Monday, September 29, 2008

Cruise through Lenasia by Bhagwan SAI


Don’t confine Bhagwan to a Wheelchair.

Bhagwan Sathya Sai drives a “flashy” white Mercedes Benz in Lenasia South Africa visits the Rameshwar Mandir, abishekam is performed on Lingum on-route to Lenz South September 15 2008

Don’t confine Bhagwan to time and in particular His Samadi. Baba is timeless consciousness; His PREMA permeates the cosmos from the dawn of creation to its dissolution.

The Story.

The bank machine consumed Mumsie’s -- mum’s auto-card she had to visit Nedbank Plaza in Lenz to be issued a new card.

When Mumsie walked into the bank noticed it crowded decided to leave her mum in the que and walks out of the bank to do errands in Lenz.

Leaving the Bank she hears a hooter Mumsie ignores the hoot the man in the car hoots a few times she continues to walk on.

The gentleman climbs out of his car walks up to her and holds her hand she asked him politely Sir what are you doing as I don’t know you.

He gazes at her with His divine appearance and suddenly she notices His eyes she recognizes the looks. The gentleman that’s been frequenting the mandir for the past fifteen months in the early hours of the morning when the mandir is locked.

(The question is how does He enter the mandir)

The gentlemen ask her to sit in the car she informs Him her mum is in the Bank and cannot leave. He insisted she gets into the car not worry about her mum.

He lovingly reassured her not to have any anxiety.

They drive from Nedbank in Lenz to Rameshwar Mandir in Rose Avenue where the car was halted and Mumsie was escorted into the mandir.

The gentlemen ask her to take darshan of the Deities in mandir, as He stood at the back. Mumsie turns around to look at Him. He has a milk bottle in His hand asks her to perform abishemkem of the Lingum.

Mumsie don’t recollect the Gentleman having a bottle of milk when they walked in to the mandir.

Mumsie is swift to ask Him where is the priest of the mandir. He replies the priest is very busy at the back she must do the abishekem.

They conclude walk to their car He drives her to Ext. 4 Lenz south and drop her off.

Mumsie calls me and relates the story to me. I was flabbergasted so I ask her how is your Mum going to get back home. She stated she is on her way to Lenz to fetch her.

We part company telephonically.

Being concerned about Her mum I stare at the Bhagwans photograph.

This is what Bhagwan conveyed to me telepathically after I chatted to Mumsie she will walk to main road to catch a taxi. She would find her mum standing on the corner.

This message was confirmed to me the evening at 7.05 p.m.

How did Mumsies mum reach the south appears to shrouded in ambiguity. She appears to be confused when asked how she reached the corner.
There are two versions she claims devotees from the mandir met her in Lenz and transported her, but  also said some colored gentleman journeyed her.(interesting)

Could this be a teleportation of a Human by Bhagwan).

Is this awesome or what impossible to believe.
Until you experience you would not trust the detail !


This article is related to SAI Mandir on this blog Aug 2008.

Miraculous events are inconvenient to consume, those that have developed their clairvoyant faculties or ESP could relate to mystical events.

The SHAKTI in manifestation since Sep.2007 has displayed itself ostentatiously. My comments to the President of this Mandir at time and to the recipient of the flawless leela, I would like to witness the presence of this SHAKTI in a month’s time.

The Shakti survive and celebrated its anniversary elaborately, commence September 11, 2007, in Puttarpati in my presence. I do not have the permission to share the anniversary detail’s online they are mind-boggling.
SHAKTI MEANING WHEN Mumsie is in a state of transendence. Communicating with HER is and awesome experience.
I had the luxury of chatting with the Shakti one Thursday for two hours. The Shakti revealed incredible personal details about me.

“I must express my concern at the Shakti and the Avatar for being insensitive undermining my dignified EGO in the Mandir in their revelation. Instead I walked out of the mandir with my nose high in the air”.

I remind myself I must be able to digest the truth, open my narrow sinful heart and free myself of my tiny ego, for greater and nobler events to FLOWER in my life. Baba’s PREMA has an astonishing proficiency to transform oneself, so you free yourself from the ravages of a clouded intellect.

I have seen this kind of Shakti and MIRACLES in manifestation but also its evaporation for reasons only Bhagwan could clarify.

I would recommend this mandir for a personal visit the intensity of the illumination is mystical.

My parents thought me nothing is more sacred and greater than the truth --TRUTH is GURU MATA - GURU PITA - TRUTH is BABA TRUTH is PREMA TRUTH is BHAKTI -- and -- SHAKTI !

Thought of the Day !

Political winds of change blow through our country cementing an sketching a fragile and maturing democracy. May the African Gods guide the political masters to lead in humility and evidence the true meaning of Ubuntu during their reign?


Aum SAI Ram