Friday, October 24, 2008

Ishwar Allah Tera Nam GURU MATA - GURU PITA


Ishwar Allah - Tere Nam
My Beloved Dad

He was a great humanitarian practised the highest ideals of Satya-Graha

He was a well dress man wore a suite and tie daily. His magnanimity complemented his character.

Dad believed in punctuality and being truthful was prasadam for the ATMA.

He lived His life by these noble ethics. Though His life was a short one, my fairest memory of dad his ability to embrace fellow men graciously.

When we lived in Fifteen Street, Actonville - South Africa. I recollect one evening a burglar inserted either a stick or a wire through the window of our bedroom, and stole my Dads new suite that he suspended on the cupboard. :-)

How dare whoever you were !

My Dads companion "The Gita" his healthiest inspiration.

My Dad was great thinker one that had a philosophical view to life scarcely did He focus on material abundance.

Some of the persons my Dad had great admiration for:

Maulana Abdul Kalaam Azaad
Gandi Bapu
Nelson Mandela
The late and great Walter Sisulu

These individuals inspired His believing to make the world a better home for its inhabitants.

 My Beloved Mum.

The life and times of my beloved Mother. Like all mums she was enthusiastic about life and lived it to perfection.

My mum was the love and light of our family sadly that light was extinguished on Wednesday, July 10, 2002.

She was destined to a challenging and often turbulent journey that would evolve in immense asperity for decades to come. Her fearlessness to confront formidable circumstances with fortitude - notwithstanding her own well-being and shielded her children and spouse like a lioness.

Mother was prepared to move the gigantic Himalayas for the survival of her family.

Her life under tragic circumstances motivated her seeking for the truth, and truth you have found. Nothing is more sacred and greater than the truth mother. As your children we will try and mirror your exemplary ideals you cherished.

Your life for our family was consummated triumphantly.

As I look at the goodwill of our community, compassion of our friends, the flower’s you have been bestowed upon enunciates to our family that you were a rose among the thorns.

Whilst I shed a few tears in my moment of sorrow as your son I rejoice in a life of a woman and mother that made me a man thought us no adversity is too great.
Mum you may not have been able to express yourself in speech with fluidity - occasionally conveyed your sentiment’s uncharacteristically with no acrimony in your heart.

We shared hilarious and momentous occasions together and laughed until we wept.

Your compassion personified your character and exemplified your humility your friends are a testimony to that.
I pray to the Gurus of our home who lavished you with auspicious signs for the past six weeks for your return to Satya Loka.
Mother you are a celestial being from the moment you enjoyed immortality, from the astral world be our guiding star.
May you enjoy eternal peace and bliss in your heavenly abode.

 I love you..

Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Dev Datta
max Parshotam