Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sathya-SAI in Hospital


Thought of the day !

March 28 2011, Monday South Africa is like every other working day for me. The explosive headline news in the Sai Organisation was disconcerting my Mentor, Friend, Mother, Father and Guru was hospitalised.
The earth beneath my feet tremble the information overwhelmed me. It demanded enormous courage to absorb.

I contemplated the defining moment for me to solidify my relationship with Bhagwans philosophy of Dharma and Karma arrived !

Sathya SAI Baba's life is the perfect opportunity to study observe introspect and discourse the significance of the Avatars temporary occupation of the planet in a physical body.

The SHRI Sathya Sai Avatar has been instrumental in constructing one of the finest medical facility in the world. He becomes the recipient of the services of this institution demonstrating to mankind science and spirituality are complementary

The gift of life that God willed - He will choose at His discretion when to relinquish it. This timely event opportunes the Avatar to display the evolving law of the Atma.

Everybody at some time will have to participate in the splendid process, the liquidation of the body. This franchise is extended to our creator.

HE fulfilled His Karmic responsibilities with unprecedented love. He chartered in to unknown terrain and gave hope to millions around the world when their surroundings appear to be falling apart.

His ability to materialise religious paraphernalia around the globe, by the sheer power of His will, is testimony to His omnipresence and mastery over space and time. The Supreme Consciousness in human appearance.

Sathya SAI my mentor, inspired my believing by His humour and compassion for the slavery of my senses that separated me from HIM. Bhagwan never walked away from His devotee irrespective the hurdles the devotee positioned in His path.

The Avatar grants me lucidity to understand His journey in the voyage of the universe.

I  heard of Shri Ram and Krishna, their mythological lives in some unique way inspires me. I live and grow up in and age of science in the midst of a Purna Avatara. Bhagwan’s life has influenced my reasoning profiles my belief and expands my tiny world.

I think to myself what a wonderful world. You made us part of a great migration. In the center of bright blessed days and dark sacred nights !

You are the most graceful and colourful rainbow mankind has seen on the horizon.

I Luv you Bhagwan so do millions around the globe. We pray for your well-being. You are the light of our universe.

Bhagwan is Omnipresent !

Aum SAI Ram

Thought of the day !

This week witness the outpouring of emotion and LUV from a global SAI Community is admirable. The relationship between the Guru and devotee in the Sai Organisation is extraordinary and multifaceted to comprehend. Simple and profound grammar is not adequate to express the sentiments of the Sai Family.

The sheer number of devotees participating in chanting the Gayatri - demonstrates our commitment  to the very essence and philosophy of His teachings ADVAITA.

The physical form of Bhagwan will accomplish its journey. His Omnipresence will be displayed to infinity. SAI'S glory will reverberate around the globe sketching the heart of the Sanathan Dharma


Photgraph Insert :

( Vishvanamaskaram April 20 2011)