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Rebbe Schneerson and Miles Davis 1986 New York


Two great events features in my life June 1986

Darshan of SAINT Rebbe Schneerson and Mr. Mile’s Davis one of the Greatest artist of Jazz

June 20, 1986, Wednesday 9 a.m. Manhattan a fine summer’s day I have darshan of the great Sage Rebbe Schneerson Brooklyn New York.

Rebbe as He became known in the Jewish world was a man that deeply inspired me. He was the Embodiment of virtue. Highly revered great thinker philosopher and mystic.

I am aware of a miraculous eye operation that happen in South Africa when Rebbe was asked to pray for and individual. Similary on numerous occasion’s Healing has been reported from the Jewish world.

2 p.m . Wednesday
Mile’s Davis, I was fortunate indeed to attend the grand show at the Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan paid $ 25.00 for entry then, for a seat on the balcony, the acoustic was magic.

Jay Beckenstein featured on the same show with Spyro Gyra.

The most memorable moment in my life in music and the world of JAZZ. I reminisce at night, at my apartment in Manhattan, my days at Dorkay House Eloff Street Johannesburg South Africa.

Article on the Rebbe courtesy Chabad Denmark, His life enjoy.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader -"the Rebbe"- of the Lubavitch movement Lubavitch of Chassidic Judaism for forty four years, was a paradoxical man. While he barely set foot outside his neighborhood during his entire leadership, his influence was felt worldwide.

While he was considered one of the world’s foremost religious scholars, he was also recognized as a brilliant scholar in mathematics and science. While he appeared to be an Old World leader whose community was somewhat cloistered, he was thoroughly knowledgeable about the modern world and reached out enthusiastically to society at large, to Jew and non-Jew alike, encouraging the pursuit of virtuousness education, and unity.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson was born on April 18, 1902 (the eleventh day of Nissan 5662), in Nikolayev, a town in the southern Ukraine. His father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchock Schneerson, was a renowned scholar, his mother, Rebbitzen Chana Schneerson, was an aristocratic women from a prestigious rabbinic family. He had two younger brothers, Dovber and Yisroel aryeh Leib.. When Menachem Mendel was five years old, the family moved to Yakaterinoslav, now Dnepropetrovsk, where his father was appointed chief rabbi.

From early childhood, Menachem Mendel displayed prodigious mental acuity, leaving school for private tutoring. By the time he reached bar mitzva, he was considered a Torah prodigy, and during his teenage years, he immersed himself in the intricacies of Torah study. In 1923, he met Rabbi Yosef Yitzchock Schneerson - then the Lubavitcher Rebbe- who drew him into his inner circle giving him various responsibilities; five years later, in Warsaw, he married the Rebbe's second eldest daughter, Chaya Mushka (1901-1988).

A short while later, the couple moved to Berlin, where Rabbi Menachem Mendel had already begun studying mathematics and science at the University of Berlin, Because of the Nazi rise, the young Rabbi and his wife left Berlin in 1933 for Paris, and he continued his studies at the Sorbonne. Primarily, however, he immersed himself in prayer and religious study, and was referred to by his father-in-law on various matters, including the preparation of Lubavitch publications. He also served as his father-in-law's private secretary and traveled on his behalf to visit various Jewish leaders in Europe.

When the Nazis occupied Paris, the couple was forced to escape the city. On June 23, 1941 they arrived in New York, where Rabbi Yosef Yitzchock Schneerson appointed his son-in-law head of Lubavitch's educational arm, as well as the movements social-service organization and its publishing house.

In 1950, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchock passed away. Although Rabbi Menachem Mendel was the obvious successor, he was initially reluctant to accept the mantle of leadership. A year later he formally assumed the title of Rebbe, explaining to members of the movement that while he would be devoted to his work as leader, each man and women was ultimately responsible for his or her own actions, and for his or her pursuit of G-dliness.

The ensuing forty-four years of the Rebbe's leadership saw Lubavitch grow from a small movement nearly devastated by the Holocaust to a worldwide community of 200,000 members. The Rebbe, recognizing the unique needs of the current generation and anticipating the societal needs of the coming decades, began to establish education and outreach centers, offering social-service programs and humanitarian aid to all people, regardless of religious affiliation or background.

He established a corps of Lubavitch emissaries (shluchim) and sent them out to build Chabad - Lubavitch centers worldwide, to serve the spiritual and material needs of the local communities. Today there are more than fourteen hundred Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in thirty-five countries on six continents.

By blending his intense religious and secular training with deep compassion and insight, the Rebbe quietly became a leader to whom other leaders - those in politics, business, and religion - turned for advice. Beginning in 1986, he would personally greet thousands of visitors each Sunday, distributing dollar bills that were meant to encourage the giving of charity; many people saved the dollar bills as a memento of their visit with the Rebbe, a testament to being moved by his presence.

With the fall of communism and the miracles during the gulf war, the Rebbe stated that these are heralding a time of peace and tranquillity for all mankind, the time of Moshiach (messiah). To this end the Rebbe placed much emphasis on the traditional Jewish teachings regarding the time of Moshiach, placing great emphasis in the studying of these concepts. The Rebbe also oft repeated the statement of our sages that through doing just one good deed we can usher in the era of Moshiach. May it be speedily in our days.

In 1992, at the age of ninety, the Rebbe suffered a stroke; he passed away two years later, on June 12, 1994. Shortly thereafter, a bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressmen Charles Schumer, John Lewis, Newt Gingrich, and Jerry Lewis to bestow on the Rebbe the Congressional Gold Medal. The bill passed both Houses by unanimous consent, honoring the Rebbe for his "outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity".

Thought of the day !

Shalom Shabbat may the Omnipresence of this Great soul lavish His dovotees with Love.


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Yogiraj Mani Finger


Tantra -- Yogiraj Mani Finger.

My mentor in the seventies.

Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger was born Jewish the only Tantra Guru in South Africa, amongst the four or five in the world at any given moment.

Mani had a vibrant voice and a blue-ribbon sense of humor. When he was six years old Gandhi prophesies then - Mani would become a philosopher. Mahatma Gandhi visited the Fingers farm during His famous march to Transvaal, appealing to General Louis Botha to give Natal Indians their freedom.

Despite his prophetic acquaintance with Gandhi as a child and His intellectual flirtation with philosophy as a student, it was only in 1943, in a British hospital He was introduced to Yoga.

That was the beginning of a distinguished career, pursuit in esoteric sciences, eastern spirituality and philosophy.

In 1949 Mani heard Paramhansa Yogananda discourse in Los- Angeles went on to live with Him at the foot hills of the Himalayas.Mani  met Swami Sivanada of Rishikesh later became Mani’s mentor and initiated Him as Kavi Bharti.
HE expounded on the science of Kabala Judaism reflection on mysticism the tree of life.

