Saturday, February 23, 2013



Sathya SAI miracle photographs after death !
A copy and paste Presentation from my Inbox.

We sat with a new group of people in Sydney for this transmission. One lady wanted to show me a photo she had taken of the moon and how the energy flowing from it had been captured through her camera. She often captured little fairies and elementals in her photos as well.

Without thinking I asked her to take a photo of the altar in front of us, and with her not knowing, I asked Sai Baba to please give us a special photo if it was His will.

With that, just as the photo was taken, the tea-light candles flared in unison, everyone saw it, and this is a crop of the photo we were given:

I was thrilled for it shows Sai Baba with wings above his own image. See the elementals flying around also.

The above photo is taken by Colleen Beattie.


The occasion was Shivaratri, the great festival of Lord Siva, where, if one remains in prayer and devotion all night, one's sins for the past year are cleansed. It was the first celebration for the New Millenium, year 2000

A small group had gathered at Canyonleigh for the Shivaratri Festival. I had been given a smoky crystal, by a friend, who had found it atop of Mount Sinai. He said there were many like it lying around out in the open.

As I lit the candle on the altar beside Sai Baba's photo I was thinking of the story of Moses and the burning bush, and how strange there were now a whole lot of exposed smoky quartz crystals atop of the mountain.

After our prayers and singing we all noticed that the tall candle was suddenly burning not only at the top but almost near the base as well. As we watched the candle burning we marvelled at how the flame at the base was actually burning inside of the candle. How could that be, for there would be no oxygen in there

Someone said we should take a photo, and as it happened someone had left a camera on the table from a previous meeting, so we grabbed it and took two images.

When the film was processed we could see where the flame had been burning at the base of the candle from the first image, and even deeper into the candle in the second image.

In the first image I had not realised I had extended my hand with palm facing upwards, toward Sai Baba. Where He had once said to me, "Australia Come," it was now as if I had subconsciously extended an invitation to Him, "India Come."

It was only then we realised Sai Baba had actually walked out of the wooden frame, which now looked like a Golden Door. With the reflection of the flashlight on His photo He appeared to have just arrived from the Cosmos.