Tuesday, May 31, 2011



A Tribute to the OMNIPRESENCE
September of 2008 I was in Durban on business it also happens to be my birthday on the 22.
lived at City Lodge for the night in room 103.

My appointment the following morning was at 8.00 a.m. so I set the alarm for 5 a.m.

Heard a noise in my room turn the light on and LO ! I be-hold the Divine form of the LORD in an unannounced visit.

I was literally frozen in my bed could this be possible or was I hallucinating. I stare at the Lord, He gazes at me with placid loving eyes.

To my astonishment He says Happy BIRTHDAY. I shed a few tears in my moment of excitement. YOU never let me down !                                                                                                                 
Bhagwan walks gently towards the table and lift the note pad removes a page from it.
Bhagwan places the page on the dressing table.
Bhagwan waves His hand and materialises vibuti and gently drops it on the paper.
Bhagwan moves His hand in a semi-circle gracefully there appears a necklace in His palm. He places it on the paper.

Bhagwan says Happy BIRTHDAY and walks smoothly to the door.

“I ask the LORD of the Universe should I order some breakfast. He request for Masala-Dosa.I reminded the AVATAR this aint the SAI Surya Restaurant. I told Him I could organise a Bunny-Chow.” -:)

I get out from my bed following Him to my surprise the door was open.
What is more Bizarre I notice two Seva-DALS standing at the door, I ask them what are they doing here. They mention they were standing here all night !
As Baba walks out from the room you have to turn left to the reception and the Seva-Dals follow. I stand at the door and suddenly my attention is distracted with a noise on the right when I turn left the LORD and the seva- dals had vanished.

I lock the door stand at a distance staring at the vibuti an necklace on the dressing table. I stroll closer noticed red writing on the paper.

I remove the vibuti and necklace the following was inscribed on the paper in red.

HAPPY Birthday
THE AVATAR COMES to Awaken and guide you.
Shri Sathya Sai Avatar

The AVATAR did not write the above message IT appeared by His DIVINE will ! !

I concluded my business the morning and decided to proceed to the Silver GLEN Sathya SAI ashram Durban - South AFRICA.
On my arrival met a woman cleaning the shrine. I told Her I am from JO-burg my first visit to Her Sanctuary. She offers me prasad and insists she would like to give me a present to my Surprise, which is Her personal locket of Shri Krishna.

She then leads me to the ashram at the rear of the house and asks me to do some meditation. I bow down in the mandir there is a large photograph of Bhagwan on the right. I notice a piece of paper, on top of the frame sloping on the right corner of the photograph that read Happy Birthday. This was the Climax of the DARSHAN for me.

Sathya SAI Baba the AVATAR I did not meet personally amongst the few GURU 'S that I know. My relationship has been one of Omnipresence.

It is an exquisite journey. I grieve in my moment of sorrow when He chose to dispose the present body. His consciousness remains the same so does my relationship with Bhagwan.
Mystical moments in the passage of time and the gift of Human Life.

Jai SAI Ram

Photograph Insert:

Bhagwan – Vishwa Namaskaram
Birthday Card of Bhagwan
Necklace of Bhagwan

Thought of the day !

Don’t be a victim to temptation and seek in the Bazaar for a surrogate GURU and neither be tempted to Trade in your GURU !

Sathya SAI Baba is the Universal Conciousness that traverses the planet once every three to four thousand years in Human Form.

We must become the micro baton of HIS Dharma and sprinkle HIS boundless LUV to thirsty Souls !

HE gracefully impregnates man’s basket with Bhakti and Gyan Yog the crescendo of the Shri Sathya SAI Yuga.