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Rebecca MARSH



Story of a Jewish SAI devotee South AFRICA a compelling Read !

Spring of 1985 the streets of downtown Johannesburg South Africa were quiet clean and racist.

Bree Street – the Home of John Craig, Riggs and Dexsters were cool stores to shop American gear. Eloff Street -- haven to Look and Listen for heavy metal music and O.K. Bazaar for marie biscuits and pilchards.
Minority citizens of this beautiful country were privileged of their basic human rights. Few white folks determined the future of the black populace by the ballot. Apartheid South Africa and its liquidation - we begin to embrace fellow humans as our equal.

The early eighties Hillbrow was sanctuary to Aquarian Age’s most ostentatious bookstore for esoteric literature. The ambience to frequent for divine leisure as novels were reasonably priced.

The Aquarian bookstore some of you may remember had a captivating photograph of Christ. I grew up a Gujarati speaking Hindu, was attracted to the photographs of Christ extraordinarily from my childhood days. My fairest memory of Christ attending service at a church in Goa India.

One afternoon about 3.45 p.m. my appointment in Harrison Street JHB was cancelled; I decided to pop into Aquarian, greeted Michelle who was employed at the shop. Stood in front of the shelf where SAI literature was displayed, even though most of the books were in my collection.

Suddenly Michelle shout’s max have you heard of Rebecca Marsh. I turn around questioned who she was ? Michelle replied Sai a devotee phenomenal miracles happening at her home. She is a clairvoyant does mystical paintings.

Captivated by her words walked to the counter where she normally sits. Inquired where the lady resided somewhere in the city of Johannesburg I was told. Michelle promises to get her details for me, 18 months past reminded her every time I went to Aquarian.

The curiosity was intense to meet Rebecca matters of spirituality had no boundaries for me. Roaming the apartheid streets of Johannesburg for twenty-three months, seeking for that which is sacred, it constantly reveals itself to me.

Wednesday morning September 1985 had an appointment with the late Mrs.Breslowsky from Berea the former owners of Bress design furniture. Phoned Mrs.Breslowsky the morning to cancel the appointment due to an unexpected engagement.

Reschedule for Thursday morning, Baba’s day 10 a.m. I walked in to Mrs.Breslowky’s flat.

The illumined and captivating face of an elderly white gentleman immediately charms my attention. The man with his long white beard reminds me of Indian holy man. My meeting commences in about five minutes arriving at her home; throughout the meeting I am spellbound by the saintly appearance of the elderly white gentleman. The meeting concludes 45 minutes later.

Mrs.Breslowsky introduces me to the Gentleman who happens to be her caretaker. She demands in her gruff voice to drive the caretaker to claim street Hillbrow. I reluctantly agreed somewhat annoyed as I was on route to Pretoria that morning. Stepped out of the flat the rear balcony approaching the lift the elderly man walks behind me. He asks somewhat loudly what is your name. I turn around look into His protruding eyes and crowded eyebrow's voice in a whisper max. We enter the lift he stands behind me once more asks loudly what’s your name. I mumble in annoyance max.

The 1905 lift finally reaches the ground floor. We exit, stroll towards my mazda open the door for Him. He asks me again what’s your real name I don‘t reply; suddenly he states loudly he is a satsangi for 35 years. Immediately has my attention then utters He would like me to meet a lady call Rebecca Marsh.

Immediately stopped my car in Able road Berea, on route to Hillbrow in disbelief what I heard. Did you say Rebecca Marsh the Sai Devotee. I am searching for her for two years. The holy man says you must meet her she is very evolved spiritually indeed was a rare breed. I asked Him do you know where she lives; he replied spontaneously I will show you. For the moment I forget about work, drive to Bree Street corner Rissik, the saintly man displays the building where Rebecca resided.

My heart is filled with joy staring at the building searching for two years. We had a brief conversation in my car. Drove hurriedly to his destination chatting we part company where he lived. Over the months we had a few telephonic conversations never met again. Rushed off to the building where Rebecca lived; perhaps should say where the Avataric Purusha rented omnipresently downtown the city of gold.

Entering the foyer of the building I look for the caretaker’s information on the display board. The ninth floor where the caretaker lived, knocked on the door a middle-aged white gentleman opens, asked him politely where Rebecca lives. He escorts me to her flat mentioning she has just returned from India. She is very tired. I stand in front of Rebecca’s doorway hesitant to knock instead write her telephone number on paper and leave the premises.

