Shiva.
The Shivalingam play a fundamental role in the structure and working of the universe and personifies the current Avataric Form, Shiva-Shakti.

2007 Shivratri Celebration’s. I was present when this occurred.

The usual fanfare globally for Shivaratri celebrations is not uncommon.

The midnight abhishekam commences with the customary ritual bathing the Lingum. The devotee pouring the milk on Lingum unexpectedly begins to feel the two-litre bottle becoming very heavy. A devotee notices a blue light flashing from the bottle whilst doing the Abhishekam.

The milk suddenly begins to pour out as a gel then commenced to swirl in the devotee’s palm and solidify in to lingum, a whitish crystal blue colour. The Avatars unceasing love towards His devotees. Baba never fails us for our meagre devotion. This experience was electrifying one has to witness the expansion of the Avatars majesty.

It is a cool idea to brag being a Sai devotee, it’s super cool to practice Sai Baba’s teachings.

The Avatar is not subjected to tapasya to attain Shakti. He is born with these attributes.In His Vishnu Swarup, He is the divine magician and physician of the soul. Sathya Sai transcends all laws of nature and conducts His affairs in the cosmos at free will.

Bhagwan's materialisation of lingums - deities His shakti is unfathomable.
The full potential of  mind body and soul is realised. Peace and harmony is attained ultimately the sublime truth of unity in diversity is experienced that all life is one seamless fabric.

This exercise fulfils SAI'S Leela, Love and Light universal teaching Man is God. (GOD -- governing order of divinity) Sai Baba is rekindling the ancient light of Sanathan Dharma.

Avatars and Siddha Purushas that attained spiritual supremacy perform materialisation of objects. Avaduths and few Nath masters accomplish these rare siddhis. Parkaya Pravesh the siddhi when one has the capacity to enter another soul. Surya Vigyan when a substance can be transformed into another through the medium of sun rays.Isitva possessing absolute Lordship.

This phenomenon is rare, prevailing sciences at our disposal Einstein and Darwin theories, incapable of illuminating this rationale.

I wish you Luv Peace Cheerfulness for the remainder of your earthly vacation -:) don’t 4 get 2 renew your visa if U contemplating hanging around !

I often ask myself would mankind ever comprehend who Bhagwan Sai is and was five thousand years from 2020.

When consciousness reaches a state in which it becomes uniform (non dual) it is samadi. (Amritanadopinashad )

Jai Sai Ram