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and Essay, The RAMAYAN -- MAHABHARAT / Gita

Two mythological doctrines Ramayan and Mahabharat / Gita display a formidable characteristic in the psyche of the inhabitants of the Indian Subcontinent and the Indian diaspora.

Both these doctrines from time immemorial influences nourish amplify, the religious spiritual cultural and social protocol of the Hindu community.

What intrigues me about these magnificent doctrines they were born out of conflict and consensus.

The mascots that organize the grand chaos on both occasions were Hindu Gods Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. They guided their folk in to warfare confirming virtue, where they would clove themselves in their Dharma and Karma.

The significant proceedings of anarchy that would ensue in Kurukshetra and Sri Lanka form the basis for a splendid exhibition, where the contestants would showcase their bravery and barbarity.

The LORD on both occasions would make and appearance displaying His valour and glamour perhaps HIS purified EGO, also be a spectator in the blood-letting rehearsal.

The theory of cause and effect --- Karma for convenience and the Divine Will of the Lord shall prevail !
This concept could also be assigned to the theology of Reward and Punishment or as in modern day economics Risk and Dividend. This will depend on how the Stars are favoring you.

Shri Ram and Shri Krishna’s life’s action’s, attainments and acquisitions, inspirer’s intrigues devotee’s thousands of years into the future.

The discourse of Mahabharat also gave birth to the ravishing song Bhagvad Gita.The companion of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. During Gandhi’s exuberant trials in His life’s journey and zeal for the free India campaign. He seeked solace in the Gita.

The Bhagvad Gita -- would influence mankind generations to come, the three facets :

Science of the Soul
Science of Breath
Mastery of the Senses -- the tools provided for the emancipation of the soul from the prison house of the body. The body making provision for the mind to enjoy Pleasure and Pain perhaps become a Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates above all God, recognize your TRUE patented individuality.

The pinnacle for a Hindu’s earthly journey is to attain mastery on the Art Of Dying, by the sterling dissertation of Shri Krishna’s jewel the Gita and Vedantic knowledge of Saints and Seers of Bharat.

Exploring details of the two doctrines Ramayan and Mahabharat with my cataract free eyes, there has been consistency of brutality accompanied by moral principles by its founders, for the deliverance of man. I often wonder why one has to choose hostilities to arrive at peace.

The answer maybe simple, a principle that customarily governs behavior, rules of engagement on the plane of duality, winner takes all.

The answer maybe complex why a God of Love encourages hostilities?

The previous Major Avatars Shri Krishna, Shri Ram delivered man into peace through ordinances of physical contest.

Avatar Shri Ram and Shri Krishna life’s productions also form the foundation of the Hindu religion, for the past six to seven thousand years constructing philosophical reflection.

The present Avatar Sathya Sai Baba’s divine surgical program, to deliver mankind through a succinct formulation of the fundamental principle of, Sathya - Dharma - Prema - Shanti - Ahimsa. This Avatar life’s work is presented outside the periphery of the Indian Subcontinent.

Avatars SAI'S humor and humorist miracles could liberate mankind from slavery of the mind.

When in Prashanti and the Avatar delivers a discourse He refers to the devotees as His (MRC). A devotee asked Bhagwan what does MRC mean. He replied promptly you are my Mentally Retarded Children. :-).

The Avatar continued that He will enlighten us when we qualify as His devotees.I assume in life you have to climb the ladder steadily but get to the top that is your goal.

Reach for the stars while Bhagwan Baba is alive.

Bhagwan Baba’s vibuti has been delivered to every country on this planet; recently Baba materialized His vibuti out from a palm tree at a devotee’s home in Swaziland.

AVATARS are generally not acknowledge during their earthly life more so not many would recognize the Great One, however their life’s story radiates a million Suns enjoy fame for many thousands of years after their Samadi.

Your life is a symphony -- Play the tune Om Jai Jagadeesa Hare Bhagwan Sathya Sai Ki Jai.
Your life is and instrument play Baba’s song -- Sai Geetam,Sai Satyam and Sai Sevam, merge in HIS in Premam for your enlightenment.
Your life is a ballad sing Baba’s glory.
Your life is a rhythm dance to Baba’s harmony.
Your life is a Key unlock its true potential, preview Bhagwan Baba in your heart.
Your life is Light let it shine where there is darkness.
Your life is Pure Honey let your fellow-man taste your sweetness.
Your life is a Lyric let it be melodious.
Your life is pure Love enjoy it.

Thought of the Day !

“We live in a perfect world given the principle of evolution. The disorder and organized confusion that prevail, because of man’s ingenuity and God bestowed talents are displayed so meaningfully and measurably”.

Kuns or Kans - Lord Krishna’s uncle in the Mahabharta Maharaj Kans and his colleagues Kauravas disputed Shri Krishnas claim to Avatarhood therefore the clash of the Titans.

Maharaj Ravan - Lord Rama’s adversary accordingly the birth of the glorious Ramayan.

One could write volumes on the Mahabharta / Gita and Ramayan and scholars have. The fascination with mythology will continue to inspire individuals to dispense new meaning to ancient text and argumentative theme’s for bedtime stories.

Maharaj Ravan and  Kuns glaze from a legendary era to the twentieth century in the psyche of every Hindu home. Their enthusiasm to revel in a virtuous war ascends credibility to there own greatness. Being role-model villains, provides nutrition to  scripture and accentuates the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayan

Ram Anand Sagar --- what an admirable name, His TV serial Ramayan and Krishna dramatizes History into virtual reality and romantic nostalgia.

I would recommend the works of Mr.Sagar and family.

Thought of the day !

What amazes me, the PRINCIPALS, Shri Ram and Shri Krishna that organize the historical drama Ramayan and Mahabharat, prearranged the conclusion of the fashioned rebellion, that certainly has captivated my attention from my youth !