Mani introduced me into rare breathing technique's and mantra.
Mani Finger moved to United States to the latter part of His life, took samadi in His nineties in Bocca Rotan Florida.

 “Just because you are seeing divine light and experiencing waves of bliss, or talking with God and Goddesses there is no reason not to know your own phone number”.

Thought of the day !

The body is a perishable item and a temporary decor on this planet like most goods in a Supermarket. For longevity drink a  cup of soup and eat a toast cheese and tomato on a Thursday!



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Param Yogeshwari Shakti Mata


This article courtesy of my colleague Richard Josephson from the picturesque island of Hawaii.

Richard has done extensive research on the disciplines Tibetan Buddasim.Yoga and complementary realms of spirituality.

1969 Richard dwelled in a cave for a period of six months in Puttarpati above from Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram. Richard second trip to Puttarpati was 1985 so was mine.

Atma Gyani, an extraordinary breed, product of Siddha Vigyan home to Eternal Masters.

Roaming in the void, traversing the universe from our earth bound sanctuary in Dhyan. Mataji is a Real Guru, Her aura radiates boundless Shakti and Bhakti.

Courtesy of Richard

This is a most remarkable dakini.For over seven years she never left a small cement room at one of Hinduism’s holiest places, Pausupatinath. For the entire period and some time before, she took
no food or water, and often spent days on end in breathless samadhi.

Richards conversations with Mataji and Essay
 I requested her to talk a bit about her life and how she acquired the siddhi of not needing food or drink for so long. This led into a talk lasting over two hours that covered not only much of her life, but yogic practices as well, her insights while in samadhi.
She also discussed the world’s recent calamities, both natural disasters and man made ones.

Among the interesting insight she had while in samadhi was a vision of the king’s assassination before it happened.(King of Nepal) When she mentioned it, an elder sitting beside me acknowledged that she had mentioned the vision to him before the unfortunate event occurred.

Hundreds of Mahayaggas (great sacrifices) have been performed so far for the sake of renaissance of Vedic Sanatan Dharma (ancient Vedic religion)

Continuity of the royal throne, progress and prosperity, public welfare and world- peace through the infallible will and Inspiration of Trishakti, Shaktimata, Shree Lila Devi, who is gracefully present at Bankali Dharmashala, incarnated as Para strength, the bearer of the supreme yoga and prosperity and the benevolent mother of entire world according to the wish of supreme God in the shape of Om, in the land of demigod, penance and holy land of Nepal.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, Shree Shaktimata has decided to perform different Yajnas namely Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hom, Dhanyachal, Brahima Mahapuran, and Vishnupuran that will be started from coming Baisakha, on thirteenth of 2058, an auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, Thursday and finished on the seventeenth of the same month, Monday, Saptami Tithi.

Shree Shaktimata in the form of unusual divine power:During the first period of her fasting without any food and water, Param Yogaiswaryavati Shaktimata was victorious over nature and radiated with glow. She didn’t come out from the meditation room, continuously performed her Puja and felt ecstatic joy for seven years.

With a view to achieving public welfare and World-peace, she continued her mental prayers, meditation, austerity, etc. and she didn’t have any food and water, she didn’t feel any cold, sleep, (drowsy), hunger, thirst, and passion at all and she didn’t get any sweat on her body.

On fourth of Ashadh month, 2043, on eleventh lunar day, Wednesday, Shree Shaktimata firstly performed the rituals of invisible theory, disappeared radiantly from fourth room number of Brankali Dharmashala and visited in different pilgrimages where she dropped the remaining articles of the religious sacrifices completed earlier.

She took the water from holy rivers and arrived at Badrinathdham. Only there she took some part of articles offered to Badrinaath and all of the Yagyas performed earlier by herself. Thus having played such invisible diversions, the next day after 29 hours, she appeared before her seven devotees dropping the water fountain from her matted hair in her meditation room at Bankali Dharmashala. Some learned devotee wrote mentioning about the glory of her such cosmic dramas:

Boundless Cosmic games played by Shaktimata:The close devotees of Mataji have experienced her boundless miracles.

They have seen her being invisible right from the beginning when she was blessed with divine power, seen her in austerity inside the fires burnt in circles in five places obtaining from food and water and away from the natural rules, seen her going to the holy rivers and seas to have bath there, seen her worshipping in four pilgrimages and twelve Jyotirlingams and after that appearing in her real form from tiny form with fountains of the Ganges in her matted hair in the prayer room of Sadhana Kendra in an overnight.

They have seen her giving advice and articles offered to the deities to his Majesty the King, her Majesty the queen and the other members of the royal family. The devotees of Shaktimata have an eye witness of the beginning and ending of her fasting without food and water for fourteen years.

They have seen hundred’s of followers in the queue for a holy audience of Shaktimata and heard her teaching them, “Do good deeds, be away from sinful activities, handover me whatever you did in the past, now follow the faultless life, try to see the divine power in Vedas, scriptures, cows, Bhrahmins, Monks, Saints, sad people, patients and faithful women.

They have watched her in a state of God union for hours in meditation for months. They have an eyewitness of her suddenly disappearing and appearing in the room after months.

Photograph Insert:

Param-Yogeswari Shakti Mata
Richard and His beautiful wife.

Richards Information @

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Swami Bhramananda Sarasvati


The State of Uttar-Pradesh India -- North is home to Uttarkashi and South East the little town Chitrakoot exile and haven to Avatar Shri Ram.

Chitrakoot was the home for Yogiraj Chitranand Jansi -- Guru of Gagangiri Maharaj.

Many SHAKTI worshippers are found in this area but so was one of India’s greatest jewel Swami Brahmananda Sarasvati.

Not only was Swamiji very good - looking, He was highly educated on Vedanta and the science of Yoga. Swamiji was nominated for Shankaracharya of Jyotirmaypitam Himalayas on the way to Badrinath.A seat that was vacant for three hundred years.

Swamiji through out His life lived on germinated gram seeds with a bit of salt.

Swamiji was and exponent on Sri Vidya,followed only by accomplished Sanskrit scholar of India. It is a path that joins Raja Yoga,Kundalin Yoga,Bhakti Yoga and Advaita Vedanta. There are very few scholars that understand these spiritual poems. Sri Vidya is probably practiced by seven to twelve Masters.

In this science Sri Vidya the body is seen as the temple the inner resident Atman as God. A human being is like a miniature universe, and by understanding this, one can comprehend the macrocosm.

Swami Brahmananda is one of the rare Siddha who had the knowledge of Sri Vidya.His authoritative knowledge on the Upanishads and Shankara’s commentary was superb. Swamiji was bestowed a unique ability to tutor attractively the combination of Bhakti and Advaita system.

