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Param Yogeshwari Shakti Mata


This article courtesy of my colleague Richard Josephson from the picturesque island of Hawaii.

Richard has done extensive research on the disciplines Tibetan Buddasim.Yoga and complementary realms of spirituality.

1969 Richard dwelled in a cave for a period of six months in Puttarpati above from Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram. Richard second trip to Puttarpati was 1985 so was mine.

Atma Gyani, an extraordinary breed, product of Siddha Vigyan home to Eternal Masters.

Roaming in the void, traversing the universe from our earth bound sanctuary in Dhyan. Mataji is a Real Guru, Her aura radiates boundless Shakti and Bhakti.

Courtesy of Richard

This is a most remarkable dakini.For over seven years she never left a small cement room at one of Hinduism’s holiest places, Pausupatinath. For the entire period and some time before, she took
no food or water, and often spent days on end in breathless samadhi.

Richards conversations with Mataji and Essay
 I requested her to talk a bit about her life and how she acquired the siddhi of not needing food or drink for so long. This led into a talk lasting over two hours that covered not only much of her life, but yogic practices as well, her insights while in samadhi.
She also discussed the world’s recent calamities, both natural disasters and man made ones.

Among the interesting insight she had while in samadhi was a vision of the king’s assassination before it happened.(King of Nepal) When she mentioned it, an elder sitting beside me acknowledged that she had mentioned the vision to him before the unfortunate event occurred.

Hundreds of Mahayaggas (great sacrifices) have been performed so far for the sake of renaissance of Vedic Sanatan Dharma (ancient Vedic religion)

Continuity of the royal throne, progress and prosperity, public welfare and world- peace through the infallible will and Inspiration of Trishakti, Shaktimata, Shree Lila Devi, who is gracefully present at Bankali Dharmashala, incarnated as Para strength, the bearer of the supreme yoga and prosperity and the benevolent mother of entire world according to the wish of supreme God in the shape of Om, in the land of demigod, penance and holy land of Nepal.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, Shree Shaktimata has decided to perform different Yajnas namely Shatachandi, Shatarudri, Lakshya Hom, Dhanyachal, Brahima Mahapuran, and Vishnupuran that will be started from coming Baisakha, on thirteenth of 2058, an auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, Thursday and finished on the seventeenth of the same month, Monday, Saptami Tithi.

Shree Shaktimata in the form of unusual divine power:During the first period of her fasting without any food and water, Param Yogaiswaryavati Shaktimata was victorious over nature and radiated with glow. She didn’t come out from the meditation room, continuously performed her Puja and felt ecstatic joy for seven years.

With a view to achieving public welfare and World-peace, she continued her mental prayers, meditation, austerity, etc. and she didn’t have any food and water, she didn’t feel any cold, sleep, (drowsy), hunger, thirst, and passion at all and she didn’t get any sweat on her body.

On fourth of Ashadh month, 2043, on eleventh lunar day, Wednesday, Shree Shaktimata firstly performed the rituals of invisible theory, disappeared radiantly from fourth room number of Brankali Dharmashala and visited in different pilgrimages where she dropped the remaining articles of the religious sacrifices completed earlier.

She took the water from holy rivers and arrived at Badrinathdham. Only there she took some part of articles offered to Badrinaath and all of the Yagyas performed earlier by herself. Thus having played such invisible diversions, the next day after 29 hours, she appeared before her seven devotees dropping the water fountain from her matted hair in her meditation room at Bankali Dharmashala. Some learned devotee wrote mentioning about the glory of her such cosmic dramas:

Boundless Cosmic games played by Shaktimata:The close devotees of Mataji have experienced her boundless miracles.

They have seen her being invisible right from the beginning when she was blessed with divine power, seen her in austerity inside the fires burnt in circles in five places obtaining from food and water and away from the natural rules, seen her going to the holy rivers and seas to have bath there, seen her worshipping in four pilgrimages and twelve Jyotirlingams and after that appearing in her real form from tiny form with fountains of the Ganges in her matted hair in the prayer room of Sadhana Kendra in an overnight.

They have seen her giving advice and articles offered to the deities to his Majesty the King, her Majesty the queen and the other members of the royal family. The devotees of Shaktimata have an eye witness of the beginning and ending of her fasting without food and water for fourteen years.

They have seen hundred’s of followers in the queue for a holy audience of Shaktimata and heard her teaching them, “Do good deeds, be away from sinful activities, handover me whatever you did in the past, now follow the faultless life, try to see the divine power in Vedas, scriptures, cows, Bhrahmins, Monks, Saints, sad people, patients and faithful women.

They have watched her in a state of God union for hours in meditation for months. They have an eyewitness of her suddenly disappearing and appearing in the room after months.

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Param-Yogeswari Shakti Mata
Richard and His beautiful wife.

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