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Dr.Michael Goldstein


An experience of Dr. Michael Goldstein

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I am narrating a story about a celebrated Seva-DAL and currently the president of the Sathya Sai Organisation in the United States.

This incident occurred perhaps 18 years ago an Indian plane hijacked to PAKISTAN. Some of you may be familiar with the date.

Dr. Goldstein frequented Parthi, during an extended visit to the ashram went to Swami, said tomorrow I am returning to the USA. Baba looked at him and walked away. The doctor was puzzled, expecting an interview or some guidance from Bhagawan before leaving.

He was pondering over his encounter enjoyed a sleepless night. Next morning sat in the front row for dharshan. Swami came and stood in front of Dr. Goldstein and stared at him.

Swami mischievously smiled and said. This would be your last dharshan. Michael became anxious bowed at Sai’s Lotus feet pleaded I want many more Dharshan. The passionate Lord smiled patted the Doctor said "manchidi Kshemanga vellira (Good go and come safely) I am always with you" Saying that He walked away.

The doctor boarded the flight ruminating Bhagawan’s last words with him. During the journey a rude awakening, reality TV, the pilot announces the plane is hijacked and flying to Pakistan for fuelling. This announcement sent tremors to the passengers and pandemonium ensued.

Passengers started crying others shouting at the hijackers, some reciting the Gita and everyone deeply disturbed. A hijacker started collecting passports from the passengers they wanted to segregate JEWS from the rest. They came to Michael and collected his passport.

During the course of time plane landed in Pakistan after initial refusal by the air traffic authorities. The officials did not want an Indian hijacked plane in their territory fear of adverse propaganda and its effect on diplomatic relations with India.

The hijackers listed their requirements threatened to kill the passengers if their demands were not met. Pakistan’s black commandos surrounded the flight started climbing on the plane sensing trouble the hijackers opened fire at point blank range. Pakistan authorities started negotiating and simultaneously attacked the hijackers an rescued the passengers.

The Doctor seated in the first row was an easy target. After a series of gun firing he notice the door opening slightly. The black commandos managed to make an entry into the plane.

Dr. Goldstein seize the opportunity to disembark from the plane ran to safety. After his unannounced visit to Pakistan instead of proceeding to the USA he boarded a flight to Parti to share His encounter with Bhagwan.

Swami greeted him in the veranda itself "EMI bangaru vachhesava (you returned so soon my son)".

Composing these paragraphs is sharing my true emotion, the creator is skilled of changing our destiny but also capable of altering our journey. We do not have to do penance to be recipients of His Love. A sincere prayer is an expression that can change one’s ominous Karma. Bhagwan often says "My heart is like butter. It melts even for a small amount of warmth. That passion is developed by a genuine sentiment in you."

Prior to writing I consulted many sources in Parthi. There may be inaccuracies however the information is true. You may have read the article or heard this before kindly share your knowledge and history of this incident with me.

Dr.Goldstein a Jewish by birth was the Narad MUNI of the Kali-YUGA the ambassador for GOD how fortunate indeed !

Kindly note: The Author of the story does not have an e-mail add, unfortunately could not obtain His permission for the edit, it was done Dharmically !

Aum SAI Ram

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Dr.Michael Goldstein

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