Swamiji had a Sri Yantra made out of rubies and explained how to worship it. It is interesting to note how great sages channel their spiritual mental and physical resources to the ultimate goal.

Swamij's life's works has a profound impact on my journey of spiritual adventure !!!!.

Thought of the day !

When the nadis are purified by nadishodhana pranayama the prana enters sushumna with the force,and the mind becomes calm. (Shandilyopanishad

"Alak Niranjan"

Sathya Sai AGNI Miracle


This photograph was taken in Chennai when Bhagwan Baba gave DARSHAN as agni Devata in the Yagna. The omnipresence of Bhagwan and confirmation of the multifaceted aspect of deity worship in Hinduism.

Puttarpati Baba is the Pantheon in the Vedic way of life.
Enlarge Images to view

Thought of the day !

Bhagwan Baba is Consciousness in its purest pattern that transits planet earth once every three to four thousand years.


Jai Sai Ram


Sathya Sai AEROPLANE Miracle


In 1985 a passenger plane was flying over the coast of South America when the engine suddenly failed. The pilot knew that a Venezuelan stewardess on board was a devotee of Sai Baba and shouted, "Pray to your guru to save us from disaster!"

No sooner had the stewardess shouted for Baba than He appeared in the sky outside the cockpit. Meanwhile the engine began to function. Babas' image remained in the sky outside for about 20 minutes, during which time the stewardess took this photograph of Him.

(Courtesy of Peggy Mason's Sathya Sai Baba Quarterly Magazine, UK)

Jai Sai Ram.

Sathya Sai SATSANG Miracle


This photograph taken at a Sai Bajan session in Paris. When the photograph was developed the image of Sai Baba leaving the hall was seen on the photograph.
Baba's omnipresence has been reported millions of times from around the world for the past eighty years.

Sathya Sai Baba has been demonstrating similar leelas at the Sivan Mandir Actonville South Africa.
Thursday service -- Bhagwan steps out of His photograph.
Jai Sai Ram

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Sathya Sai PIGEON Miracle


The article is related to Rebecca Marsh the Jewish Sai Devotee on this blog -- month August 2008

1985 was a memorable moment, my fortune to encounter Rebecca Marsh but also my most challenging mentally.

The miraculous photograph of Bhagwan Baba's eye protruding through the pigeon, my first view at Rebecca's home Thursday service.

I recollect holding the picture for about ten minutes in my palm amazed at what I just seen. The following Thursday I attended service again. Service concluded and Rebecca asked the congregation to be seated. She looked at me with her piercing eyes and mentions the photograph she displayed the previous week disappeared. She moved her head around and then stared at me mentioning Max do you have the photograph.

Every body stared at me because I was the only Indian among the white devotees in the congregations must admit the earth moved under my feet. I tasted being accused for something I did not thieve. I answered softly embarrassed I do not have the photograph. She asked again loudly do you have the photograph Max; I stared at the congregation not knowing what to answer.

I had my prasad and left greeting Rebecca Sai Ram.

The following Thursday was most challenging knowing I would be viewed with suspicion everybody kept their eyes on me most of all Rebecca.

Three weeks later a white female devotee returned the photograph.I stared at Rebecca when she made the announcement expressing my satisfaction but also my dismay.

I pondered staring at Bhagwans photograph. In my humiliation I learn to demonstrate my humility not to loose my composure and compassion, when a wonderful Soul was not modest in demonstrating her ignorance to me.

My fairest memory of Rebecca would be the day on her deathbed at the Hospice South AFRICA, when she pointed at the water and I placed three drops in Her mouth.

I express gratitude to Bhagwan and Rebecca affording me the marvelous opportunity to do SEVA -life’s brightest lesson for my personal transformation.

Aum Sai Ram

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Sathya Sai MOON Miracle


A copy an Paste Presentation.

Narrated during the summer course 2000 by Devsen -- a personal experience when he was a student.

Swami has many times said, whether during discourses or during private sessions with devotees, that HIS will is infinite. Baba takes many of His students to Kodaikanal with HIM. Likewise He has taken some students to Mysore sanctuary once in their summer vacations. Devsen was lucky to be one of them.

The students had already reached the sanctuary and it was nighttime. Swami was discussing the secrets of nature with students assembled at HIS feet. He was talking about the start of creation from the primordial sound OMKAR, the emergence of the MILKY WAY, PLANETS etc. He was describing in detail as to how the clouds got formed and the emergence of the SUN, the MOON etc.

As Swami was explaining so, He suddenly looked around and said, "Isn't the night beautiful today.". "Yes, Swami" replied the students " It is blissful here in your immediate presence. Even the moon seems to want to make his presence felt here in your physical proximity".

As soon as this was mentioned Swami looked upwards at the moon. He kept looking for sometime and then started explaining the different features of the moon -- that there were so many craters on it, He even mentioned that there were rivers flowing on the moon.

As He said this, students started asking "Swami.... Rivers on the moon..." "Yes, Why not, don't you know rivers existed on moon" asked Swami. "But Swami" students questioned "Something of this sort has never been mentioned in any of the documentaries recorded by astronauts who have visited the moon.". "Oh that...." replied SWAMI "How can they see ... They saw with physical eyes ... Can their eyes see all that divinity has created?

They did not see ... but it is there." So saying Swami stopped.

As Swami stopped speaking, there was silence for while but the friction in the minds of students persisted. Fully aware of this, Swami asked, "Would you all like to see all that I mentioned were present on the moon?" "YES SWAMI" replied the students in one voice. Swami immediately got up from HIS seat and pointed towards the moon and waved His hand. In a moment the moon disappeared from the sky.

Shocked at what they saw, the students wanted to ask Swami as to what had happened to the moon but before they could they saw a circular object appear in HIS hands. "This" Swami said, "is the moon ... (Silence for a while) ... now clear all your doubts about the feature of the moon". So saying He started showing the craters and the rivers on the moons surface. As long as the 'moon' was there in Swami's hand there was no 'moon' in the sky. When asked what would happen when anyone looked up and did not find the moon present as usual or questioned the disappearance of the moon all of a sudden.

Swami said, "Nothing happens without my will. As long as the moon, which I have reduced to a size enough to fit into my palms, is in my hand, no one in the world will dare look up in the sky. I have willed that".
There was silence for a while as the students tried to grasp the phenomenon they had just witnessed. Swami then asked" Has everyone seen it. Ok, come closer and see. Ask for doubts if any". All those present came closer and looked ... they were all there. The craters, the rivers, the mountains.... All in the miniature form of the moon in swami's hand.

