Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Libya / Cairo


Moving moments in the Middle EAST.

The Arab world in transition.

Political winds of conversion breeze through the Middle East. Change has often been met with fear anxiety and resistance. A new dawn could indicate something wholesome and occasionally a chemistry for ominous phenomena to unfold.

The steady transformation has been relatively calm, loss of life is never a choice in these circumstances it has been the history of civilisations.

The contemporary media’s role in this gala is to propagate an exaggerate the success and anticlimax of the events.

Colonel Gaddafi was offered and olive branch by the opposition for His peaceful dethroning ceremony. He declines the lucrative proposal. Instead HE reciprocated with a tender to His adversaries to contest for the Soul of Libya. Muammar GADDAFI and His son announced on Global News, they are prepared to be martyred, for what they actually perceive having sole proprietorship of LIBYA.

The opposition excepted the invitation participated bravely in the contest and triumphed.

Gadaffi in His constitutional wisdom would fulfil His own prophecy perversely to martyrdom.

The opposition’s victory assisted by NATO and the subsequent display of Mr.Gaddafi’s body in public is an indictment of their humility. This description of insensitivity was displayed in Iraq during the war. Dignifying an administration to promote anarchy for a democratic dispensation in Tripoli is adventures.

Nato and the West must refrain from the temptation of being uninvited guest in Middle Eastern Festivities. Instead they should provide a record for their services and generosity rendered to the International Court in the Hague for introspection. Hopefully they would be rewarded accordingly for their manners and misdemeanour.

Though Gaddafi portrayed Himself as a democrat His opponents viewed Him as a disciplinarian of note. There is a possibility that He may have applied the law of His land uncharacteristically on His citizens.

I will remember Gaddafi for His gesture of goodwill to the Hindu community in an Islamic country. The Gujarati community would host Rabindranath TAGORE’S festival that would be celebrated by the Colonel and sponsored by HIM. This was reported in a Gujarati magazine Darjee SEVAK.

I want to remind the Citizens of Libya for their obscure gratitude to Muammar GADDAFI in His SOUL’S emancipation from His body.

There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free to all citizens.

There is no interest on Loans in Libya. Banks are owned by the State.

Education and medical treatments are free.

Home is considered a Human right in Libya -- Gaddafi vowed that His parents would not get a home until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafis father Has died while Himself his wife and mother lives in a tent.

The above facts are from my inbox from an unannounced mail and may need verification.

The man’s actions suggest to me of His noble qualities perhaps He portrayed His prominence and modesty adversely.

The Colonel utilised the United Nations podium on numerous occasions to articulate sermons of no substance and was decisive to present Himself as the fool of the moment.

My colleague Nazir KARA phrased it impeccably when HE mentions to me in a telephonic conversation that Gaddafi reminded Him of the Indian movie Mera NAAM Joker.( My name is a Joker).

I am prepared to award my SOUL to the NATION but I would never abandon my country.
Allahu AKBAR.

Every human beholds something dear to his HEART.

The sacrifice appears to be controversial, enduring sacred pain, yet it was UNIQUE we learn new lessons from antiquated ideals, to tread on new horizons.

The journey of men in our world would occasionally be gratified with theatrics that History may never Honour them for their recreation

Life is and Adventure - So are the days of our Lives -- Bold and BEAUTIFUL

Quote by the Late Muammar GADDAFI.

I cannot recognise either the Palestinian State or the Israeli State. The Palestinians are Idiots and the Israelis are Idiots.

Thought of the day !

The display of graphic imagery on National NEWS is a confirmation to the Human race that Animal instincts continue to nestle in the intelligence of men !

max Parshotam OF

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Allahu AKBAR
Action in CAIRO