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Gagangiri MAHARAJ


The Great Tapasvi.

If you live making God the cardinal authority of your life there will be infinite joy. We are concerned about our comforts our family our riches and pleasures.

God is concerned about the universe. In a concerted effort -- God is endeavoring to convey all towards unbounded illumination a journey of joy that will dissipate all sorrow.

My experience is that the sky will fall. My faith is there is another sky beyond. Dedicate your life by reflecting on the Art Of Dying and the purpose of life becomes crystal-clear.

Yoga -- Atma-Bodha

This article is dedicated to Roshni REDDY the sizzling SAI devotee, my chance encounter on June 16, 2007, with this vibrant and unstained soul,has a colossal appetite for spirituality. In my humble opinion her thoughts are constantly focused on the well being of her fellow man, is spectacular.

Himachal Pradesh is home to Badrika Ashram on the outskirts of the early part of the previous century it was mountainous terrain. In this impeccable ambiance in a small cave launched the illustrious tapasya of Maharaja

The mountainous terrain of Gagangad the final resting abode of Yogiraj Digambar Gagangiri Maharaj one of Bharatvarsha’s great Nath Mahatma.

Yogiraj Gagangiri progressed on to Avataric Purusha shared His immersed contemplation in DHYAN with Ashish Pyaremohan Wazir, a Kashimiri Brahmin and flawless spirit.

My conversation with Ashish and darshan of Bhagwan Gagangiri fuses and indelible impression in my memory.

Hinduism emphasizes man is God that ideal was displayed with opulence by Maharaja who demonstrated His omnipresence. His capacity to control the elements of the environment overwhelmed my brother and I on the occasions we lived at His ashram.

His Prema saturated our being aspired us to rejuvenate our thoughts and emulate the ideals of this humble and great Atma Gyani.

Maharaja’s tapasya led Him to explore Tantric Vidya was able to access phenomenal knowledge on the Spirit world (Ghost’s) secrets of birth and death during His penance.

Notwithstanding Maharaja’s preoccupation with the welfare of society His tapasya has been unscathed for the past 90 years. His penance continued to His old age meditated submerged in water. His body radiated a divine glow and remained youthful.

He could best be described as " Aesha Ekantwasi Yogiraj : Sadhali Jeevankala" !!!

He pilgrimages Bharat- Mata, mastered unique and advance methods in breathing.
Gagangiri Maharaj, Barfani Dada and Tat Wale Baba of Rishikesh are known authorities to me on the Science of Breath.

When you attain this status of mind body and soul (it is referred as the 17 state) all the secretion that spring from the mouth flow backwards-emitting nectar, AMRIT. Hence the yogi does not need to have any food. His life is to spend extended periods in solitude befriended by nature. The yogi attains "Siddah Sate."

The next for the Siddah Purusha is when Parmatma and Bhrama merge. This is referred to as "Anandvan."The yogi becomes Embodiment of pure Love. People who may have accumulated misdeeds benefit from these sages.They have the Shakti of deleting poor karma one may present to them when receiving  their grace.

The 1990 Kumba-Mela eyewitness Shri Gangangiri Maharaj, Bhram Rishi Barfani Dada and AVATAR Sathya SAI Baba sharing a podium. My chance encounter with the great Sages of PUNYA BHOOMI a leela of Puttarpati Bhagwan.

I have to acknowledge my sinful heart and mind often constrains my own introspection to experience undiluted consciousness. Though I had a fervent desire from my childhood days to be in the company of the Divine. I continue to fail myself dismally in emulating His ideals.

I often stare in the mirror and ponder would I accomplish anything in this gift of life !

Gagangiri Maharaj separated His soul from the body in February 2008.
Om Shri Chaitanya Digambar Gagangiri Maharaj Ki Jay !                                            


Photograph Insert :

Bhagwan Gagangiri