Swami then said, " OK, now I shall send it back". So saying Swami let go the 'moon' from His hand by thrusting it upwards. In a moment it was there ... again resplendent as before.

As students retired for the day, they reminded themselves of an important lesson they learnt that day. Everything in this universe is functioning in full awareness of Swami as per His will.

All we see is HIS will... What doesn't seem to be is so simply because HE hasn't willed it that way...

Gagangiri MAHARAJ


The Great Tapasvi.

If you live making God the cardinal authority of your life there will be infinite joy. We are concerned about our comforts our family our riches and pleasures.

God is concerned about the universe. In a concerted effort -- God is endeavoring to convey all towards unbounded illumination a journey of joy that will dissipate all sorrow.

My experience is that the sky will fall. My faith is there is another sky beyond. Dedicate your life by reflecting on the Art Of Dying and the purpose of life becomes crystal-clear.

Yoga -- Atma-Bodha

This article is dedicated to Roshni REDDY the sizzling SAI devotee, my chance encounter on June 16, 2007, with this vibrant and unstained soul,has a colossal appetite for spirituality. In my humble opinion her thoughts are constantly focused on the well being of her fellow man, is spectacular.

Himachal Pradesh is home to Badrika Ashram on the outskirts of the early part of the previous century it was mountainous terrain. In this impeccable ambiance in a small cave launched the illustrious tapasya of Maharaja

The mountainous terrain of Gagangad the final resting abode of Yogiraj Digambar Gagangiri Maharaj one of Bharatvarsha’s great Nath Mahatma.

Yogiraj Gagangiri progressed on to Avataric Purusha shared His immersed contemplation in DHYAN with Ashish Pyaremohan Wazir, a Kashimiri Brahmin and flawless spirit.

My conversation with Ashish and darshan of Bhagwan Gagangiri fuses and indelible impression in my memory.

Hinduism emphasizes man is God that ideal was displayed with opulence by Maharaja who demonstrated His omnipresence. His capacity to control the elements of the environment overwhelmed my brother and I on the occasions we lived at His ashram.

His Prema saturated our being aspired us to rejuvenate our thoughts and emulate the ideals of this humble and great Atma Gyani.

Maharaja’s tapasya led Him to explore Tantric Vidya was able to access phenomenal knowledge on the Spirit world (Ghost’s) secrets of birth and death during His penance.

Notwithstanding Maharaja’s preoccupation with the welfare of society His tapasya has been unscathed for the past 90 years. His penance continued to His old age meditated submerged in water. His body radiated a divine glow and remained youthful.

He could best be described as " Aesha Ekantwasi Yogiraj : Sadhali Jeevankala" !!!

He pilgrimages Bharat- Mata, mastered unique and advance methods in breathing.
Gagangiri Maharaj, Barfani Dada and Tat Wale Baba of Rishikesh are known authorities to me on the Science of Breath.

When you attain this status of mind body and soul (it is referred as the 17 state) all the secretion that spring from the mouth flow backwards-emitting nectar, AMRIT. Hence the yogi does not need to have any food. His life is to spend extended periods in solitude befriended by nature. The yogi attains "Siddah Sate."

The next for the Siddah Purusha is when Parmatma and Bhrama merge. This is referred to as "Anandvan."The yogi becomes Embodiment of pure Love. People who may have accumulated misdeeds benefit from these sages.They have the Shakti of deleting poor karma one may present to them when receiving  their grace.

The 1990 Kumba-Mela eyewitness Shri Gangangiri Maharaj, Bhram Rishi Barfani Dada and AVATAR Sathya SAI Baba sharing a podium. My chance encounter with the great Sages of PUNYA BHOOMI a leela of Puttarpati Bhagwan.

I have to acknowledge my sinful heart and mind often constrains my own introspection to experience undiluted consciousness. Though I had a fervent desire from my childhood days to be in the company of the Divine. I continue to fail myself dismally in emulating His ideals.

I often stare in the mirror and ponder would I accomplish anything in this gift of life !

Gagangiri Maharaj separated His soul from the body in February 2008.
Om Shri Chaitanya Digambar Gagangiri Maharaj Ki Jay !                                            


Photograph Insert :

Bhagwan Gagangiri

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Deepavali 2008

Dearest DIVINE Soul !

May God bath U with mercy?

Sparkle U with Luv

Lotion U with honor

Cloth U with grace

Adore u with favor

Sanctify U with Gratitude

May Vijay-Laxmi -- Indulge U and your family with opulence.

Happy Deepavali




Ishwar Allah Tera Nam GURU MATA - GURU PITA


Ishwar Allah - Tere Nam
My Beloved Dad

He was a great humanitarian practised the highest ideals of Satya-Graha

He was a well dress man wore a suite and tie daily. His magnanimity complemented his character.

Dad believed in punctuality and being truthful was prasadam for the ATMA.

He lived His life by these noble ethics. Though His life was a short one, my fairest memory of dad his ability to embrace fellow men graciously.

When we lived in Fifteen Street, Actonville - South Africa. I recollect one evening a burglar inserted either a stick or a wire through the window of our bedroom, and stole my Dads new suite that he suspended on the cupboard. :-)

How dare whoever you were !

My Dads companion "The Gita" his healthiest inspiration.

My Dad was great thinker one that had a philosophical view to life scarcely did He focus on material abundance.

Some of the persons my Dad had great admiration for:

Maulana Abdul Kalaam Azaad
Gandi Bapu
Nelson Mandela
The late and great Walter Sisulu

These individuals inspired His believing to make the world a better home for its inhabitants.

 My Beloved Mum.

The life and times of my beloved Mother. Like all mums she was enthusiastic about life and lived it to perfection.

My mum was the love and light of our family sadly that light was extinguished on Wednesday, July 10, 2002.

She was destined to a challenging and often turbulent journey that would evolve in immense asperity for decades to come. Her fearlessness to confront formidable circumstances with fortitude - notwithstanding her own well-being and shielded her children and spouse like a lioness.

Mother was prepared to move the gigantic Himalayas for the survival of her family.

Her life under tragic circumstances motivated her seeking for the truth, and truth you have found. Nothing is more sacred and greater than the truth mother. As your children we will try and mirror your exemplary ideals you cherished.

Your life for our family was consummated triumphantly.

As I look at the goodwill of our community, compassion of our friends, the flower’s you have been bestowed upon enunciates to our family that you were a rose among the thorns.

Whilst I shed a few tears in my moment of sorrow as your son I rejoice in a life of a woman and mother that made me a man thought us no adversity is too great.
Mum you may not have been able to express yourself in speech with fluidity - occasionally conveyed your sentiment’s uncharacteristically with no acrimony in your heart.

We shared hilarious and momentous occasions together and laughed until we wept.

