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Bhagwan Sai's Pearls


Bhagwan BABA'S Pearls

Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava (Revere your mother and father as God). You must understand that parents are verily God. If you make your parents happy, the whole world will be happy. It is meaningless to worship God without revering one's own parents. First of all, offer worship to your mother as she is the one who has given you birth. It is because of the nobility of the mother that the children attain good fortune. The parents have given you their blood, their wealth and have brought you up with great love and care, sparing no pains. So, you must love your parents and be grateful to them. That is true Bhakti (devotion). There is no greater Bhakti than this.

To cultivate crops and reap rich harvest, the farmer clears the field of thorny plants and bushes, ploughs it, water it, sows select seeds, plucks out the weeds, fences it, sprays the crops with insecticides and finally, after undergoing all the struggles, reaps the harvest. To reap the harvest of precious joy in your heart, you too must remove the thorns and bushes of lust, anger, greed and envy. You must uproot them and remove them completely from your heart. The farmer does not allow the land to lie fallow. Similarly, through continuous good work, you must plough the field of your heart and fill the field with the water of Love. Select the special seed of your beloved Lord's Name and sow it in the field of your heart. Take discipline as the fence that will guard the crop from the cows and spray virtue as the pesticide. In this manner, foste r the field of your heart with great care and in due course, you can bring home the precious harvest of bliss (Ananda).
Divine Discourse, Mar 26, 1965.

Life has been bestowed to us not for just eating and digesting, roaming and reclining. It is gifted to us for a greater purpose - to realise the Divinity within us, around us and even beyond all things that strike our senses. To waste life in vain pursuits and in sense-pleasures is not the sign of an intelligent person. Deserve the Grace of the Lord by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the disabled, the distressed and the downtrodden. Do not laugh at anyone or take delight in insulting or in carrying tales demeaning others. There is no more heinous sin than hurting the feeling of others. You must develop two key qualities - fear of sin and deep devotion to God.
Divine Discourse, Jan 28, 1975.

The eye, the hands, the nose, the head and stomach, each look different and do one special task. Every organ has a different name and function; but they all serve the interest of one body to which they belong. They do not work at cross-purposes, do they? So too, each one of you is a limb in the body called the society. Do your work, without a murmur. Work in full co-operation with all. Then the society can be healthy and happy. Love, Love alone, can bind you to others and to God. God is the very embodiment of love.
Divine Discourse, Jan 28, 1975.

It may take several lives for you to prove that you know what is best for yourself, when you will be able to chalk your own future without harming yourself or others, and are aware of all pitfalls on the way. It is best to trust the experience of the sages, who were filled with compassion, and who were moved by that compassion to illumine the path of liberation. This experience is enshrined in the Vedas. Faith in the Vedas irrigates the heart and makes it yield the harvest of universal love.
Divine Discourse January 28, 1975.

Devotion to God is not to be calculated on the basis of the institutions one has started or helped, the temples that one has built or renovated, the donations one has given away, nor the number of times that one has written or recited the Name of the Lord. These are not vital at all, not even secondary. Devotion is Divine Love, unsullied by any tinge of desire for the benefit that flows from it, or the fruit of the action, or the consequence of that love. It is love that knows no particular season or reason. Its nature is such as the love of the soul for the Divine, the river for the sea, the creeper for the tree, the star for the sky, and the spring for the cliff down which it flows. It is sweet, in bad times as well as in good.
Divine Discourse, Feb 25, 1964

Your habits must change for the better. Your outlook must widen; your inward look must become deeper and more steady. You must realize the Omnipresence of God, and the Oneness of the Humanity. You must learn tolerance and patience, charity and service. You must determine to seek the higher, the richer and the more real experience of God-realization. I bless you that you may form that determination and striving step-by-step, achieve that Goal.
Divine Discourse, Feb 28, 1964.

Instead of saying a hundred things, it is better to do one thing properly. Sanctify your life by doing selfless work. For the person who talks a lot, there is no time for work. For the person who is engaged in work, there is no time to talk. Instead of wasting time in your words, use your time in service to mankind, which is service to God, all the while repeating the Name of the Lord.
Divine Discourse, Mar 31, 1975

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