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Darshan of Bhagwan RAMSWARUP
The year 1981

My favorite leisure activity after work to do a light work-out at the Actonville Stadium - South AFRICA that would be at about six in the evening.

I would then proceed to Shoaib’s and Haroons cafe in Mayet drive, page through the daily newspapers, have a chat pop into the shop next door ABC stores, which was occupied by the late Fakir Bhai a Mohammedan by birth.

One Thursday at about at 6.15 p.m. popped into Fakir Bhai’s shop. He greeted me and said I seen members of the Gujarati SAMAJ motor down the road to the Maha-SABHA, with a MAULANA from your communtiy He appears to be a very holy man.

Immediately my attention was bewitched !

With my gym gear decided to stroll down to the Maha-Sabha. Walked up to the entrance stood on the right side of the door. The presence of the GURU on the stage overwhelmed me. His immaculate energies instructs my consciousness this is God.

I stare at Bapu from the rear of the Hall. He was mumbling in a orthodox mike that appeared to be faulty.

Strangely I decided to do a head count there were twenty-three people in the hall to have Darshan of Bhagwan Shri Ram.

Barely could I keep my eyes of His persona rushed of home up the road to inform my mum and dad, who accompanied me to the Maha-Sabha.

We listen to His satsang from a very poor mike system. I am certain only Bapu could understand what He was conversing.

The Satsang concluded we inquired who His hosts were visited Him the following day at there home.

We were informed from His host there would be Satsang in Bakerton Springs.

We attended satsang as we were doing aarti four of us in the audience seen Lord Hanuman protrude through the ceiling and stand behind Bapu this was and awesome experience. (clairvoyant encounter)

Bapu’s name Ramswarup His companion Hanuman, the essence -- self-discovery -- removal of the veil, that asylum your patented divinity. I knew when I seen Bapu He was a God-Man

1985 Bapu send me and invitation to attend a function at His ashram Jamnagar Saurashtra.He informed me to telephone Him when I am in Bombay on route to Jamnagar. He made elaborate arrangement’s for my arrival considering that I am a small fly from the location.

I was submerged in emotion for the hospitality.

I related the clairvoyant encounter of Hanuman’s darshan to Bapu in South Africa, in the presence of Sarlaben, who at the time had spend her twentieth year with Maharaj. My message to Sarlaben you are very fortunate performing Seva for Shree Ram during your life span.

She was flabbergasted at my revelation and stared at Bapu the great Soul’s protruding eyes beamed at me tenderly.

I shed a few tears the evening when He asks me to share in His prasad.I will cherish that experience to my next life.

I had the opportunity of having a few conversations with Him on the planetary system and the subtle influence on man’s spiritual fields.

We spoke on Ayur-Veda in the modern world and its insignificance, grossly overrated in the present condition of evolution. He emphasized firmly on the age of science and its glory, we should be more willing to embrace scientific wisdom.

I visited a week with Maharaj and informed Him I would be travelling to Sathya Sai Baba in Putttarpati -- He said GOD has taken birth on earth.

Satyanam -Maharaj Ramswarup Bapu Ki Jai.

Thought of the day!

As a crystal of salt thrown into water dissolves in water and it becomes one with the water so the state in which unity in "I" consciousness and supreme consciousness is achieved is called samadi.(Sauhbagyalakshmi Upanishad 2.14)

Photograph Insert:

Shantidasji MAHARAJ
Ramswarup BAPU