Your compassion personified your character and exemplified your humility your friends are a testimony to that.
I pray to the Gurus of our home who lavished you with auspicious signs for the past six weeks for your return to Satya Loka.
Mother you are a celestial being from the moment you enjoyed immortality, from the astral world be our guiding star.
May you enjoy eternal peace and bliss in your heavenly abode.

 I love you..

Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta
max Parshotam


Saturday, October 18, 2008



Darshan of Bhagwan RAMSWARUP
The year 1981

My favorite leisure activity after work to do a light work-out at the Actonville Stadium - South AFRICA that would be at about six in the evening.

I would then proceed to Shoaib’s and Haroons cafe in Mayet drive, page through the daily newspapers, have a chat pop into the shop next door ABC stores, which was occupied by the late Fakir Bhai a Mohammedan by birth.

One Thursday at about at 6.15 p.m. popped into Fakir Bhai’s shop. He greeted me and said I seen members of the Gujarati SAMAJ motor down the road to the Maha-SABHA, with a MAULANA from your communtiy He appears to be a very holy man.

Immediately my attention was bewitched !

With my gym gear decided to stroll down to the Maha-Sabha. Walked up to the entrance stood on the right side of the door. The presence of the GURU on the stage overwhelmed me. His immaculate energies instructs my consciousness this is God.

I stare at Bapu from the rear of the Hall. He was mumbling in a orthodox mike that appeared to be faulty.

Strangely I decided to do a head count there were twenty-three people in the hall to have Darshan of Bhagwan Shri Ram.

Barely could I keep my eyes of His persona rushed of home up the road to inform my mum and dad, who accompanied me to the Maha-Sabha.

We listen to His satsang from a very poor mike system. I am certain only Bapu could understand what He was conversing.

The Satsang concluded we inquired who His hosts were visited Him the following day at there home.

We were informed from His host there would be Satsang in Bakerton Springs.

We attended satsang as we were doing aarti four of us in the audience seen Lord Hanuman protrude through the ceiling and stand behind Bapu this was and awesome experience. (clairvoyant encounter)

Bapu’s name Ramswarup His companion Hanuman, the essence -- self-discovery -- removal of the veil, that asylum your patented divinity. I knew when I seen Bapu He was a God-Man

1985 Bapu send me and invitation to attend a function at His ashram Jamnagar Saurashtra.He informed me to telephone Him when I am in Bombay on route to Jamnagar. He made elaborate arrangement’s for my arrival considering that I am a small fly from the location.

I was submerged in emotion for the hospitality.

I related the clairvoyant encounter of Hanuman’s darshan to Bapu in South Africa, in the presence of Sarlaben, who at the time had spend her twentieth year with Maharaj. My message to Sarlaben you are very fortunate performing Seva for Shree Ram during your life span.

She was flabbergasted at my revelation and stared at Bapu the great Soul’s protruding eyes beamed at me tenderly.

I shed a few tears the evening when He asks me to share in His prasad.I will cherish that experience to my next life.

I had the opportunity of having a few conversations with Him on the planetary system and the subtle influence on man’s spiritual fields.

We spoke on Ayur-Veda in the modern world and its insignificance, grossly overrated in the present condition of evolution. He emphasized firmly on the age of science and its glory, we should be more willing to embrace scientific wisdom.

I visited a week with Maharaj and informed Him I would be travelling to Sathya Sai Baba in Putttarpati -- He said GOD has taken birth on earth.

Satyanam -Maharaj Ramswarup Bapu Ki Jai.

Thought of the day!

As a crystal of salt thrown into water dissolves in water and it becomes one with the water so the state in which unity in "I" consciousness and supreme consciousness is achieved is called samadi.(Sauhbagyalakshmi Upanishad 2.14)

Photograph Insert:

Shantidasji MAHARAJ
Ramswarup BAPU

Wednesday, October 1, 2008




Darshan of Bhagwan Rang-Avaduth.

Bapji hails from the lineage of the Avaduta tradition. Rang Bapji was a diciple of Param Pujya Vasudevananda Sarasvati Maharaj.

Bapji a Trikaldarshi decorated with the Dattatreya Shakiti performed innumerable miracles during His life-time, served selflessly.

Bapji traveled to Kampala in the seventy’s devotees photographed Him, when the film was developed Bapji appeared with three Heads.

Bapji acknowledged Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba as the present Avataric Purusha the last being Shri Krishna. Bapji send thousand’s of His devotees to Baba for darshan in Puttarpati.

Bapji planted in a tree in Nareshwar over the years the leaves have flavored like sugar.Most devotees eat a leaf when in Nareshwar as Bapji's prasad.

Bapji demonstrated the separation of the Soul from the body by His Divine Will in Haridwar. The apex of an earthly pilgrimage fulfilled triumphantly, sojourning on to Satya - Loka.

Aum Sri Sai Ram Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta

Photograph Insert:

Param Pujaya Vasudevananda Sarasvati
Bhagwan Rang Avaduth

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cruise through Lenasia by Bhagwan SAI


Don’t confine Bhagwan to a Wheelchair.

Bhagwan Sathya Sai drives a “flashy” white Mercedes Benz in Lenasia South Africa visits the Rameshwar Mandir, abishekam is performed on Lingum on-route to Lenz South September 15 2008

Don’t confine Bhagwan to time and in particular His Samadi. Baba is timeless consciousness; His PREMA permeates the cosmos from the dawn of creation to its dissolution.

The Story.

The bank machine consumed Mumsie’s -- mum’s auto-card she had to visit Nedbank Plaza in Lenz to be issued a new card.

When Mumsie walked into the bank noticed it crowded decided to leave her mum in the que and walks out of the bank to do errands in Lenz.

Leaving the Bank she hears a hooter Mumsie ignores the hoot the man in the car hoots a few times she continues to walk on.

The gentleman climbs out of his car walks up to her and holds her hand she asked him politely Sir what are you doing as I don’t know you.

He gazes at her with His divine appearance and suddenly she notices His eyes she recognizes the looks. The gentleman that’s been frequenting the mandir for the past fifteen months in the early hours of the morning when the mandir is locked.

(The question is how does He enter the mandir)

The gentlemen ask her to sit in the car she informs Him her mum is in the Bank and cannot leave. He insisted she gets into the car not worry about her mum.

He lovingly reassured her not to have any anxiety.

They drive from Nedbank in Lenz to Rameshwar Mandir in Rose Avenue where the car was halted and Mumsie was escorted into the mandir.

The gentlemen ask her to take darshan of the Deities in mandir, as He stood at the back. Mumsie turns around to look at Him. He has a milk bottle in His hand asks her to perform abishemkem of the Lingum.

Mumsie don’t recollect the Gentleman having a bottle of milk when they walked in to the mandir.

