Friday, July 29, 2011



Thought of the day !

I would appreciate it if you switch off your cell-fone when perusing the blog. I don’t want Bhagwan to disturb YOU :-)

The journey with Bhagwan in His physical form Has been adventurous spell-bounding and soul cheering. The tour with the OMNIPRESENCE is beginning to be mind-blowing spectacular and infectious with LOVE.

Amidst hostile News feeds on Prashanti COUNCIL and Character assassination of Bhagwan, devotees have trebled around the world at SAI-Centres. The negative media campaign becomes the custodians of poor journalism in a world fiercely competing for bad business.

In the midst of this turbulence devotees seize the opportunity analyse evil from good and wild speculation. They strengthen their resolve and are propelling at a lightning pace crystallising the teachings of our Beloved Master.

New devotees are streaming steadily at SAI Venues seeking for simple and profound answers for the deliverance of man from the bundle of unholy thoughts !

Sai devotees the embodiments of compassion are reciprocating with their flawless spirit to the new “customers”. This innovative dawn is beginning to engulf the world with Sai SATHYAM and Sai PREMA.

It is frequently said that the greatness of a Man is often recognised in His death !

I have no suspicion the Shri Sathya Sai’s Avatars LEGACY is a pearl that will glitter for thousands of years.

The heritage of the Shri Sathya SAI Avatar, would be the nexus and axis of peace, that would steadily groove mankind, into the supremacy of the mind. This will give Him the capacity to recognise His true identity GOD.

To tread this journey maybe challenging but don’t change the shepherd. You will enjoy enormous harmony prosperity and personal growth.

When you have completed this journey you would discover it was as good as having turkey for Thanksgiving !

Thanks we have to give, for the gift of human life, a joy that we are unable to scribe in words a pleasure that is an inward experience !

Jai SAI Ram
Bhagwan BABA

Comment on the minor-attractions of the Indian MEDIA and DOT.COM

The recent discovery of cash gold and items of material value in the Avatars safekeeping, has been crudely glamorized sensationalised and misconceived.

It is common knowledge that devotees would offer their AHAMKARA to the LORD this may be complimented with gifts. The presents would range from gold diamonds and other delicacies of the material heart. This is a generic method of redemption at the feet of the GURU for our improprieties in the world.

What this really means devotees are often bidding for a discount for their KARMA at the mercy of the LORD.

Bhagwan displayed during His life He never utilised these gifts, neither did HE have a need for them.Bhagwan never asked anything of devotees except to become better citizens of this planet.

Bhagwan for the past seventy years materialised Gold Lingums He was not short of Gold, HE WAS THE GOLD.

Bhagwan is chapter 9, 10, 11 of the Shrimad Bhagvatam. The recent events of Prashanti for many individuals may be controversial and cause of concern.

We perceive the above from a perspective of duality meaning we look for right and wrong.

Bhagwans entire life’s functions on a Premise of Non Duality -- Advaita VEDANTA.

Free from the illusion -- EVERYthing is BRAHMAN.

That is why He is OMNIPRESENT. Perhaps the Media’s memory have deserted them from the TRUTH and they have been consistent in their reporting with factual inaccuracies.

Sathya SAI Baba’s OMNIPRESENCE is being evidenced around the world after SAMADHI.

When you do one good deed in the world the universe would be your critique, Sathya SAI Baba was not exempted from this formality !

Aum SAI Ram
Bhagwan BABA

Photograph Insert:

Isaac Tigrett -- founder of Hard ROCK Cafe Bhagwans devotee.