Friday, May 1, 2015

Blood Moons 2015


Thought of the day !

Dearest Beloved Bhagwan SAI,

My Koti Koti na pranams at your divine lotus feet !

I recollect how I enjoyed letter writing in my school days. Nowadays I just cannot get myself to pen a few lines.

During your angelic visit to Dharti-Mata you constantly reminded us to live life in the moment. In hindsight it’s time that ultimately consumes our majestic journey. We may fulfil some aspirations during the course of our life, sometime feel a life well lived,  possibly I could have done better.

Your sudden departure introduced a void in the devotees understandably, given the larger than life experience we had in your midst. The devotee’s loyalty and your magnetic attraction was surreal.

The fourth Samadhi anniversary arrived so soon. I am certain knowing Sai devotees it must have been celebrated with finesse. Your life gave fortitude to millions, hopefully our small prayer will be a Sai-Light for humanity.

Being a citizen of a global community, there is a definite pattern of man-made turmoil, gratified by conspicuous natural adversity. This reminds me of a line from the Beatles song - yesterday all my trouble seem so far away. I am optimistic you would display a universal sign for man to tread on a new path or is that asking for too little :-)

I know you are God perhaps you are busy with smaller issues which I know is painstaking. During your leisure will you attend to my request by Guru-PURNIM or before 2015 concludes.

Baba I once wrote you will make an appearance in the interview room Prashanti, show me a sign If I am incorrect ! I trust you unconditionally. Your magic for transformation of men’s intellect endorses your divinity and omnipresence.

Those that came to know your physical form were sanctified indeed !

Sai-Sathya CNN bombards us with bombarding news for the past decade. Nepal becomes the casualty of seismic activity of mammoth proportions. The late Mahatma Gandhi is under the radar of the South African media. He is the recipient of vociferous criticism for his humility!

This is amazing and exotic stuff for my small mind the surprises are devastating :-) The more everything seems to change the more it remains the same !

Times are hard.
Praise the Lord !

Bhagwan for old times do you remember the Temptations and the ballad Memories, if it slipped your memory here is a verse.

Wish that I could wind
like a spiral spare through time
to your presence next to mine
warm and satisfied
wish that I could catch
a night train to the past
climb aboard and hear you say
welcome max !

Blood moons 2015 is this an opportunity for inauspicious benovolence ! Should one place bets on historical prophecy from scripture. I caution myself for scholastic exaggeration of revelation. Something that has always interested me whose God is going to win the contest in prophecy ! Those that gave revelations have been consistent with inaccuracies. It has fascinated me how belief has been inspirational in luring its people into the wilderness !

Man has never been more impressive when deluding himself.
In the lyrics of Loui Armstrong what a wonderful world we just don’t seem to get it !

With Love,

Sathya SAI is Omnipresent !

Photograph Insert :

Bhagwan Baba
Blood Moon