Mumsie is swift to ask Him where is the priest of the mandir. He replies the priest is very busy at the back she must do the abishekem.

They conclude walk to their car He drives her to Ext. 4 Lenz south and drop her off.

Mumsie calls me and relates the story to me. I was flabbergasted so I ask her how is your Mum going to get back home. She stated she is on her way to Lenz to fetch her.

We part company telephonically.

Being concerned about Her mum I stare at the Bhagwans photograph.

This is what Bhagwan conveyed to me telepathically after I chatted to Mumsie she will walk to main road to catch a taxi. She would find her mum standing on the corner.

This message was confirmed to me the evening at 7.05 p.m.

How did Mumsies mum reach the south appears to shrouded in ambiguity. She appears to be confused when asked how she reached the corner.
There are two versions she claims devotees from the mandir met her in Lenz and transported her, but  also said some colored gentleman journeyed her.(interesting)

Could this be a teleportation of a Human by Bhagwan).

Is this awesome or what impossible to believe.
Until you experience you would not trust the detail !


This article is related to SAI Mandir on this blog Aug 2008.

Miraculous events are inconvenient to consume, those that have developed their clairvoyant faculties or ESP could relate to mystical events.

The SHAKTI in manifestation since Sep.2007 has displayed itself ostentatiously. My comments to the President of this Mandir at time and to the recipient of the flawless leela, I would like to witness the presence of this SHAKTI in a month’s time.

The Shakti survive and celebrated its anniversary elaborately, commence September 11, 2007, in Puttarpati in my presence. I do not have the permission to share the anniversary detail’s online they are mind-boggling.
SHAKTI MEANING WHEN Mumsie is in a state of transendence. Communicating with HER is and awesome experience.
I had the luxury of chatting with the Shakti one Thursday for two hours. The Shakti revealed incredible personal details about me.

“I must express my concern at the Shakti and the Avatar for being insensitive undermining my dignified EGO in the Mandir in their revelation. Instead I walked out of the mandir with my nose high in the air”.

I remind myself I must be able to digest the truth, open my narrow sinful heart and free myself of my tiny ego, for greater and nobler events to FLOWER in my life. Baba’s PREMA has an astonishing proficiency to transform oneself, so you free yourself from the ravages of a clouded intellect.

I have seen this kind of Shakti and MIRACLES in manifestation but also its evaporation for reasons only Bhagwan could clarify.

I would recommend this mandir for a personal visit the intensity of the illumination is mystical.

My parents thought me nothing is more sacred and greater than the truth --TRUTH is GURU MATA - GURU PITA - TRUTH is BABA TRUTH is PREMA TRUTH is BHAKTI -- and -- SHAKTI !

Thought of the Day !

Political winds of change blow through our country cementing an sketching a fragile and maturing democracy. May the African Gods guide the political masters to lead in humility and evidence the true meaning of Ubuntu during their reign?


Aum SAI Ram

Monday, August 25, 2008

Devraha Baba


From the Avduta Tradition

Bhrama-Rishi Devraha Baba the ageless Sadu

Baba is reputed to have lived in His body for three centuries.

He believed Punctuality is important and the advance technique of pranayama for longevity.
When I am India I spend many hours discussing His life with my Guru-Maharaj.

Devaraha BABA an incarnation of Avaduta Prema. His penance decorated Him with the Avataric Shakti.

When asked for an opinion on Sathya Sai Baba this is what He had to say.

His final resting abode Vrindaban - the Invaluable Real Estate and former playground of legendary Avatar Shri Krishna.

Vrindaban is home to the famous Pagal Baba and Neem Karoli Baba Samadhi.

I would recommend this place for pilgrimage.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rebecca MARSH



Story of a Jewish SAI devotee South AFRICA a compelling Read !

Spring of 1985 the streets of downtown Johannesburg South Africa were quiet clean and racist.

Bree Street – the Home of John Craig, Riggs and Dexsters were cool stores to shop American gear. Eloff Street -- haven to Look and Listen for heavy metal music and O.K. Bazaar for marie biscuits and pilchards.
Minority citizens of this beautiful country were privileged of their basic human rights. Few white folks determined the future of the black populace by the ballot. Apartheid South Africa and its liquidation - we begin to embrace fellow humans as our equal.

The early eighties Hillbrow was sanctuary to Aquarian Age’s most ostentatious bookstore for esoteric literature. The ambience to frequent for divine leisure as novels were reasonably priced.

The Aquarian bookstore some of you may remember had a captivating photograph of Christ. I grew up a Gujarati speaking Hindu, was attracted to the photographs of Christ extraordinarily from my childhood days. My fairest memory of Christ attending service at a church in Goa India.

One afternoon about 3.45 p.m. my appointment in Harrison Street JHB was cancelled; I decided to pop into Aquarian, greeted Michelle who was employed at the shop. Stood in front of the shelf where SAI literature was displayed, even though most of the books were in my collection.

Suddenly Michelle shout’s max have you heard of Rebecca Marsh. I turn around questioned who she was ? Michelle replied Sai a devotee phenomenal miracles happening at her home. She is a clairvoyant does mystical paintings.

Captivated by her words walked to the counter where she normally sits. Inquired where the lady resided somewhere in the city of Johannesburg I was told. Michelle promises to get her details for me, 18 months past reminded her every time I went to Aquarian.

The curiosity was intense to meet Rebecca matters of spirituality had no boundaries for me. Roaming the apartheid streets of Johannesburg for twenty-three months, seeking for that which is sacred, it constantly reveals itself to me.

Wednesday morning September 1985 had an appointment with the late Mrs.Breslowsky from Berea the former owners of Bress design furniture. Phoned Mrs.Breslowsky the morning to cancel the appointment due to an unexpected engagement.

Reschedule for Thursday morning, Baba’s day 10 a.m. I walked in to Mrs.Breslowky’s flat.

The illumined and captivating face of an elderly white gentleman immediately charms my attention. The man with his long white beard reminds me of Indian holy man. My meeting commences in about five minutes arriving at her home; throughout the meeting I am spellbound by the saintly appearance of the elderly white gentleman. The meeting concludes 45 minutes later.

Mrs.Breslowsky introduces me to the Gentleman who happens to be her caretaker. She demands in her gruff voice to drive the caretaker to claim street Hillbrow. I reluctantly agreed somewhat annoyed as I was on route to Pretoria that morning. Stepped out of the flat the rear balcony approaching the lift the elderly man walks behind me. He asks somewhat loudly what is your name. I turn around look into His protruding eyes and crowded eyebrow's voice in a whisper max. We enter the lift he stands behind me once more asks loudly what’s your name. I mumble in annoyance max.

