Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sat Guru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami


Thought of the day !

The Tamil School Board Actonville South Africa hosted this stainless Soul at the William Hills High School March 18 1982

Swamiji was hosted in the P.E..class. I recollect Swamiji declining to live at devotees home. Instead demonstrated humility and slept in the classroom, that was His life’s distinguished journey to unfold.

Swamiji was a tall handsome American youth when He began to pursue the discerning phenomena of life. He met His Guru Yoga-Swami in Sri Lanka.

Swamiji delivered and enlightening discourse in Mr.Jogees  P.E.class it was refreshing and different from the routine lesson.

Mr.Jogee from Germiston South Africa was a very good man wishing you good health and prosperity. Mr. Jogee demonstrated immense purity in heart.

I recollect Mum - Dad and myself, were the only Gujaratis to have Darshan of this wonderful soul, with the late Norman Pillay, Mr.Govender from Target Dry Cleaners, Sunny Nayager and many of my late Dads friends from the Tamil Community including  Clemens Padiachy.

Bowing down to Guru-Maharaj for Darshan I felt and incredible aura of Peace

SatGuru Sivaya Swamji was a decorated scholar philosopher mystic and humanitarian, that was showered with accolades from New Delhi to the World Religion of Parliaments and United Nations for His notable work.

Swamiji founded the magazine Hinduism Today

My condolence letter on Guru Maharaja's Samadi -- the ashram reciprocated with a piece of His robe that was given to me. I am eternally grateful for that gesture !

Om Namo Sivaya.
Never for a moment, would I endeavor to acquaint myself that Swamijis physical form concludes at brief notice, after viewing the photograph you mailed to me this morning.

The Great Master has chosen to separate His soul from the body saddens our family. Our heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters in Kauai. The Master fulfilled His earthly life triumphantly. The Gods in the Haven of Heavens will be dancing in welcoming a Great soul. Swamiji will be entrusted with new duties to serve His earthly devotee's omni presently.

Actonville  was sanctified with Swamiji's presence. I am eternally grateful to the Master, who took time to talk to me whenever I called and surprised me pleasantly whenever I left messages for Him to call me.

Gurudev’s powerful words reverberate in the inner core of my being.

To Gurudeva’s successor may our beloved masters omnipresence be the guiding light during your reign and His work be carried out with the same spirit and vigor.

Jai Guru Deva -- Om Namo Sivaya
Lots of Love

max Parshotam and Family
Actonville -- South Africa

Thought of the day !

“We are God descended in to Man our duty is to return to our designer. We are the Masters of our destiny. Our Divine Will determines the kind of journey we would choose to return to our embryo. Karma is what you create during this journey, you will flavor the Karmic fruit bitter or sweet when you harvest the crop”.