The evening I called her the telephone is answered with the expression of Sai Ram Sai Ram. Those words reverberate in the inner core of my being to this day and would for the remainder of my earthly vacation. Reciprocate with the greeting explaining to her I have been searching for her for two years. I ask Her would like to get together with her, she refuses politely in her tired voice, that was encompassed by pristine energies of the universe.

My psychic mind instructs me to be persuasive in my telephonic conversation. She eventually agrees and grants me an audience the following day. It was overwhelming peace when stepping in Rebecca’s rent control flat. The famous psychic painting of Christ in her home was a work art on par with Vincent van Gogh.

My meeting with Rebecca in Bree Street this is what she had to say.

Sequence of events:
I began by asking her how she came to know about Baba.

Rebecca Marsh was born Jewish deeply religious practised Christianity immortal love for Christ, qualified a nursing sister. Employed in a government hospital never married.
Rebecca was on her deathbed succumbing to cancer. Prayed with devotion to our Lord Christ during her most turbulent moments. The Lord answered her prayers. One morning she found a pamphlet inserted underneath her door. The pamphlet was a photocopy black and white print.

The pamphlet read Aquarian Book Store book for sale Man of Miracle’s. A photograph of Baba on the leaflet that was unassuming according to Rebecca. His appearance was of Black or Indian man that was awful to stare. Rebecca dumps the advert in the magazine rack. Day two she finds the same pamphlet underneath her door. She dumps it in to the magazine rack. Day three the same encounter now she visits the caretaker in protest for junk mail.

The caretaker stares at the pamphlet and promptly replies that He did not receive one will check with the tenants. No other tenant received this advert. Rebecca decided to call the Aquarian Book store concerning the advert they had no knowledge of the flyer.

However, she decided to purchase the book Man of Miracles as advertised on the flyer. The lady checked for her found one copy in stock. She told Michelle the employee of Aquarian to keep the book until the following day. Rebecca was terminally ill with cancer at the time and in acute pain, she made and effort to get to Aquarian that morning. Departing from her building pleasantly surprise a bus waiting for her on route to Hill brow.

She gets off in Hillbrow walks 10 meters to the shop purchases the book Man Of Miracles. Strolls out another bus waiting for her returns to the flat. She was exhausted of this ordeal took a nap preceding the evening. At about 7.30 p.m. decided to read the book.

When you began reading Man of Miracle’s there is no pause, for a moment she wondered could it be possible a man on this planet performs such miracles. Decided to have a closer view at the Man with the afro on the cover. Baba begins to wave his hand. Rebecca is awe-struck by this experience. She continues to read fifteen minutes later glances at the picture again.

Baba continues to wave his hand this is mind boggling. 11.30 p.m. feeling tired lying on her back reading. Stares at the picture and tells Baba need to turn on my side and sleep I am very tired, turning around noticed Baba standing at the end of bed waving and smiling at her. Rebecca tells Baba don’t know who you are but don’t go away you must look after me.

She falls of to sleep and gets up at 6.15 a.m. The morning Baba was standing at the bedside for ten minutes thereafter. Later that morning and Indian friend a nurse by profession normally visits to bathe and change her clothes. Rebecca reveals the story to her. The lady immediately recognises the book introduce Rebecca to Sai devotees.

She begins to have clarity who Baba is from her new found Indian friends. Her daily routine when cleaning her flat she found money in the most unusual places the teapot in the morning. She accumulates the money towards the end of the year saved enough cash to visit Prashanti. She shared personal encounters with me of her life unable to disclose this information my promise to her.

I got up to leave wishing her good bye I prayed she gave me something. She voices sit-down gifted me a locket of Baba. Weeks later gave me the miraculous Christ photograph with the white light protruding from the Lords mouth.

She had the vision of Lord Ganesha walking in her house. The sound of the melodious flute heard in her apartment presence of Shri Krishna. She began healing from her cancerous condition slowly when on two live seven years after I met her. Passed on in her eighties at the hospice in Houghton.

My last visit at the Hospice stood at her bed side thought she had died suddenly she moved her finger pointing at the water. I recollect placing three drops in her mouth she closed her eyes. I prayed to Baba for her well-being and bid her farewell that was my last darshan of Rebecca.

Rebecca contemplated publishing a book on her miraculous memoirs. She asked Baba in an interview HE declined the lucrative opportunity instead told Miss R.Marsh to discard the literature. Baba knows why He often says in His discourses I can see what you can’t.

Thought of the day !

As devotees we are often motivated by our tiny ego, frequently harmful to ourselves and render a non-complementary purpose in the Avatars cosmic agenda.
I attended service for two years at her home met Andy and Jay of Lenz South and a few white devotees. I often wonder where you are. May Baba be your guiding light?

Jai Sai Ram