The 1905 lift finally reaches the ground floor. We exit, stroll towards my mazda open the door for Him. He asks me again what’s your real name I don‘t reply; suddenly he states loudly he is a satsangi for 35 years. Immediately has my attention then utters He would like me to meet a lady call Rebecca Marsh.

Immediately stopped my car in Able road Berea, on route to Hillbrow in disbelief what I heard. Did you say Rebecca Marsh the Sai Devotee. I am searching for her for two years. The holy man says you must meet her she is very evolved spiritually indeed was a rare breed. I asked Him do you know where she lives; he replied spontaneously I will show you. For the moment I forget about work, drive to Bree Street corner Rissik, the saintly man displays the building where Rebecca resided.

My heart is filled with joy staring at the building searching for two years. We had a brief conversation in my car. Drove hurriedly to his destination chatting we part company where he lived. Over the months we had a few telephonic conversations never met again. Rushed off to the building where Rebecca lived; perhaps should say where the Avataric Purusha rented omnipresently downtown the city of gold.

Entering the foyer of the building I look for the caretaker’s information on the display board. The ninth floor where the caretaker lived, knocked on the door a middle-aged white gentleman opens, asked him politely where Rebecca lives. He escorts me to her flat mentioning she has just returned from India. She is very tired. I stand in front of Rebecca’s doorway hesitant to knock instead write her telephone number on paper and leave the premises.

The evening I called her the telephone is answered with the expression of Sai Ram Sai Ram. Those words reverberate in the inner core of my being to this day and would for the remainder of my earthly vacation. Reciprocate with the greeting explaining to her I have been searching for her for two years. I ask Her would like to get together with her, she refuses politely in her tired voice, that was encompassed by pristine energies of the universe.

My psychic mind instructs me to be persuasive in my telephonic conversation. She eventually agrees and grants me an audience the following day. It was overwhelming peace when stepping in Rebecca’s rent control flat. The famous psychic painting of Christ in her home was a work art on par with Vincent van Gogh.

My meeting with Rebecca in Bree Street this is what she had to say.

Sequence of events:
I began by asking her how she came to know about Baba.

Rebecca Marsh was born Jewish deeply religious practised Christianity immortal love for Christ, qualified a nursing sister. Employed in a government hospital never married.
Rebecca was on her deathbed succumbing to cancer. Prayed with devotion to our Lord Christ during her most turbulent moments. The Lord answered her prayers. One morning she found a pamphlet inserted underneath her door. The pamphlet was a photocopy black and white print.

The pamphlet read Aquarian Book Store book for sale Man of Miracle’s. A photograph of Baba on the leaflet that was unassuming according to Rebecca. His appearance was of Black or Indian man that was awful to stare. Rebecca dumps the advert in the magazine rack. Day two she finds the same pamphlet underneath her door. She dumps it in to the magazine rack. Day three the same encounter now she visits the caretaker in protest for junk mail.

The caretaker stares at the pamphlet and promptly replies that He did not receive one will check with the tenants. No other tenant received this advert. Rebecca decided to call the Aquarian Book store concerning the advert they had no knowledge of the flyer.

However, she decided to purchase the book Man of Miracles as advertised on the flyer. The lady checked for her found one copy in stock. She told Michelle the employee of Aquarian to keep the book until the following day. Rebecca was terminally ill with cancer at the time and in acute pain, she made and effort to get to Aquarian that morning. Departing from her building pleasantly surprise a bus waiting for her on route to Hill brow.

She gets off in Hillbrow walks 10 meters to the shop purchases the book Man Of Miracles. Strolls out another bus waiting for her returns to the flat. She was exhausted of this ordeal took a nap preceding the evening. At about 7.30 p.m. decided to read the book.

When you began reading Man of Miracle’s there is no pause, for a moment she wondered could it be possible a man on this planet performs such miracles. Decided to have a closer view at the Man with the afro on the cover. Baba begins to wave his hand. Rebecca is awe-struck by this experience. She continues to read fifteen minutes later glances at the picture again.

Baba continues to wave his hand this is mind boggling. 11.30 p.m. feeling tired lying on her back reading. Stares at the picture and tells Baba need to turn on my side and sleep I am very tired, turning around noticed Baba standing at the end of bed waving and smiling at her. Rebecca tells Baba don’t know who you are but don’t go away you must look after me.

She falls of to sleep and gets up at 6.15 a.m. The morning Baba was standing at the bedside for ten minutes thereafter. Later that morning and Indian friend a nurse by profession normally visits to bathe and change her clothes. Rebecca reveals the story to her. The lady immediately recognises the book introduce Rebecca to Sai devotees.

She begins to have clarity who Baba is from her new found Indian friends. Her daily routine when cleaning her flat she found money in the most unusual places the teapot in the morning. She accumulates the money towards the end of the year saved enough cash to visit Prashanti. She shared personal encounters with me of her life unable to disclose this information my promise to her.

I got up to leave wishing her good bye I prayed she gave me something. She voices sit-down gifted me a locket of Baba. Weeks later gave me the miraculous Christ photograph with the white light protruding from the Lords mouth.

She had the vision of Lord Ganesha walking in her house. The sound of the melodious flute heard in her apartment presence of Shri Krishna. She began healing from her cancerous condition slowly when on two live seven years after I met her. Passed on in her eighties at the hospice in Houghton.

My last visit at the Hospice stood at her bed side thought she had died suddenly she moved her finger pointing at the water. I recollect placing three drops in her mouth she closed her eyes. I prayed to Baba for her well-being and bid her farewell that was my last darshan of Rebecca.

Rebecca contemplated publishing a book on her miraculous memoirs. She asked Baba in an interview HE declined the lucrative opportunity instead told Miss R.Marsh to discard the literature. Baba knows why He often says in His discourses I can see what you can’t.

Thought of the day !

As devotees we are often motivated by our tiny ego, frequently harmful to ourselves and render a non-complementary purpose in the Avatars cosmic agenda.
I attended service for two years at her home met Andy and Jay of Lenz South and a few white devotees. I often wonder where you are. May Baba be your guiding light?

Jai Sai Ram

Sunday, August 17, 2008

House of GOD 1985


Thought of the day !

Every SAI devotee has an exclusive story to disclose of His acquaintance with Bhagwan BABA, is that amazing or what ?

This is my paragraph and inadvertent acquaintance with the Atma -Lingam - the Avatar.

1975 South Africa though racially segregated the city of Johannesburg was a cool place to hang out. The night life was great. Blue Venus the club in Marshall Street and club Tomorrow with its revolving floor towards the east end of the city, just under the North - South bound fly over.

The west end of the city club New York City opens its doors to a multiracial crowd. The music was great then, so was the toast cheese and tomato. Beautiful people partied to the early hours of the morning at these magical clubs.

