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Jangli Maharaj


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The Consciousness awakening with Param Guru Janglidas Maharaj. Experience the vertical motion and discover your inherent divinity.

October 9 2003, Actonville was sanctified with Om Gurudev at the Radha Krishna Mandir - South Africa.

Gurudev hails from the noble heritage of Himalayan Masters. Babaji’s spiritual quest began at the age of nine. Sat Gurudeva a yoga master philanthropist and spiritual guide to many people in India and abroad.

Babaji as his devotees fondly know him is a Siddhapurusha.

Like many masters he travelled on foot throughout the sacred places of India in pursuit for Atma-Vidya. He performed Narmada Pradakshina

Gurudevas search led him to the Himalayas Mount Kailash, Badrinath, Kedemath and to places in the South.

To the temples of Arunachalam where the vibrations of the Great Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi resonate to this day.

The Ramayan illuminates Bhagwan Agastya Muni did penance in Arunachalam.

At the age of sixteen Om Gurudev came to Bhamburde at Pune and took Swastik Darshan. A sign given by Visbwatrnak Gurudev in his first incubation to Tekwadekar Maharaj.

Tekwadekar Maharaj identified the sign and was happy to meet his Sadguru following Swastik Darshan. Om Gurudev was given Guru Mantra and proceeded to Yeola in Nasik to do tapasya.

Om Gurudev began his tapasya meditated for eleven months in a closed room with minimum food and water.

The following of mantra invocation of tantra and the opening of the kundalini - Gurudeva’s illustrious career to serve humanity began on instructions from his Param Guru Jangli Maharaj.

Om Gurudev does not speak at satsang as many a Great Master’s message is best understood in immaculate silence.

Gurudev says less conversation and more inner view.

When Guruji is seated in Dhyan an electromagnetic field formulates around his body. Devotees seated in His presence become recipients of this shakti. This occurs when the Yogi raises the latent energy to the plane shunya located above the cranium. The plane of primal vibrations Om Kara Aum. The yogi becomes one with the cosmic consciousness principle that governs the entire universe within the body.

Babaji’s Message:

Babajis message is not new but to rekindle the ancient flame of Bharat- Mata as the light appears to be fading.

Om Gurudeva says we arrive from a heritage of external worship Murti PUJA being and integral part of our culture. We progress to internal worship by inaugurating puja of the Atman the divine resident in all creation.

The supreme energy that pervades the cosmos is a reflection of ourselves we are not indifferent from the source. We are bounded by the same golden thread Parmatma in the design of creation.

Babaji emphasise we must seek for Satguru in the fabric of the spiritual body. Tune into the frequency of the Divine through our Bhakti and Shakti will reveal Brahman.

Om Gurudeva’s philosophy Luv yourself and you would Luv the world !

Jangli Maharaj’s aspirations are to transcend mankind from physical consciousness to cosmic awareness through His practice of Mantra and Meditation.

Babaji dispense Atman drushti transmitting energy from His soul releasing through His eyes when in deep contemplation.

Mankind is one family not confine to Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jew.



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Jangli Maharaj