My favourite tunes for the dance floor -- fly robin fly by Silver Convention, the Chi-Lites - tell me have you seen her, and many from the label Tamala Motown, the U.S. of the seventies.

1975 my late Mum purchased the L.P of Satya Sai Baba from Moosie’s cycle store in thirteen street Actonville South AFRICA.

My first encounter with the Avatar’s photograph on the L.P.I recollect how I laughed when noting the Afro of Satya Sai Baba.I found the L.P.cover humorous and contended with my mum that ain’t Sai Baba knowing we had a photograph of Shirdi Sai.

As I began enjoying Baba’s L.P, I was not modest in emulating the Avatar. I decided to grow an Afro. Nonetheless, must concede had no knowledge about Sathya SAI Baba. I was a kid of seventies the greatest era in world history, life was a song and dance for me.

Be as it may the L.P. is in my possession and I listen to it as loudly as I can.

June of 1976 two extraordinary events remain fresh in my memory Hector Petersen awards His great life for our emancipation.

1976 a few devotees congregate for Sai service in the shabby little Maha - Sabha in Actonville down the road from where I reside. Rajesh, Dan a few Durban-Nites, myself sang the Lords glory loudly, for what it was worth, in the make shift mandir that boasted broken windows.

Puttarpati being the host village to the Present Avatar - Prashanti Nilayam being the nucleus for Prema, enveloping our universe.

This tiny hamlet once barren land eighty years ago and probably 60 inhabitants becomes the epicentre for Sai - Peace and Light.

Sai’s energy fields begin to congregate a few devotees from the southern state of Andra Pradesh in India to the southern tip of Africa. The magnetic aura of Bhagwan spreads from His nuclei Prashanti around the globe promoting Earth Peace through Self-Peace.

The word SEVA is synonymous with this institution the foundation of this Avatar life’s message and teachings are shaped upon.

In the Sai Organisation it’s common knowledge devotees would write letters to Bhagwan. I want to assure you Baba reads every letter.

My letter of 1980.

Dearest Bhagwan,

My humble Koti Koti Na Pranams. I read the book Auto Biography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1970 fascinated by the content in my miniature intelligence. The pages on the life of Maha-Avatar Babaji are captivating though He lives in an Astral body. Babaji grants darshan at will to selected devotees materialising His body. Bhagwan could you please materialise a photograph of Maha-Avatar Babaji and post it to me.

Sadly I never heard from the Avatar though I never lost faith in Baba. 1985 I went for a holiday to India. Sunday afternoon in Bombay, I casually uttered to my cousin would like travel to Bangalore and Mysore gardens. Bupendra said you would not get a flight and should wait until Monday.

I tested my fortunes went to Indian airlines the Sunday morning flew the evening to Banglore. A friendly elderly Goanese lady on flight befriended me, we chatted until the plane landed. Her wonderful family drove me to my hotel. I inquired about Baba in the Hotel the evening, promptly a Mohammedan taxi driver was arranged to journey me to Prashanti. He was a smooth soul.

I often wonder where you are may Baba be your guiding light.
I arrived on Shivratri day in Prashanti I had no clue it was Shivratri.

I was scared, never seen so many people in my life. My first thoughts where would I sleep and keep my luggage.

Indeed you should be concerned about your material possession and comforts. I asked the taxi driver if He knew of a Hotel he showed me Sathya Sai Towers. I went in the hotel, was told a room would be available in 15 minutes, probably the only accommodation in Puttarpati that day, I was comforted.

Checked in had a bath walked in to Prashanti the house of GOD, amongst the hundreds of thousands of undisciplined Indians that arrived from far a wide for the celebrations. Shivratri that year was celebrated in the Poorna Chandra hall. I stood in the queue with westerners mainly white folk.

We were packed like tin sardines in the hall from 3 p.m. I was surrounded by many eastern Europeans, English and American devotees. In front of me a German devotee turned around speaking to the gentleman on my right about Maha - Avatar Babaji and Paramhansa Yogananda.My ears could not contain my intrusion on the conversation. This gentleman lived 10 days in the northern Himalayas the home of the great masters.

The gentleman from Germany had the fortune of encountering Maha Avatar Babaji when He materialised His physical form. He was given the opportunity of photographing the deathless SAGE, developed the film before arriving to Prashanti.

As He continued the conversation mentioned to the gentleman I would show you Maha - Avatar Babaji’s photograph.

I was literally frozen, was given the photograph to view, black and white reminded me of the traditional concept of Jesus. Instantly recollect my 1980 letter could this be the possible Sai Ma answering my letter in this unique way. Darshan of deathless Babaji in the house of God - Maha - Shivratri day.

Over the years I stare at Baba’s photograph gaze into His sparkling eyes in a crowd of 100,000.000 Bhagwan arranged my seating next to this individual.I was startle and reflected on this amazing encounter in my hotel room for a long time !

Baba displayed similar miraculous events to me in Sept 2007 and March 2008 how do you do it Bhagwan this is amazing. My recent miraculous encounters in Puttarpati were mind-boggling.

Maha – Avatar Babaji has confirmed the Avatars presence on the planet for the resurrection of Sanathan Dharma.

Maha-Avatar Babaji has refused to reveal to his disciples any limiting facts about his birthplace and date. He has lived for many centuries amid the Himalayan snows. Babaji gave birth to science of Kriya Yoga. Paramhansa Yogananda popularised the science in the west.

Man’s essential nature is formless omnipresent. Karmic embodiment is a result of avidya ignorance. The Hindu scriptures teach that birth and death are the manifestation of Maya, cosmic delusion. Birth and death have meaning only in the world of relativity. The present Avatar Satya Sai, Babaji,Akkolkat Maharaj, Venka-Avaduta are not subjected to this body or this planet.

Venka Avduta the eminent Sage prayed for Bhagwan’s arrival on to this planet because of the present condition of the world and the culmination of man’s decline. Venka-Avaduta’s sanjeevan samadi is in a village named Hussainpura some 60 k. M from Parti.

The Avatar and Sages fulfil and a special errand on earth.

The birth of Avatar Sathya Sai and ascended masters are not exposed to the rigid rules of karma. Their voluntary return to the physical body is called vyutthana or reversion to earthly life after Maya has ceased. Avatars and Siddha Purusha’s defy the computation of the solar system. They resurrect their bodies at will in front of earthly inhabitants.

Thought of the day !

Baba is pure Love - Swami is pure Light.
Bhagwan Sai is Consciousness in its purest pattern.
Avatar Sai is Consciousness in its highest configuration.
Sai Ma is Sai Karuna - Sai Prema is Sai Satyam
Sai Satya is Sai Shivoham.